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  1. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Will be catching a plane to Ireland in a few hours and then off to the Netherlands for my mothers 90th birthday and be back after memorial day to work on the axle and finishing up the hood. (2nd picture is sideways, sorry) Marcus
  2. I visited this museum last year as well and agree with Cog that there was little light. I had to use a flash for all the pictures I took. This is a fantastic exhibit. By walking around the ship gives you a sense of how large it is. The many wood carvings are amazing. Marcus
  3. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Lattice is completed. Oak veneer cut to form will be used to cover the cap. Then a 2mm layer of tile glue and then gray paint. Marcus
  4. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    In between vacations I did work a bit on the cap. Instructions indicate that once all the pieces are glued together to weave metal wire to the outside of the frames. Then take cloth and cover it completely with glue and drape over the wire, covering the wire completely. After it has dried smear the paste over it. I am guessing that with this method one does not get the curves of the cap. I am doing this differently. I've added some more vertical frames and once dry, glue planks horizontal over the frames creating a lattice. Then use pieces of veneer (which I have so much of) and cover the lattice. The sides will have a nice ball like curve. Marcus
  5. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    I plan to do that as well as hobby lobby and do an online search. Marcus
  6. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    It does and building the hood is not that difficult. Marcus
  7. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Jan, I will check out the fibers available on the market. I have not gone through all my options yet Marcus
  8. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Piet mentioned using coconut, but what I remember is that it is rather curvy. The material you can order is nice and straight. Either brick and mortar stores or online shops should have this. So i will check in the US first. Worked on the cap today, dry fitted most of the pieces. Marcus
  9. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Thanks Mark, I'll keep that glue in mind. Piet, coconut husk is too curvy My wife thought of something else, we have a bamboo fence used for one year and stored in a box. It has weathered to gray. It is a thin fence. Couple of layers of that and that could do the trick. She mentioned that we go to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and see what else there is. Raffia is something to look in as wekl. I haven't ripped out the fake thatch layer yet. I couldn't get myself to do that until I am sure there is no other way. Adding layers of the thin bamboo on top of the paste makes the whole thing look much fuller as well. I never knew this part would take so much trail and error to come up with something. Uncharted waters.😁 Marcus
  10. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    This afternoon I am taking off the thick paste roofs, remove the nails and sand the nail holes. I got sheets of poplar that are 3mm and 4mm thick by 10" wide by 36" long (scrap wood from one of the guys at the Woodworker club). This will be for re-roofing. Last weekend I tried out various ways to imitate thatch and the broom bristle idea has to be rethought. With the waterproof glue it is a mess as the bristles keep moving. With CA it works beter but this would get expensive fast. I did the paste again but now the layer is 2mm thick and it is best to use a water moist 3" wide paint brush for strokes to imitate the thatch. No cracking when dried and looks good. Also painted a part of it and looks great. Won't do much this month as this weekend I have a wedding in Denver and from the 19th to the 28th I will be doing a castle tour both Irelands and the last weekend to Holland for my mother's 90th birthday. Marcus
  11. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Backer, Link worked and looks cool. Marcus
  12. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Carl, Makes a lot of sense. This is going to take a long time and will be very repetitive. (just like planking a ship). Will try on a piece of scrap wood first. Marcus
  13. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    'Tree barkish', that is a good one I checked to see if redoing is an option and it is. I have enough wood to redo everything but first I am going to to tear the sides off (the thatch part) and clean the bottom and top plate, and the styles. I want to save the foundation walls and the walls with the windows and doors. This area is not glued to the thatch area as the instructions tell you to keep it open for circulation. I took some bristles from an old black plastic bristle broom, i had in the greenhouse. Cut off 7cm in length. Spread them out so the bristles are side by side. Glued them on a piece of wood. Did the same to the next bunch of bristles and glued them above the first set. Overlapping 3.5cm. Looks pretty good. Question: How long should the bristles be? How much shall I overlap? Bristles can't be too short because when you overlap them they won't lay flat. Plastic holds better for outdoors as well and I can still paint it grayish. Would be ideal to put all of the bristles in long pieces of tape or cloth in strips and then wrap and glue it on the sides. Marcus
  14. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Carl, Glue the bristles on the paste? I am not taking the paste off. I am evening it out and it works, slow process. I will take bristles and glue on some wood, see what it looks like. I do like your idea. Should have done this instead of the paste. Definitely going to do that on my next mill (Yes, there is going to be another one). Marcus
  15. Eight Sided Drainage Mill scale 1:15 (Achtkante Poldermolen)

    Yes, I could do that, but that is a whole different ball game. There is a learning curve for that process. You can purchase thatch in bundles. Not cheap and available in Holland. Getting it that exact on a structure would take me several mills. Marcus

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