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  1. Wait a minute.... i still have a bunch of PE life rings, I might as well put them onto the roofs of some launches.
  2. I finally finished the launches! I don’t know yet if I should do the rigging first or install the lifeboats then rig around them. these 2 are bare bones because I lost so many little parts. It’s ok though, these 2 will be 70% hidden. normally I would put on these props but I’ve had enough of these launches. So I opted to just call them done!
  3. Today I lashed the launches together, glued on more oars and assembled 3 more launches. Tomorrow I should be done with these launches for good! Then I can install them and the 2 cranes onto the ship. I dont know if I should do the rigging or the planes next.
  4. I just found out trumpeter came out with a 1/200 yorktown cv-5! I want to build it Before the missouri if i can! I wonder how long it takes pontos to develop a PE upgrade kit for it.
  5. I had to cut it short today I was able to paint the canopy frames. and stack 2 of the launches I was about to lash them together with heavy EZline, but thats when I had to stop. see you next time!
  6. I basically finished up the grey deck fittings. Before after next i will paint the oars. and this is them finished. I didnt even bother painting the white on the other side since you cant see it.
  7. Today I continued painting the launches. I started with the small ones. I brushed on vallejo old wood. Before after all 3 then i started brushing the deck fittings on the rest. Before after just 7 more of these, then the orrs and 2 canopies and I believe ill be done with the launches.
  8. Here you can see there’s not much contrast between the hulls and the decks. Hopefully the gray deck fittings and the gray strip on the hull breaks it up a little bit.
  9. I don’t have a subscription☹️ ok, lets do this. and done. Though I have a ton of tiny deck fittings to paint grey. I have my shiny new tiny brush so I should be good to go.
  10. Javlin they are brass. Flory is amazing. Maybe someday I can have half that talent.
  11. Im going to go with XF-79 Lenolium deck brown. I’ll be back.
  12. OK, so I’ve just been sitting here staring at these launches for the last hour.... in deep thought...thinking. 🤔 Originally I was going to prime them, spray them With xf-57 buff, brush on in oil based brown, wait for that to somewhat dry, brush off the excess To simulate Wood Grain, then finally spray a matte varnish. Thats what Flory did and it looks amazing but.... after thinking theres no way I’m doing all that and pulling it off! I starting looking at online photos. Some are white tops, I saw hull red tops, And I saw wood colored sprayed on which is what I think I’m going to do. I just need to go to the hobby store and pick out a wood colored tamiya paint. Then I can just spray it on and call it a day!
  13. Working on the Bismarck on christmas morning. I just painted the last of the grey on the last 3 launches before I start on The tops of all the launches... this is a long process. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get a straight water line masked off. only took 5 minutes of airbrushing today the result I knew I forgot somthing... the ors. Oh well. Merry christmas everyone!

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