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  1. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    Unbelievable work and a great video, thanks for sharing Slog
  2. Yeah, I haven't seen the report button since the end of August. Disappeared for me on 2 different iPhones (work and personnel), an iPad and PC running Windows 7. All Apple and PC running the latest updates and patches. Cheers Slog
  3. Great, the one way to show appreciation of someones work without posting an 'atta boy' is gone...again.
  4. Hi Carl, yeah I realise that regarding numbers required to crash a site. That comment was an after thought. The main concern was why of late there has been an unusual increase in guest traffic looking at everyones member profiles. Not to mention a page worth of guests looking at the same random topic, call me paranoid but doesn't look genuine traffic or coincidence to me. cheers Slog
  5. I have noticed for the second time now that model ship world has currently 600 guests, and the first time I noticed an unnatural volume of traffic it was over 500. I had a look at the member activities at the bottom of the home page just now and the majority of the "guests" are looking at members profiles or some threads with little traffic has multiple guests looking at them. Can someone shed some light on this? I remember back from my on-line gaming times some sites were attacked within the intentions of crashing them...is this similar. cheers slog
  6. Hi Danny, Thanks for dropping in. Although my experience of other publishers is quite limited, based on the 3 Dom Bumagi kits I have I am going to make a bold statement and say that they are up there with the later Halinski’s! I think my work will be cut out for the next couple of lifetimes! I also have 1 to 3 ‘must have’ IJN Battleships to go with the Halinski Fuso that is still waiting patiently…not to mention a few more vehicles I need LOL. Only having every second weekend to model is very frustrating. Cheers Slog
  7. Hi Mark, I appear to be suffering from the same problem. None of my 'Likes' appear to be registering. I have just tried to like several posts by Danny on his card log and Craigs Mikasa log. I get the like icon showing and it is coloured purple to show I have selected it by it doesn't show my user name in the bottom row. Also when I return to the log it allows me to like again as though I didn't do anything previously and still doesn't show. This is on other peoples logs and have tried using an iPhone, iPad and works computer. Very annoying as I would like to show my appreciation without cluttering up a log unnecessarily. Cheers Slog
  8. Hi All, Keeping in line with my interest in Imperial Russian ships I have purchased two more card models to add to my stash. It was partially by accident that I choose these particular ships, both being present at the Battle of Tsushima to go with Borodino, which I am currently building. I want to touch on a number of reasons why I choose these ships. The main reason was they are published by Dom Bumagi. If you have been following my Borodino build log you will know I have a few minor issues with my current build, particularly to do with overcrowding of parts on the pages (really just nit picking), lack of spare colour ‘swatches’, lack of fold lines for mirrored parts (annoying but not the end of the world) and the paper (which might just be my perception but nothing that can’t be overcome with some care for certain types of assemblies). So why go for more of their kits you ask? On the whole I am really impressed with Dom Bumagi’s Borodino and the benefits far outweigh the niggles above. Firstly the printing is very nice in my opinion and I think that Borodino’s decks are absolutely gorgeous. Other parts are richly coloured and on the whole very crisp. Secondly the parts fitment are perfect and so far have had no issues with Borodino in that regards and most importantly (for me) the amount of detail they provide for the builder to add. Some publishers only print the ‘detail’ on and provide no instruction/diagrams for the additional parts to add. I purchased both kits and their respective laser cut forms from GPM in Poland http://gpm.pl/en along with some photo etch generic railings, stairs etc. Surprisingly they didn’t list any brass gun barrel sets or photo etch detail sets for either ship. I have sourced a gun barrel set for Aurora in Australia from BNA https://www.bnamodelworld.com/ but waiting on stock. I also found a source for the photo-etch detail sets in Ukraine but the prices of these are excessively inflated compared to what similar sets from GPM cost. One set is US$60+ compared to approx. US$18 for a typical set from GPM. I will keep looking for the time being. On with the review; Aurora Aurora is one of three Pallada class protected cruisers (Pallada, Diana & Aurora) and is still afloat today, harbouring in St Petersburg. For those interested in the ship here is a link to the Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_cruiser_Aurora Several publishers offer Aurora, Diana and Pallada kits and some stockists do discounted bundles of all three. Although seeing all three ships in on-line shops I always skipped over them until I came across a review of Dom Bumagi’s Diana and that closed the deal so to speak and of course I chose their Aurora kit for the reasons discussed above and due to its participation in the Battle of Tsushima. The kit is presented the same way as Borodino in that all the pages are loose leaf and stored in a plastic sleeve which surprised me when I first got the Borodino. I believe the Aurora is one of their earlier kits as the thick card front cover sheet follows the same design and layout as the Borodino. Aurora comes in the same A3 loose leaf format stored in a plastic sleeve and all the pages are numbered this time. The front cover shows a render of the ship and the reverse side is some history and the specifications (all in Russian) as well as some assembly diagrams of the ship’s boats. There are 7 A3 pages of parts, 2 of which are fully black on the reverse side as these have the upper hull components. Several of the other sheets also have reverse colour sections and which include inside printed planks for the ships boats. There are some plain colour swatches which is nice to see as this was one of things that annoyed me about Borodino. The lower hull skins have plates printed on and have a shiny(ish) metallic finish to them which is pretty nice (IMHO) There are 4 thin pages of templates for the underlying forms /skeleton which I won’t be using since I have the laser cut form set. Saying that I notice some of the templates have gold coloured sections for the lower hull so may need to use these even with the laser cut forms. There are 6 double sided pages of assembly diagrams and these are line drawings. I mentioned in the Borodino log how I liked that the assembly diagrams were renders but after using them for a while I think the line drawings may be clearer after all. Page 17 is another thin paper sheet with rollable parts like gun barrels etc and also contains all the ‘ironwork’ details for making yourself. The last 2 thin paper sheets are double sided, 3 of which are instructions; this is probably the most instructions I have seen on a card model so far. How useful they will be is yet to be seen. The last PAGE shows the ship in profile. The laser cut form set has 7 A3 sheets; 4 of which are thicker forms for the underlying hull and structures. There are 3 thinner smaller sheets for detail parts like davits, braces, supports etc. One thing of note is the Aurora hull shape is relatively simple but contains quite a large number of form work similar to Borodino. (Admiral Nakhimov has considerably less forms) First Thoughts: I am really impressed with this kit. The printing and colours (mostly) are really nice and particularly like the underwater hull colour and effect. The only thing I don’t like at the moment is the yellow colour for the funnels, which is a really bright primary yellow. Borodino’s yellow funnels look reserved in comparison! Admiral Nakhimov Admiral Nakhimov is an armoured cruiser which was sunk at the Battle of Tsushima and again for those interested in her here is a link to the Wikipedia page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_armoured_cruiser_Admiral_Nakhimov Admiral Nakhimov was another of those kits which I hadn’t noticed before but again I came across a review and found her to be such an interesting shape and construction and after discovering her participation at the Battle of Tsushima was added to the stash. I believe this is one of Dom Bumagi’s newer kits as the front cover has changed design to show a smaller picture (in this case a real photo) surrounded by a large border. This is more conventionally presented as an A3 book, bound along the top long edge. There are 7 pages of parts and again some sheets have full reverse colour and others have selective reverse colouring. The lower hull has the same shiny metallic finish as Aurora but in a darker shade. There are a lot of nice parts and colours on this ship like the raised decks and different coloured cabins. There are 5 thin pages of templates for the underlying skeleton but also includes the main deck which appears to depict linoleum. Again there is a single thin sheet for all the ‘ironwork’ details as well as the rollable gun barrels etc. There are 7 double sided sheets of assembly diagrams and these again are line drawings as opposed to renders as I must admit I think these will be clearer to read than renders which I was excited about for Borodino. The last page shows a top and profile view of the ship and I think it looks very handsome from this side with a relatively deep hull. Again I obtained the laser cut forms but these supply only 5 sheets of the thicker underlying forms with no thin sheets for detail parts. I also note from the instructions that although similar hull shape to Aurora above there are considerably less formwork so particular care may be needed to keep everything lined up and square until skinned up. First Thoughts: I am really pleased I got this one. The shape, layout and particularly the colours should build into a really nice model. The bow crest colouring and several of the cabins and upper decks are all really nice. The single yellow funnel is a much more subdued yellow compared to Aurora above. Summary I’m really impressed with Dom Bumagi kits and from what I gather they have a reputation for the amount of detail they provide which I can attest to. Given the choice of publishers for the same subject, Dom Bumagi would most likely be my 1st choice. The plan is to finish Borodino before starting either of these but since I have finally got my shipyard set-up to a state I can work in I may start working on these in the background. Cheers Slog
  9. Shipyard Cardboard kits

    Hi Bob, All the kits I have came across will have a legend somewhere in the instructions which denotes the laminating thickness required. Typically * = 0.5mm, ** = 1mm, b = laminate to the same kit paper thickness and so on. Different publishers will have variations on the above; but all you need to do is find the symbols and if it's not clear type one or two words into google translate to confirm the thickness. Cheers Slog
  10. Vosper MTB

    I'll give you your second one then. Very nicely done. The Olympia looks great also. Cheers Slog
  11. Hi All, I decided I needed an airbrush a few months ago when I got Photo etch parts for my Bismarck as I doubted I could brush paint the tiny parts to a satisfactory level. I had a look around and found that the iwata range of brushes were well regarded and used a lot in auto custom work and vaguely remembered an iwata air brush review in MSW 1.0. There is also a link to a UK company selling iwata’s on the home page of this site. I did start a thread earlier in this section asking about any experiences of buying from http://www.airbrushmegastore.com/ here in Australia but decided to give them a try as searching through airbrush forums found them mentioned a few times with good comments. Their price was approx A$100 cheaper than another mail order company and a local place I found. I decided to get the HP-C Plus which was a balance between performance and price and appears to be a popular model. I think it falls somewhere in the middle of the iwata range between the hobbyist models and the ridiculously expensive professional range. I placed my order on the Sunday night and it arrived first thing on Thursday morning so first impressions are good. In the box I received the airbrush, an instructional DVD, which gives a lecture on painting the wolf on the cover and an airbrushmegastore sticker. I started watching the video and is really good. The artist does custom auto work and explains his actions in detail as well as using the same AB I bought. Slipping the airbrush box out of its cardboard sleeve reveals a nice hard plastic box which shuts firmly and securely. The instructions are also included in the sleeve and to be honest are pretty useless. Mostly in Japanese with English translation. The exploded view of the parts list is useful but the line diagrams and few text is pretty average. I have watched several YOUTUBE videos about using, stripping and cleaning this model so no issues about the instructions Now the exciting part, opening the box! There is of course the airbrush, the paint cup lid and a little spanner for removing the nozzle. Also included is a test in the lid which I will show further down. A close up showing the quality of the chrome and the make and model engraving on the body. The look, feel and weightyness of the body adds to the impression of quality. The airbrush is dual action so pressing down on the trigger starts the air flow and pulling back starts the paint. Both actions felt very smooth and controllable. The more you press and pull back the more air and paint respectively comes out. The knurled knob at the rear is to adjust the paint preset stop. It works by limiting how far back you can pull the lever for paint. If you were doing fine work it would prevent you inadvertently pulling the trigger back to much and getting too much paint on the work piece. With experience and control this probably isn’t needed and some videos I have seen of professions remove the whole assembly as they can control the amount of paint on the trigger alone. This airbrush comes set up with a 0.3mm needle and nozzle which can spray from pencil line thickness to 25mm straight out the box. I believe you could change the needle and nozzle for other sizes but 0.3mm seems a good balance. The HP-C Plus is gravity fed and has a 9ml (1/3 fluid ounce) and again the quality of the chrome is so nice. When I was looking around for a brush I thought 9ml didn’t sound like much but when you see it physically the cup is larger than I imagined it to be. Here is the test card that came in the lid of the box. This is the factory test card for my very airbrush. Apparently someone does a test spray of each airbrush and includes the result along with the airbrush. So potentially I should be able to able to achieve the same result. ON first glance it appears to spray nicely. Time will tell. Not used to using an airbrush so will take some time to be comfortable using it but feels comfortable to hold and has a nice weight and feel to it Lastly I couldn’t resist getting a genuine iwata bottle opener keychain also I was going to do a run down on using it for the first time etc but unfortunately for some reason I thought it came with a hose. I double checked the website and nope doesn’t come with a hose. I don’t know how I missed that. I have 3 options. I searched locally and assuming they are in stock I can go to one shop to get a Paashe hose and another shop for an iwata to Paashe hose adapter. Running about plus the combined price is more than ordering it from the address above. I actually found an iwata supplier 5mins drive from my house but they list airbrushes (A$100 dealer for my model) but they don’t list hoses and aren’t open until Monday. Thirdly do what I am going to do and order a genuine iwata hose from the same place I got the AB and wait a few more days. Hopefully next weekend I can get some paint through it. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers Slog

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