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  1. rwiederrich

    Ship paintings

    Your water is amazing.......not to mention everything else. Rob
  2. Got to keep the next generation interested in nautical things if not through thier excitement of playhouse things. They are exposed to ships at every turn(If I can help it) Rob
  3. No slide on this one..the slide is around the corner on the monkey bars and swing set I built last year from 2" galvanized pipe..it has a wood rope bridge as well. but because you asked..this house is the first stage of the *complex* there will be a large rope bridge off the far side that will lead to another tree forth that will have a large double seat swing beneath it. Just getting started..actually..there will probably be a tire ladder incorporated in there somewhere too. Rob
  4. Got busy this weekend by building a tree fort for the Grandkids...so I didn't get to the shipyard to work on the next mast rigging for my Great Republic. Here is an image of the finished fort....it has a central staircase leading to the top deck and the lookout. I have a davit for supplies , a ship wheel and just after this image I mounted a brass bell. A small US flag is mounted to the lookout perch. Rob
  5. Finished ratlines and shrouds for the foremast....next is the mainmast....I'll start that tomorrow. I'm slowly progressing.
  6. Today I will finish up the ratlines for the foremast. I figured it would be easier to rig the top and topgallant shrouds and ratlines and then rig the lowers after the masts are stepped. I'm trying to figure out a method that will mentally produce the fastest results. small projects eventually add up to a finished model. Rob(thanks for the likes and comments)
  7. Yes it is a wonderful feeling to be back in the yard..and with some days set aside for the very task..I hope to put the hours to good use...though I will probably be working in the machine shop getting a telescope ready for the weekend as well. rigging can be so rewarding and slow at the same time. Thanks for the fine comments Michael.
  8. Finished for the day..but I'll be back at it tomorrow...... Got the top shrouds finished now got one side of the topgallant finished. I hope to have all the ratlines for the mast finished up tomorrow so I can begin on the mainmast next.
  9. I'll begin and finish each mast as a single project to make the building go faster(in my mind). Here I've begun the rigging of the shrouds and lanyards for the formast.
  10. I'm finding that I will have more time this week to spend on the GR..so I began on finishing up the top spreaders and adding some deadeyes. Rob
  11. rwiederrich

    MONTAÑES by montanes

    Amalio...I wonder... how far will you be taking this build? Will you go so far as to hide all the wonderful work you have currently done with further upper deck work? Rob
  12. rwiederrich

    Lady Washington Brig pulled out

    Funny thing is when we came into town I saw her mast head from the road and on our way out of town later in the day we stopped in. I was amazed you could drive right up to her and get out and walk around her. No one on board cared and I even spoke to one of the working crew members about the overhaul and repaint. Quite surreal...with her just sitting there all alone...wanting for an inspection. I've enjoyed her so many times before and even visited her in Greys Harbor when she was painted up for the Pirates of the Caribbean. The highlight of my day. Rob
  13. rwiederrich

    Lady Washington Brig pulled out

    Indeed...I looked into that and you can sign up as a crew member for many durations. Alas....I can't currently spare the time away from work, but a month long adventure would be great...indeed. Rob
  14. rwiederrich

    Lady Washington Brig pulled out

    Yes, and she was here in Port Orchard a month or so ago too....Beautiful little brig indeed. Rob
  15. I wanted to share the images of the Lady Washington when we visited Port Townsend this weekend. she was hauled out for her semi-annual maintenance and refit. Beautiful Brig.

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