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  1. Started reading this build earlier this evening and below is the only way to describe this build and builder. "A piece of work by a craftsman accepted as qualification for membership of a guild as an acknowledged master". "A master craftsman or master tradesman (sometimes called only master or grandmaster) was a member of a guild. In the European guild system, only masters and journeymen were allowed to be members of the guild". (With the help of google translator and I hope that it is correct.) Comenzó a leer esta compilación más temprano esta noche y a continuación es la única forma de describir esta compilación y constructor. "Un trabajo de un artesano aceptado como calificación para ser miembro de un gremio como un maestro reconocido". "Un maestro artesano o un maestro comerciante (a veces llamado solo maestro o gran maestro) era miembro de un gremio. En el sistema de gremios europeo, solo los maestros y oficiales podían ser miembros del gremio".
  2. Good Day While at home last week I received some tools from Proxxon - Precision Drill, DB250/E Lathe and small table saw. What is outstanding is the mill and small band saw. Below are new photos of my Machine area Storage and Work area.
  3. Castos


    My Apologies: Typo should be make and not mark
  4. Castos


    All this posts are interesting on how to make a rope walk. Questions: 1. Does it make ropes to a certain length or can it make longer ropes - dependent an the size of the machine? 2. Are there any illustrations somewhere that shows how to setup the machine to mark ropes? Thanks in advance for assistance and getting me to understand how it works.
  5. I came across the webpage www.forgottenbooks.com. You register and subscribe ($9 per month) and have access to a very huge range of books, for example 'The Elements of Wood Ship Construction by W.H. Curtis' These are old books which can be used as a reference for model ship building.
  6. Castos

    Return of old member

    What have I done so far. In preparation to do a scratch build, I have been building kit boats and studying AutoCAD as I have the time to do it here in South Sudan and at the same time will be doing a bit of carving as the last I did was a chess set using a Victorinox Pocket knife, whilst in the military on deployment. At the same time I have been do research on building wooden ships and increasing my collect on the books to build. I have not decided on what to build at this stage as I am taking baby steps in gathering info and learning/reading, before progressing to the next step. I am also buying tools that I will require to do the build. Recently bought a metal/wood lathe and on my Home leave in December a friend is coming to teach me on how to do lathe work for both wood and metal. Please advise if there is anything that I must research and it will be greatly appreciated. Cheers from a Sunny South Sudan
  7. Good Day I came across this article How Wooden Ships Are Built https://www.woodenboat.com/sites/default/files/library-content/binder1-final.pdf Is this significant in the research to assist in scratch building? Thanks in advance Andre
  8. Hi Gaetan Thanks for allowing me to follow your log and getting a lesson in scratch building. I know it is a bit late, concerning the projection of an image onto an object, but I came across this paper on Projection Mapping. The link is https://static1.squarespace.com/static/559921a3e4b02c1d7480f8f4/t/585c685c725e2507d8a69939/1482451040611/Kindl.pdf I hope that it can assist us all in future builds. Regards Andre
  9. I recently purchased a 3mX3m shed and moved all my stuff. We have another similar shed which is 3mX3.5m to which I must move as the wife requires the smaller one. Here photos of the present shed and will send new photos once I have sorted it out in working area, machine area, storage area. On the walls I will be putting up softboard and a white board. A portable aircon will also be purchased. At the moment in the present shed I also store my bike gear temporarily
  10. Castos

    Return of old member

    Thanks to All for the welcome. At the moment I am working in South Sudan and will be home next week to continue sorting out my builds shed. The wife is happy now that the build is out of the house. on the last home rotation I erected a 3mx3m shed, installed lights, plugs, shelves and a work bench (will post photos later). This time around is to organise the placing of all my stuff as well as making a place for my Proxxon Lathe DB250 which is enroute from Germany. The next will be the Proxxon mill and then I have 95% of what I require. The other 5% remains open should any requirement surface. I need to complete HMS Victory and thereafter start on the Sovereign of the Seas. An Elderly gentleman gave me to the Bounty to complete as is eyesight has weakened considerably. At present in my off time I am learning how to use AutoCAD to loft my own plans for a scratch build. One of the reasons why I am getting all the required tools. I have lots on my fork to do and my time at home is short.
  11. Castos

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Tectona Grandis are the teak trees in South Sudan
  12. Castos

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Good Day Can teak be used? I can get short lengths for free here in South Sudan. Thanks
  13. Good Day Have been out of the loop for a long time and I am back to pick up where I have left off.
  14. Good Day I have been off this site for some time due to my work, and have only gotten back into completing one of my kits. I have redrawn the plans for the Santisima Trinidad and am looking for information on her. The main area of concern is the width of the frames. Are all frames, irrespective of the type of ship, 6" in width. Secondly, I am following Wayne Kempson's tutorial. The ST plans I have includes the half breadth plan (only one part), so I do not half to follow Wayne's tutorial from the beginning, but start at with the lofting of the keel before I get to the frames . Do I copy it, mirror it and join the two to get a complete plan? Thanks in advance for all advice and information that I will receive from all the knowledgeable person on this site. Regards Andre
  15. Thanks Mark Have placed an order for Frolich's book. Regards Andre

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