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  1. Confused newbie

    Definitely. Money does not grow on trees! As others have said, there are tons of build logs for the Bluenose and other ships in the MSW forums. They should help you greatly whatever you decide to build. Best, Rabi
  2. Confused newbie

    Hi Bruce, I'm guessing that you are Canadian since you linked to Amazon Canada and the model you identified is the Bluenose from Nova Scotia. A wooden model of the Bluenose that is often suggested as a challenging first build is the Model Shipways Bluenose. You can find it on the Model Expo website (modelexpo-online.com). It's more expensive than the one you linked to. But customer support is good. The other good thing about the Model Shipways Bluenose is that there's a good "practicum" for it produced by Lauck Street Shipyard. This practicum provides step-by-step instructions on the build as well as a list of recommended tools. The author, Bob Hunt, is also very helpful should you have any questions. Hope this helps. Best, Rabi