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  1. Jack, the model looks good. In the beginning of your built you showed the sheet of PE with lots of items, but in the model I did not see much of it applied (or am I missing something). I understand that you decide how much PE you add to enhance the ship. Also in reality the ship cannot be too shiny, she should be in the colors of the sea and the sky. The PE makes for showing more details and it offsets it well with all that gray. Marcus
  2. Patrick, Masts, yards, sails and rigging is my favorite part of building a model. Marcus
  3. Temporarily put in the jack boom and mizen mast. Leeboards are attached and held up by a piece of string until the final rigging can be done for them. Also painted the hull off white. White paint mixed with a drop of yellow ochre. Hulls were not pure white. Marcus
  4. She is starting to look really nice. Sleek. Marcus
  5. To the King of Itty Bitty scale: The sleek yacht is beautiful. Excellent workmanship. Her lines are very pleasing to the eye. Marcus
  6. Created all the small single and double blocks, throat halliard blocks, fiddler blocks, leeboard block, one heart, 5mm deadeyes, belaying pins (need to make more) the gaff jaws and for extra added entertainment 4 barrels, 2 large and 3 small buckets. All the deadeyes for purchase are flat in the middle on both sides but in reality they should be round. I have tried making them myself but it is not working. I am still figuring how I can do this. I have purchased deadeyes and if I can't make them myself I will use those (picky, picky) Thought of purchasing the buckets but because I was making the small blocks, why not make them myself. Drilled a hole in a dowel, cut them to height and glued a 1/32 thick piece of veneer as bottom to it, sanded and stained or painted them. The rigging of the mizen mast is going to be a challenge. The plans are different compared to the model in the book. So I will look at both and work towards something logically. The rest is the same as the yacht "Utrecht" and the Galjoot (which I have plans for as well). I will add some flags such as the Dutch flags in the colors of 1600's. Marcus
  7. # Richard, Sjors and druxey, thank you for the compliments Marcus
  8. Patrick, Thank you for the compliments. What I like so much about this ship is all the curves, curved stem, the heavy wales and the triangular helm port transom. Marcus
  9. Thanks for the likes. #cog. Besides the plans for this mill that you have, what other ones do you have? What is the difficulty level of them? You mentioned way back that you purchased from penterbak. Marcus
  10. Created the metal work for the deadeyes. Tried several ways of attaching the deadeyes to metal links and came up with a simple way of doing it. They are a bit crude looking. The picture in the book shows a simple method and I somewhat followed that as well. Main mast channels and deadeyes Mizen mast and deadeyes. Been making some more blocks, just a couple everytime. Will start on the masts and yards next. Marcus
  11. Finished the mill, except for the sails which I still need to dye dark brown. Once the weather is warm (several months from now) I will revisit this build with outside pictures. For now, here are some shots of the finished mill. Crooked brick work. Will be improved with me next mill. Shutters and window. Another window with shutters on the opposite side. Door and step. There is another door and steps on the opposite side. Four small windows. The imitated gray thatch has some yellow ochre painted on to give it some contrast. Wheel with rope. The flag is painted with acrylic. I think it will deteriorate after the first rain. Need to make something with linnen. The beard. Letters were carved out and painted red. It says "Anno 1992" "Stichting Molens". Not all the text fitted on the 'beard'. Did not have a template for smaller letters. Color coded vanes. It is not visible, except if you look closely. It is coded so I know which vane goes where on the copper tubing. Copper tubing without the vanes. My nosey cat. That completes the build. Thank you all for following, giving advice and uploading various beautiful pictures of the different mills the Netherlands has to offer Marcus
  12. She is starting to look great. Nice sanding job. Marcus
  13. By holding the 4 chairs with your fingers, one can truly see how small and detailed everything is. Excellent craftsmanship Marcus

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