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  1. Jack, they are cocketiels. Beta, I dont think I’m going to be here long so I will just keep the basement how it is I guess. And yes when the 2 males have a screaming match it gets very loud! But I love them they are awesome! They also can live 30 years i was told!
  2. I kept Oliver busy. He was chewing on a sprue for a while. Then i put on his favorite music on, Pink floyds the wall.... you gotta keep Oliver happy. Ya im very glad the lifeboats are done!
  3. Thanks guys. Here is just a little update on the crane. They are just waiting to poop on something. Especially oliver, hes a poop machine. anyhoo, here a bit more of the crane coming together. i think this next part is so cool. The kit provides me with the pullies for the rigging line. One pulley is made of three pieces,a smaller photo etch sandwiched in between two slightly larger photo etch pieces all glued together creating a pulley. My iphones camera sucks but you can almost see what i mean.
  4. Finally! im ready to paint launches. There are alot of missing pieces on them such as antennas and railings and such but whatever. These were probably the least fun things to do on the entire ship.
  5. I wish i had a boat like that to go fishing! I’m scared of painting them! Lots of different colors and new Techniques that I have never done. The cranes are actually the first things in this kit that are entirely Trumpeter parts. There are zero aftermarket parts for the cranes. The only thing I am going to change is the rigging lines. The kid provides photo etch lines that I will use around the hook block only. The rest of the rigging will be EZ-line.
  6. So the Work on the launch is continue slow and steady. It became too monotonous for me so I changed it up and cut out all the orrs Still not wanting to go back to the launches I decided to start on the cranes. So I cut all the pieces that will be needed out And sanded them Then started assembly. This is much funner and way easier than the launches.
  7. Wow this build is amazing! And oh my god that deck!
  8. Work continues on the launches. I will be ready for paint soon. the walls and doors got glued in place the roofs seem like there are going to be difficult. So in typical fashion I procrastinate by moving on to the last 3 launches with ors. these are coming out pretty good though. 🙃
  9. Thanks John. Like me! I can only work on it on the weekends. Its going on 2 years now.
  10. I know I have been going slow lately.. I just haven’t had a lot of time lately. I started by bending boxes and gluing them in place minus one box. oh there you are! I was worried. I bent all of the stairs I would need, though I don’t know if I’m going to use them yet. Next is to glue all the doors minus one because it got sucked into a black hole never to be seen again. then the hatches got glued in place. And that’s where I am at right now. It’s a long weekend so hopefully I can get more done.
  11. Work on the launches continues slowly. I cut out every piece I need for all launches leaving me with one less PE sheet and a bigger scrap heap. this is basically what I have to do with the PE like the other launches I started with the rudders Then I started with the PE. Folding tiny boxes and gluung in place etc.
  12. how have I not seen this build?... this is awesome!
  13. To much for me too... im lucky if I use half of them.
  14. 26 pieces per launch is plenty for me!!

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