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  1. I do not have a build log, but thought I might post my work in progress. Here's my MS Kate Cory 1:64. I purchased this solid hull kit from Model Shipways about 30 years ago. Sanded the hull, added the keel, installed and painted the planksheer, cheek knees, bulwarks, etc....Then it sat...and sat while life happened, (house, kids, work etc.) . I dusted it off, and got at it last fall. Here's where I'm at.
  2. Sanding Sticks

    I was browsing the tool shop on the model motor cars site last week, (link on the forum home page) and ended up placing an order for a bunch of tools, clamps, etc. (great prices and real quick shipping, by the way). I picked up a package of these with my order. https://model-motorcars.myshopify.com/collections/the-tool-shop/products/sanding-twigs-t083 They have already come in handy for me finishing off a mast cap. They'll get plenty of use in the near future as I start work on the whaleboats for the Kate Cory.
  3. Pets

    This is Nico. A rescue like all my dogs. A boarder collie/Chow Chow mix. He was 15 years old. Lost him late July. Didn't take long before I found myself and my wife at the shelter. Couldn't pass on this guy. Here he is with Cozmo, our rescue Sheltie.
  4. Halyards made out of chain?

    The whaling brig Kate Cory, after her re-rig in 1858, used chain for it's fore topsail sheets. From Rigging specs of Kate Cory by A.R. Ronnberg Jr "Fore topsail sheets - P&S, bobstay link chain (no studs in links) , 1/4" d. wire. Clew ends shackled to clew irons of topsail. Hauling ends rove through sheaves in lower yard arms, inboard via iron quarter blocks, and below. Tackle ends (hauling ends) shackled to iron-strapped single becket blocks." The tackles were rope.