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  1. Captain Slog

    Pet Peeves

    Just because you don’t understand them, like them or have the necessary driving ability to negotiate them doesn’t make them inherently bad. I believe Captain Steve already described the benefits above. The only problem I see with roundabouts is the people who can’t use them properly.
  2. This is ONE of the reasons I no longer participate on this site. This inane nonsense is reaching pandemic levels where no post, thread or Build Log is safe. MSW has become fraught with danger where a single off-topic comment anywhere on the site runs the risk of becoming page after page of similar, past, present or future experiences, anecdotes and “amusing” quips. What’s wrong with you guys? I can only assume you have no ‘real’ friends/family/colleagues to spout this crap to that you need to do it here! Try getting out and meeting people and do this over a coffee or beverage of your choice. My only regret of this post is that I broke my self-imposed ban to leave this site well alone and it was made in Craig’s build log and for that I apologise. Craig, I have been following your build from off stage as I am sure you remember I have the Merit International version of this in my stash and must say I am very impressed with how it’s turning out. Great work. Cheers Slog
  3. Did the amidships skylights, vents etc next with 6 different types and sizes. Finished ready for installation. In their respective locations but not fixed down yet. Cheers Slog
  4. Hi Craig, yeah used 'easy' silver solder paste and the torch. Slowly getting there with the technique but takes a few goes before I settle in to it. Hi Bill thanks for the kind words. If you haven't already perhaps start a build log as someone may be able to provide assistance with any issues. I bought the kit from GPM in Poland. The link to their site should be in the 1st post of the log. Cheers Slog
  5. Hi All, thanks for all the likes and comments. Starting on the amidships assemblies with a couple of winches. The winches have some kind of frame or brake band made from 0.2mm brass wire. Finished ready for installation. Some discrepancies in the indicted parts positions meant pulling some of the assembly apart to correct. Installed in their location on the deck. Cheers Slog
  6. Well done, looks very nice indeed. Cheers Slog
  7. I am not sure but if the manufacturer did there home Work then I am guessing from the muzzle to the collar should be in the region of 6.5mm or so. There appears to be quite a bit of extra length behind the collar. If I remember correctly I had the same photo etch fret and the little diagram should state the length of wire to cut a barrel from (or have a line drawn to measure) Cheers Slog
  8. Hi Danny, if it's any help the 2cm FlaK 38 (C/38 for the naval) had a 1.3 metre barrel length or L65 ( 65 x the caliber) which would give a scale length of 6.5mm. Cheers Slog
  9. Very nice work Danny. Just an observation, but I think the barrels may need to slide further back into the breech block up to the collar. They do look overally long as is and I haven't seen similar 20mm caliber barrels with a such a collar away out by itself before. Cheers Slog
  10. They would be the aircraft hangers. Nice progress the boat supports have come out well. Cheers Slog
  11. Looking forward to following something a bit different and seeing what you come up with. Cheers Slog
  12. Finally the fore superstructure is more or less complete. The completed handrails ready for installation are shown below. Almost there, I had another set of stairs to make and a couple of storage boxes (?) Bridge deck handrail glued into place ready for painting before moving on up with the assembly. Finally the fore decks all assembled and complete. There are still a number of items to be installed such as the 47mm guns (white circles) and the 2 winches on the top deck for the boat booms but these can be done later. There are also a few small details such as navigation lights, search lights etc to do but these are further down the part number sequence. Before I repeat the process for the 2 rear decks I thought I would finish off all the amidships elements next for a break from doing decks as well as for accessibility since the lower rear deck extends forward a bit covering some of the components. Cheers Slog
  13. I just use old CD/DVDs, plenty hard enough to stop the PE deforming and easy on the blade like acrylic. Also cheap and readily available, just throw out when both sides are worn. I use a business card to hold the fret so the freed piece doesn't ping away into the ether. Cheers Slog
  14. Hi Danny, You shouldn't have any issues with it. If I remember correctly it was purely down to my inexperiance; the hull skins are quite large and by No.8 it is a fair size and I was trying to glue too much in one hit. Due to this I started rushing as the glue was starting to off due to the size and I ended up pressing the skin down between the extra balsa wood braces/stringers I put in and it looked absolutely terrible. As you say hindsight is a wondeful thing and knowing what I know now and taking my time it shouldn't have been an issue. I wasn't keen on the overlapping skins at first but to be honest once it was done I didn't mind them, also I couldn't see a suitable solution to butting them at the time. Cheers Slog

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