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  1. Fantastic work Danny, well done! Seeing that is psyching me up to return to my artillery tractor...if it wasn't almost 3000kms away. looking forward to next project. Cheers Slog
  2. I got my photo etch port holes from GPM in Poland. I got 1.6, 1.8 and 2mm. There are other sizes. Cheers Slog
  3. Just catching up on your build Danny and great work as usual so far. Having built a 160 individual track links I can feel your pain 😃 I am guessing its because it has the 75mm Pak 40 gun to distinguish it from the other versions available from the same publisher. Cheers Slog
  4. Hi Richmond, Well done on finishing skinning the underwater hull; in my opinion you are past the worst part of card ship modelling and it turned out looking great! Far better than my previous 2 underwater hulls which were so bad I had to fill and paint! I look forward to seeing your next progress shots as from what I can tell from the download it builds into a very nice model. There shouldn't be any rules if building for yourself! I for one will do anything humanly possible to get something looking half decent enough to move to the next stage. Cheers Slog
  5. Thanks Richmond. I like doing these kinds of bits and pieces the most. The 1:200 figure is actually a WWII Kriegsmarine from North Star. I got these along time ago but think it was from BNA. They had 4 or so sets in both winter and summer outfits and one set even came with a Hitler which is always sold out. The sets have limited poses although I do believe they have new sets with more varied poses and different navies. I do like to include them to get an idea of scale and the figure works out to be 1800mm in real life. However saying that, the ladders do look a bit overscale, but the generic photo etc ladders had the same tread spacing. Cheers Slog
  6. Hi All, Thanks for the nice comments guys, I’ve got to say been really enjoying getting some modelling done after being away from it for a while. This is the last progress update as head off again tomorrow. Still working on all the bits and pieces needed for the stern decks installation. These are a couple of simple trunking, which I suspect are lifts for the smaller deck gun ammo and a couple of what I assume are ready ammo boxes. This is the lower mast section, which also have a couple of pulleys attached to them. There is some photo etch pulley wheels to replace the paper part. I also punched out some styrene spacer disks as the paper part 51d kept delaminating. I also cheated and used 4 sections of 1mm brass rod to replace the swivels 51b & 51c as again the strips delaminated trying to bend them into cylinders. The paper used in this kit does not like small tight bends. It was easier and quicker to chemically blacken the photo etch instead of painting. Finished lower mast section. The supplied mast part has such extra width I found it easier to just overlap and glue it as the lap join will virtually be invisible once installed on the deck with the other decks above. In fact this whole section of mast will virtually be hidden. Three sets of ladders one of which isn’t finished as still the handrails to do. I decided to go with the paper ones again. I didn’t punch the side holes out as when I tried in the past the whole section fell apart but decided to leave white to provide some relief. Likewise I didn’t paint the front of the tread. I might go back and paint all black...will see. I had to make the 0.2mm handrails from the templates and fixed them to the inside of the stringers instead of the outside as find they line up better with the deck handrails in this position. I reckon one more session would see me in a position to install the upper 2 stern decks. Oh well, next time. Cheers Slog
  7. Hi Richmond, thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to seeing some progress on your Mauritania log! The deck edges are covered with strips of black paper approx 1.5mm wide which are attached around the perimeter. These are fixed flush with the top of the decks and extend down past the deck underside by approx 1mm. I cut these strips out but didn't attach. Currently making all the brass wire support columns that hold up the overhangs of the decks as well as the braces and gussets. Still got sets of stairs and handrails, combing and mast sections as well as ready ammo boxes and service conduits to make before the decks can be installed proper to the hull. Cheers Slog
  8. Hi All, It was this time last year I last worked on Borodino and spent this Christmas Break getting back into it concentrating on the rear decks. Started with the railings again using individual PE stanchions and bending the 0.2mm rails to shape from the templates. Painted with NATO black as this is greyer than full black and matches the black paper printing of the kit and black water colour I use for touch up. On to the 3 rear cabins. These are pretty simple Parts layout Laser cut forms spaced apart with scrap balsa and card. Finished bottom cabin with side skylights, treated using my usual method for portholes. The 2 upper deck cabins I was looking forward to doing the Compass Platform as it is a nice little piece on its own right. Parts laid out ready for assembly. The handrail built up. This was more frustrating than the large deck railings. I decided to use some generic PE ladders rather than make up the paper ones for a change but still hand to make the handrail from 0.2mm wire. The centre support column has 2 ‘cones’ but I lost one so made one from styrene. I had 2mm styrene sheet so cut and shaped it from that. However when I was having a clean up I found the lost part on the floor and ended up using both paper parts. The finished compass platform. I didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but still acceptable for me. Made a start in the little deck attachments and there are a couple of hose reels which are fixed to the underside of the deck. Parts laid out. The spokes are 0.2mm x 2mm. Starting assembly Finished hose reels I decided to do a mock up with the parts of the rear decks made so far. Nothing is glued and there is a lot more little bits and pieces to be made before I can start assembling. That’s about all. I have relocated to Melbourne for work but my family and modelling is still in Perth so little will be done on the odd times I get home so likely the next update will be in a years time LOL Cheers Slog
  9. Strip the insulation off a Cat5 (patch cable) or telephony cable and unwind. Everyone has these lying around and the wires are tiny
  10. Captain Slog

    Them Old Jokes

    The biggest joke is people can’t even post in the right thread
  11. Captain Slog

    Pet Peeves

    Just because you don’t understand them, like them or have the necessary driving ability to negotiate them doesn’t make them inherently bad. I believe Captain Steve already described the benefits above. The only problem I see with roundabouts is the people who can’t use them properly.
  12. This is ONE of the reasons I no longer participate on this site. This inane nonsense is reaching pandemic levels where no post, thread or Build Log is safe. MSW has become fraught with danger where a single off-topic comment anywhere on the site runs the risk of becoming page after page of similar, past, present or future experiences, anecdotes and “amusing” quips. What’s wrong with you guys? I can only assume you have no ‘real’ friends/family/colleagues to spout this crap to that you need to do it here! Try getting out and meeting people and do this over a coffee or beverage of your choice. My only regret of this post is that I broke my self-imposed ban to leave this site well alone and it was made in Craig’s build log and for that I apologise. Craig, I have been following your build from off stage as I am sure you remember I have the Merit International version of this in my stash and must say I am very impressed with how it’s turning out. Great work. Cheers Slog
  13. Did the amidships skylights, vents etc next with 6 different types and sizes. Finished ready for installation. In their respective locations but not fixed down yet. Cheers Slog
  14. Hi Craig, yeah used 'easy' silver solder paste and the torch. Slowly getting there with the technique but takes a few goes before I settle in to it. Hi Bill thanks for the kind words. If you haven't already perhaps start a build log as someone may be able to provide assistance with any issues. I bought the kit from GPM in Poland. The link to their site should be in the 1st post of the log. Cheers Slog
  15. Hi All, thanks for all the likes and comments. Starting on the amidships assemblies with a couple of winches. The winches have some kind of frame or brake band made from 0.2mm brass wire. Finished ready for installation. Some discrepancies in the indicted parts positions meant pulling some of the assembly apart to correct. Installed in their location on the deck. Cheers Slog

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