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  1. Had a great time today at the conference. Learned some new techniques, met a bunch of great people, saw a bunch of impressive models, and had a great lunch! Thanks to all who make this event happen. Bravo!
  2. Whaling History

    I received an email today from the New Bedford whaling museum. They have put together a data base of American whaling voyages. It is an amazing collection of data. Voyages, logs, crew members, etc. Searchable in many different ways. The data base seems to be huge. I just stared poking around and the info is great to anyone interested in whaling history. Here's a link to the PDF about the data base Whaling History pdf ..And here's the site. The data takes some time to load. Give it a minute. I have just started to scratch the surface of what is avialable here. It's a little tough to navigate, but worth the effort.
  3. Song Title Game

    The Girl's Got Rhythm AC/DC
  4. Color of ratlines

    The Morgan may not be the best for checking ratline color. The Morgan had "ratboards" or battens made of wood. An interesting peculiarity of the Morgan.
  5. I have the problem on my old mac running OS X. I chalked it up to the old operating system. No issues on other devices.
  6. Song Title Game

    Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
  7. Song Title Game

    Green Manalishi (with the two prong crown) - Written by Peter Green, and recorded by Fleetwood Mac ('69), Judas Priest ('79).
  8. PBS Series The Vietnam War

    As I said above, I was too young to remember.I found the documentary informative, and 100% non biased. ( and for the record, I agree with your above statement about PBS in general). To your point, the I got the distinct impression the largest mistakes were made following the "68 TET offensive. We had them beat then and there. Many reasons for the political debacle that followed...Well documented and told straight out in the series.
  9. PBS Series The Vietnam War

    Thanks for your service. I watched the whole series. I thought it was outstanding. Impartial and informative. I was a young kid then and didn't really understand what was going on. Enjoyed learning the facts.
  10. Small world, indeed, guys. I now live up in Sussex county NJ. A stones throw from from Lake Iliff, 30minutes from Lake Hopatgong.
  11. I'm jealous. Back in the day when I was young teenager in northern NJ, Model Shipways was in a little building in Bogota NJ. Me and a friend of mine who were into modeling would pour through their catalog for hours. We'd make a list of supplies we wanted..extra fittings, plans, books, stripwood, etc, get on our bicycles and take the 5 mile ride to their shop. I remember you would walk in the front door into a small room that served as the office. It was no more than a desk,and shelves with boxes in a space about 5 x 10. I remember they had some half hull models hanging on the wall, and on one shelf was a finished model of the Eagle in a glass case. It was well made and we always were in awe of the detail and neatness of the ship. The rest of the building was basically a wood shop and a warehouse. In that front room, they always had a box that had "rejected" machine carved hulls that they would sell for a buck or two each. Some had splits down the middle, some had knots, etc. We used to play a little game going through the box and guessing what ship it was. It was only a mail order company, but the guys there were always happy to help us and fetch the items on our "shopping list" for us. Enjoy your visit.
  12. Fly tying thread

    Would this fly tying thread work well for ratlines? If so, can anyone suggest a size for 1:64 scale ratlines?
  13. Sanding Sticks

    I was browsing the tool shop on the model motor cars site last week, (link on the forum home page) and ended up placing an order for a bunch of tools, clamps, etc. (great prices and real quick shipping, by the way). I picked up a package of these with my order. https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/the-tool-shop/products/sanding-twigs-t083 They have already come in handy for me finishing off a mast cap. They'll get plenty of use in the near future as I start work on the whaleboats for the Kate Cory.
  14. Pets

    This is Nico. A rescue like all my dogs. A boarder collie/Chow Chow mix. He was 15 years old. Lost him late July. Didn't take long before I found myself and my wife at the shelter. Couldn't pass on this guy. Here he is with Cozmo, our rescue Sheltie.

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