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  1. Before the change, I could click on Unread Content and see all posts that had been made since my last visit. Now, I can't find how to do that anymore. Dang... as a newbie, that was a great way to see what's going on with everybody. Thanks, Rob
  2. Thanks, Digby... But, now I'm terribly confused. Here's a site ( http://www.modellismo.net/forum/navi-e-velieri-work-progress/75397-leudo-siciliano-1-30-santa-lucia-panart-mantua-6.html) that shows a build log of the Mantua kit with double planking. Even more discouraging is that the log stops abruptly over six years ago... uncompleted at that point. Perhaps double planking is an option and not necessary. Your finished model is spectacular! Rob
  3. Thanks so much, Digby, that is absolutely gorgeous! Although, to my mostly-beginner eyes, it looks like a terrifying build... the double planking seems kind of scary. So far, my only experience with hull planking was when I actually planked the solid hull of my Bluejacket Constitution (their mid-1980s version). It took forever, but when completed, I thought it looked great... then I painted the hull (!) and learned than painting over nicely fitted planking pretty much makes the planking disappear... well, if one uses too much paint, I suppose. Oh well, I'm still proud of my Constitution! If only I had known about this Forum before I did the copper tape below the waterline...
  4. Thanks, Digby... and chance you can post a photo oir two? Rob
  5. Thank you, Mark, for your response. Actually, the kit I was asking about is a Mantua (of Italy) kit. For some reason, I'm fascinated by these little 'working boats' of the Mediterranean. Here it is: https://www.mantuamodel.co.uk/1_Model_Boats___Ships/Panart_model_boats/_744_Santa_Lucia_46.html
  6. Thank you both for your thoughtful responses. All things considered, I think I'm still going with Glad Tidings! I'm such a coward!
  7. Found this interesting Mantua kit (https://www.mantuamodel.co.uk/1_Model_Boats___Ships/Panart_model_boats/_744_Santa_Lucia_46.html) but search as I may, I can't find out much about it. I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with it, or, even better, has built it. I'm still digging around for my 'first build' after a 30-year "break" from the hobby, and I'll have to admit a bit of reluctance to purchase a kit from anyone other than Model Expo in view of their widely reported excellent support and customer service. Clearly, I need counseling! All the best! Rob
  8. Graham, While I'm probably entirely too new here to deserve the right to 'welcome' you to the Forum, I can say that you have found a delightful and informative place to support and encourage your model ship-building pursuits. Further, I am sure that you will find, as I have, that this is a genteel group, amazingly friendly and respectful. Just over thirty years ago, I spent a great deal of time in Berkshire, and it was a great experience. My assignment was to move an electronics manufacturing plant from Hockenheim, Germany to Reading. My 'home away from home' was The Swan Hotel at Streatley... the perfect countryside hotel. Fond memories of your part of the world, indeed! By the way... love your Le Hussard! Rob
  9. Good evening, John Thank you so much for your reply... I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful 'pinky!' Your craftsmanship and attention to detail are very evident in this build. I love the colors you chose and I really like your own personal touches to the Glad Tidings. Thanks again. Rob
  10. As a newcomer, I have two distinct 'activities' going on. The first is to get a workplace set up in our home, and the second is to select the model I want to build. Usually, a pretty decisive guy, I find that in ship selection, I'm pretty much just dithering between a few possibilities. Originally, I thought that the William C. Morgan was to be "the one," then The Kate Cory was suggested, and I really like that one too. Then, I stumbled across several threads on Glad Tidings, and I think it's such a beautiful ship, with fabulous 'lines.' I think that I have found - and read through - all of the 'Pinky' threads, but can't help wondering if there might be other builds of Glad Tidings (or other 'Pinkys') that I might take a look at. So, if you have a Pinky in your collection, and wouldn't mind posting a photo or two, I'd love to see it. So, am I the only guy who has such indecision in selecting that next build? I sure hope not! All the best, Rob
  11. So glad I stumbled across this thread... some great cars here! Thanks for posting! Rob
  12. OK, Roger... so, I'm wishy-washy! Since your response to my plea for guidance, I've dug around quite a bit, looking at the Kate Corey. Oh, it is a beautiful ship, I love the lines and looking a 'Google Images,' there are many gorgeous models of the Kate Corey. Although I had my heart set on [another] POB model, if I decide to build the Kate Corey, I could always plank over the solid hull just as I did my Constitution. So, I'm going to revisit this decision... I may still go with the Charles W. Morgan, but the Kate Corey is now a solid contender. I'm grateful for your kind suggestion! Rob
  13. Bruce, actually your Morgan build log is one of the very first that I ran across, and I've read it 'cover to cover' more than once! I really like that the Morgan is still around, just as the Constitution is; that probably played into my decision to choose it over another ship. Rob
  14. Thanks, Roger, for the suggestion. Yes, the Kate Corey is lovely, and would be a good bit less complicated than the Morgan. That said, I'm going to go ahead with the Morgan, I'm looking forward (well, kind of!) to the plank-on-bulkhead construction and all those glorious deck structures. Yep, I'm hooked already.
  15. OK, I guess I must be pretty easy (!) I'm going to do it... Heartfelt thanks to the encouragement... I'm delighted to see that there are other "grown ups" here and so willing to help. I will do a build log, I can see that is the very, very best way to get expert - and sympathetic - help along the way. It'll be a while before I start, I'll be in the setting-up-and-gathering-stuff stage for a while, not to mention the requisite and enjoyable research. Thanks again for the warm welcome! Rob