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  1. Richvee

    Song Title Game

    Hot fun in the summertime - Sly & the Family Stone
  2. Richvee

    Song Title Game

    Paint it Black- Stones
  3. Just read KenW's log and I see I'm not done fairing. There should be no char left on any part of the frames edges. looks like I'll be taking off the tape I stated lining the hull with and fair some more, then re-do the tick marks and lining.
  4. uh-oh....methinks I have some more fairing to do. 😨 Thanks for the post!!
  5. Richvee

    Song Title Game

    "My Woman from Tokyo" - Deep Purple
  6. When I glued the keel to the frames, I used a divider to measure the distance on each frame from the rabbet to where the floor and top timbers meet (where the frame doubles in thickness). I tried to get that distance equal on each side for each frame.( of course that distance varies for each frame). Most frames were right on with no adjustments. Only a few I tweaked 1-2 mm either way to center the frame.
  7. Frames seem to be pretty well well faired. A new endeavor for me. Running a thin strip across the frames looks nice and smooth to my eye. I'll proceed to marking and lining the hull, then take another look for dips or bumps.
  8. Started the fairing process using 220 grit paper, triple folded, edges cut round and turned up so they do not slam adjoining frames while sliding across the frames Masking tape on the keel to keep it clean. So far so good. Everything is still in one piece.
  9. One complete whaleboat. At least now I know how high I need to put the boom to clear a whaleboat on the tail feathers. Not sure if I want to make one at a time, and see if I get any better as I go, or make the remaining 3 simultaneously. Couldn't resist to see how one looks on the ship.
  10. Yes Kurt. Bit by bit is right. Some of these parts are so small I can only work on them for small periods of time and then take breaks. Slow going. I have the thwart braces to make,finish painting and that should be it. I think I’m going to finish this first one, then go back to the ship and make and rig the boom and gaff. That will leave yardarms, 3 boats and a lot of little oars, harpoons, line tubs and other hardware to make. Still a lot ahead of me. Hope all is well and a happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well!
  11. Continuing with whaleboat number one’ s details. Cuddy details,(loggerhead, lion’s tongue, cleat, starring oar brace, then some paint before moving on to oar locks, thwarts and thwart braces.
  12. It’s not the actual fairing, but the process of looking at the frames, and figuring out/deciding where and how much to sand/file is what I need a primer on. I basically need a clearer picture in my mind of what the final results need to look like.
  13. I wasn’t going to start a log being a “rookie” at planking and probably having very little to offer, but I’ve decided to join the crowd anyway. I got a bit of a jump on some being able to pick up a kit from Chuck at our club, but Im sure you will catch me as I slow down now that I’m ready to start fairing the hill, something I’ve never done before. here are a few shots I took. The first two show the completed keel and the 5 one piece frames test fitted. These next two show all the frames finished and glued up. Everything went together real nice with minimal amount of sanding. I do however think I rushed the gluing process and have I a few frames that could have been more snug in the keel notches ..I think I may have to add a shim or two on some frames. I plan on bringing the model to our next meeting to get some input on fairing and the like.
  14. Welcome Tom. My story is similar though I’ve managed to find time to get back in the hobby before retirement. Started to find some time after the kids were grown. Took almost 30 years off from the hobby. Once my son moved out, I started cleaning the workbench area that he had taken over for making snow and skateboards and found the whaling brig Kate Cory that I had started some 25 years ago. Dusted it off and got restarted in the hobby and here we are 2 years later! Looking forward to seeing your Cuddy Sark take shape.

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