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  1. Very sick, Jason! Keep up the good work! Jaxboat
  2. Jaxboat's rule no 2: Chances are that anything that reacts chemically at room temperature quickly will also react with you!
  3. I have experienced high temps with CA if the part was wet. Best Jaxboat
  4. Meeting at Lee Valley!!! I would need to be restrained. Paraphrasing the late Tom Magliozzi of Click and Clack fame: "Never pass up an opportunity to buy a new tool"
  5. I agree with all of the comments on this blog. I also had some plan reading issues but they were minor and I was able to recover quickly. I am building Confederacy which is a big model and the building slip has been a very welcome tool. I also use an Amati hull clamp but it proved too small for a project of this size and weight. However, it will remains my choice for more modest sized models. I also purchased and use the paint brush stand which again is very nice. I have my shipyard in my garage in Northern Florida. Our humidity is world class in the summer and so far no issues with the MDF. Best Jaxboat
  6. Caldercraft

    Nope. Artesania Latina is a separate company Jaxboat
  7. Pets

  8. Possible ebony substitute

    The shoe dye that Druxey mentions work very well to simulate ebony. It does have one drawback. The stuff has almost zero surface tension and will flow through any size aperture including a tightly closed bottle cap if the container accidentally falls on its side. Trust me, I know! RE carbon black: a most interesting material. The stuff is extremely hydrophobic and is very difficult to disaggregate and disperse in water (special wetting agents are required). Carbon black is rated by particle size and "jetness" i.e., blackness. These properties are controlled by what is combusted and the amount of oxygen used during carbon black manufacture. Best Jaxboat
  9. Great stuff. Was on her several times when she was HMS Rose
  10. Excellent and very good photography
  11. IMG_2281.jpg

    Beautiful Work, What is the scale?
  12. Halifax 6

    Very nice model of Halifax. I also built her and thought it was a wonderful model and fun to build