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    Dutch Ships (1600-1850), Especially different types of yachts, Everything about VOC history, Woodcrafts (carving, scrollsaw), Bonsai, Edible gardening.
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  1. Excellent details.
  2. Beautiful, another awesome looking boat. Such clean lines. I have a kit of a Soling 1 meter. If I can build it half as good looking as yours, I'll be happy. Marcus
  3. Beautiful pictures. Always loved the lines from her and the history of this ship is always of interest to me. Thanks for sharing. Marcus
  4. What is the difference between the Batavia and the Dordrecht? Size and built year? Or is it just the name. Marcus
  5. Beautiful built. Marcus
  6. There are many Dutch books on VOC (Dutch East Indies Co.) history that have diaries of sailors and ship captains of day to day events such as explorations and shipwrecks. I know most of the members do not read Dutch. Some books have been translated in English and in German. Batavia by Peter Fitzsimons is a very thorough historical event of the shipwreck on the Australian Coast. There is a very good book about the events of the HMS Bounty by a female author. (best book I have read about the Bounty) Several Dutch and English books have been written about Abel Tasman and Willem Barentsz. Last but not least much has been written about the VOC in books, PhD thesis's and just general long detailed articles. Most of these reads are on various websites and free for downloading. I know that the above is specific towards Dutch history and not everyone is interested in that. Marcus
  7. That looks awesome, the colors and the paint job as well as the position on the stand. Also like how you added the names of the sponsors in the cockpit. That is a nice touch. Excellent workmanship. Marcus
  8. I love the paint job you did on this ship.
  9. Cool!!! You are so inventive. Overtime, you will have every part available for ship building. It will be the "One Stop Shop" by Chuck. Marcus
  10. Hi Chuck,

    Do you scan every new journal once it is published and make it available as a PDF for purchase or do you wait until you have several years and create a CD?

    I am interested in purchasing separate articles that are not on the CD's which are available on the NRG site.

    I have gone completely digital when it comes to Journals.  Das Logbuch (German) and a Dutch journal are available in both paper and digital format and I purchase from those sites , the articles I am interested in. 


    I am not interested in every article in every journal that I have subscriptions with.


    Thank you in advance for answering.




  11. Here is part 2 of Carving from The German Nautical Journal, 'Das Logbuch'. The subject is a female and male figure. Again, worth a look. Be forewarned there are pictures of anatomically correct male and female drawings. (I hope no one will be offended). If you want the translation you can always use the translation add-on in Firefox and Chrome. Marc
  12. Same temperature here, Jack. It is weird. This will be the first year where early, mid & late daffodils will be blooming together. It is going to look very interesting. I also planted my snow peas already and they are sprouting. Asparagus are showing there tips. Early food year. Marcus
  13. I knew him from the Nautical Research and Model Ship Society – Westmont, IL. I took over his position as secretary in this club. He helped me get started and gave me some tips of what to do. He will be missed. Marcus
  14. I love this. It is so very small. Great work.