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  1. David Your snake looking pretty good. Haven't build this one but viewed online many a time (li like many of the various Caldercraft models). Just started the Syren a few weeks ago and enjoying the build. Excellent instructions and want to use this build to help me in many areas I need to improve on. I like the work area you have. Private and comfortable. Will follow your build. Blaine
  2. Welcome Eric and Steve Last few evenings working on the balsa filler blocks. I cut them out from a 12" x 3" x 1" balsa block and then sand for a snug fit. Prior to fitting, I check for the bulkhead alignment using a couple of 2 inch engineer squares and several small right angle squares that I clamp to the bulkhead and BF (re images in prior post). Little over 50% completed. Not a difficult job.........balsa very easy to work with. When completed, will remove from the slip to check for the removal of the keel warp / twist. If ok, will then proceed to fair the hull. Blaine
  3. Thanks. Will also follow along with your build.
  4. Have to say the instructions supplied with this kit are excellent. I have never encountered this with any other build. Makes it so much more enjoyable. I read each chapter several times and although only on chapter 2 started reading up on the chapter 3 and 4 yesterday evening and again this evening. As many members have said and from my own experience, I find it very useful to stay ahead of the actual build by reading ahead of time. This forum also helps tremendously in that regard. So a big thank you to all. Per my post last night, re checked the garboard plank against the bulkheads and rabbet. Also this evening began squaring up the bulkhead / BF and creating the filler blocks. Maybe a few days on this. Blaine
  5. Latest on my Syren. Glued the keel and stem yesterday. This evening removed the clamps and attached the false keel with small nails. Then installed bulkheads in place to check the garboard plank. Satisfied with its fit into the rabbet and its alignment with the bulkheads. So the rabbet turned out quite good. Didn't get a picture of this but tomorrow evening may dry fit again to take a second look to be sure. Attached picture my attempts to also start the process of aligning the bulkheads with BF. My plan as mentioned in my first post, to cut the bulkhead fillers and dry fit everything in place. Have a slight warp / twist in the BF pass the mid section toward the stern so want to make sure I can correct this problem. Certain I can and understand per the comment in chapter 2 this is one of the points of the filler blocks. Blaine
  6. Some pictures of the further work on the rabbet and fitting the garboard plank and keel in place. Re the last picture, have a little problem with the fit of the false keel meeting the slot on the stem. A gap of a mm or so. Anyone else encounter this? If so a solution. Have to think about it and check some other builds. Don't want to sand anything at this point and find out down the road I have another problem when copper plating. Blaine
  7. Welcome all to the build log. This evening continued work on the rabbet and should have completed tomorrow evening. So far pleased with the fit of the plank against this but will get a better idea when play around with the keel dry fitted in place tomorrow. Blaine
  8. Doug You sure can follow. Throw in constructive critique, tips, etc anytime. Blaine
  9. Hi Well 2 nights ago glued the basswood strip to the BF and this evening started creating the rabbet. Haven't finished but attached photos some idea how I am doing. This is the first time I have ever created a rabbet and so far don't find it to difficult considering I was concerned about doing this. Using 3 different types of excel hobby knives. All new. Planning to do a bit of sanding to with this to smooth out the taper and using a plank 2 get a got good fit. Any advice welcome. Blaine
  10. Hello This is my build log for the US Brig Syren. New member and per my introduction a few weeks ago, I mentioned starting the kit in the fall of this year. Changed my plans a little, so hoping over the next few weeks to get to chapter 2 before summer arrives. Where model ship building is a winter time project for me, over the summer may look at taking my time and fairing the hull while sitting on the balcony. One problem is that I have a bend in the bulkhead former. I understand chapter 2 stating fair the hull with the bulkheads temporarily in place (and properly aligned) and using a plank to check my work. Once satisfied, then glue the bulkheads in place. Then create the filler blocks. Reading up on dealing with this bend issue and plan to proceed as per another member in this form. Due to the bend in the BF, think I will look at creating the filler blocks before gluing the bulkheads in place. Then proceed with fairing the hull. This will allow me to remove the bulkheads to fine tune the bevel individually and confirm that the bend has be removed before any glue applied. Any advise on this? For now, once the wood strip dries over night, will be gluing this basswood strip to create the rabbet over the next day or so. This is going to be a fun build. Blaine
  11. Thanks for the welcome! Over the last week been reading (several times) the Winchelsea article on planking and watching the 2 videos of Chuck Passaro demonstrating planking. Will be following some build logs here plus additional reading over the next few months before starting the build next fall. Until then take care. Blaine
  12. Hello Registered with this site in January and impressed / enjoy very much. Started model ship building in 1997 and currently completing my 4th build - AL Bounty. I generally work on these models during Oct / Nov - to March / April but coming off a 5 year absence. Began the Bounty in January 2003 and worked each winter up to 2008. At this point 95% completed. Jan - March / 2011 this went up to 98%. This January decided to complete and "decide" if I will continue with another build. There is a reason for questioning another build. I find my strength / enjoyment in ship building from the deck, deck fixtures, mast and rigging. Spend many evenings into the early morning hours working on my ships and enjoyed immensely. BUT my weakness is in hull construction. Compared to the Bounty, on a difficulty scale my 1st 3 builds (AL Swift, Mamoli Britannica, AL Harvey) are not to bad in this area........mine are not correct ...just ok. The Bounty was frustrating at times and made me question if ever another build. When I returned this January to completing the rigging, the enjoyment returned and started checking out kits online. One that visually grabbed my attention was the US Brig Syren. Very nice! Started reading reviews......all very positive particularly the instructions supplied. "Well, one more try"? So I purchased and received 2 weeks ago and can say impressed. What I want to get out of building the Syren is proper hull construction. Understanding of bearding, rabbet (none of my previous builds mention this), bulkhead alignment and proper planking, etc. I have come to the conclusion that if I understand the what, why and a few other things, then enjoyment in this area of ship building should follow. I have played with the fit of the keel and bulkheads over the last few days but won't get into the Syren until next fall (planning a build log). Until then I will be reading up on hull construction, the Syren instructions and gathering info from the forum / build logs on this site. Blaine