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  1. michaelpsutton2

    Ship paintings

    If I understand correctly the concept behind the paintings is not some photograph? I am truly impressed. The paintings look like they have been agonized over for day. To be able to go from the mind to such a completely articulated vision!!
  2. michaelpsutton2

    Latest pieces off my drawing board

    My beloved is a paper crafter and we share a studio. In the wee hours of the night when she is safely tucked away I sneak into the studio and use her "Copic" markers. They are available in warm neutral, and cool gray. Each in a darkness range from 00 to 7. Each marker has a fine and broad point. They even have a couple of gray felt tip pens I can use to make fine drop shadows behind the rigging. They are blendable but if you muck about to much they will pick up and blur the ink. They definitely attack acrylic paint. By the way I do use Leroy, Rapidograph etc. I learned how to use them half a century ago when I was a cartographer and drew maps in the oilfield. Computers put me out of that business in the early 80's.
  3. michaelpsutton2

    Latest pieces off my drawing board

    It looks like a lot but in reality you only have to make the next little line. Just like a model you don't get to far ahead ofyourself. My father wh o did a certain amount of deep water sailing once told me that out on the ocean you steer towards a star on the horizon, but watch the next wave carefully. You only worry about the next plank and in the end there it is.
  4. michaelpsutton2

    Latest pieces off my drawing board

    Just a shaded pen and ink of the USS Spark taken from her lines plan, the Ware sail plan,Steel, Lee and others.
  5. michaelpsutton2

    Ship paintings

    It's really amazing to see the development up from the conception sketch. Is the white on the sails, hull and foam still watercolor? I am guessing the sky/sea is a watercolor wet on wet blended technique. Thanks for the demo
  6. michaelpsutton2

    Ship paintings

    I have been admiring your amazing work for months and am a painter myself. Some of your paintings remind me of the late Montaque Dawson's sailing ship pic's. How long does it take for you to paint one? Could you post some pictures of the process? A paint log as it were.
  7. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    I think your lowly airfix kit has a reasonably possible color scheme. Certainly better than many I see. Congrats, nice work!
  8. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    And finally... Here is a picture of one of the replicas, the later I think. I have labeled three areas I take issue with. First is the molding mentioned above. Second is the lack of a curved ornamental "badge" surrounding the quarter light (window). And number four the exposed, red painted stantions on the quarter deck are not supported by the plans. Please note that number three was a question about the channels which has been resolved by further examination of the plans
  9. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    Which brings us to an interesting point. If you will look at the enclosed extract from the original plan, I have marked 3 lines. As I understand them, they are" 1 upper edge of the reducing plank, 2 the upper edge of the main wale/lower edge of the reducing plank, and 3 the lower edge of the main wale. Both replicas seem to have a raised molding painted yellow and no sign of the wale. I would omit the rail as it is not shown on the plans and would paint the both wale and reducing plank black
  10. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    This image is much closer to correct. The only change I might consider is changing the little bit of blue on the topsides to black. Changing the wale feom yellow ro black and changing the area below the wale to varmishd
  11. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    The 1950's replica was painted blue. This is almost certainly wrong. At most maybe )just maybe and not likely) the quarter deck bulwarks were painted blue.In addition this replica was erroneously fitted with a spanker boom and a mizzen top-gallant mast. Neither of which were to be found on the original
  12. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    The masts would have been varnished or painted in pitch. The yards, wouldings, doublings, tops, and caps black. I am not sure what you mean by demarcation.
  13. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    She was copper sheathed below the waterline
  14. michaelpsutton2

    Colours for HMS/HMAV Bounty

    There is a book "Mutiny on thee Bounty" br Peter Fitzsimmons. The cover painting is very close to what I would think

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