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    Dutch Ships (1600-1850), Especially different types of yachts, Everything about VOC history, Woodcrafts (carving, scrollsaw), Bonsai, Edible gardening.
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  1. What have you received today?

    Last month I joined the Northwest Indiana Woodworkers Association and when I introduced myself to the 60 members, I mentioned that I built ships. I went on to say that if anyone has cut offs of any type of wood that I would take it. Yesterday, there was another meeting and while getting out of my car a member beckons me to come over to his car, he opens his trunk, and says "take anything you want and if you come to my shop I have lots more". I got several sheets of 1'x 6' cherry and oak veneer. 20 boards of 6"x24" basswood each in 1/2, 1/4, 3/8, 1/8 thickness. 10 pieces of Balsa 3" x 3" x 36" in various thicknesses. (balsa comes in three thicknesses). This member is a cabinet maker and he does a lot of work so lots of wood. I am going to his shop next week to pick anything I want. He also has all kinds of wire in various gauges. Other members asked yesterday what I use and they will be bringing it to the December meeting. My wood supply is secured. Some of the members have offered to rip wood to any size I want. I am a very happy camper. Marcus
  2. 20160628_075949.jpg

    Interesting looking clamps if that is what I am looking at. Marcus
  3. DSCI5471.JPG

    Nils, AWESOME, the many details on her are outstanding! She is just beautiful. You have done a great job building her. I know you spent a lot of time on building this ship. Marcus
  4. 20170526_095034.jpg

    Excellent details.
  5. C&C 30 Sea Trials 008.JPG

    Beautiful, another awesome looking boat. Such clean lines. I have a kit of a Soling 1 meter. If I can build it half as good looking as yours, I'll be happy. Marcus
  6. Dordreght 2

    What is the difference between the Batavia and the Dordrecht? Size and built year? Or is it just the name. Marcus
  7. Dordreght 1618 - stern

    Beautiful built. Marcus
  8. Volvo Ocean 65 Team Alvimedica 010.JPG

    That looks awesome, the colors and the paint job as well as the position on the stand. Also like how you added the names of the sponsors in the cockpit. That is a nice touch. Excellent workmanship. Marcus
  9. PICT0001.JPG

    I love the paint job you did on this ship.
  10. 2017-03-02 22.04.35.jpg

    I love this. It is so very small. Great work.
  11. RP 20170211 180238

    Very Cool.
  12. PenDuick09sized

    Well done, good rigging practice Marc
  13. msw4

    Nicely detailed.
  14. 7Y9A1054

    VERY NICE, love all the details. You did an excellent job Marc