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  1. JerseyCity, great pictures...thank you! I have looked very closely at the pictures, it is amazing how much variation there is with respect to the rigging plan. I suppose this means that there is more than one "right" way. I like the approach depicted in this model!
  2. JerseyCity, wow, this is a very clear picture and very helpful! I will be using this as a guide for the placement of blocks and rigging. Thank you! Matrim, I recently learned of the belaying plan for the Bounty. Although I learned of it late in the process, I too emailed Caldercraft and requested a copy of the plan. As of this writing, I have not heard from them (it has be at least three weeks). Once again, thank you for your assistance.
  3. Gregory and Matrim, thank you for the input. The drawing is a bit busy, but it clearly shows more stays than I have seen on most of the other Bounty pictures that I have reviewed, which is very interesting. Matrim, my version of the Bounty was purchased at least 10 years ago (long story), so perhaps the plans have been cleaned up since my purchase. One example of "discrepancies" I have experienced is that the plans for rigging the "gaff-boom" clearly show a 3mm block attached on top of the gaff at its base (portion nearest the mizzen), however, none of the other plan sheets show this block and therefore no rigging is shown to the block. That said, it has been a lot of fun building this model, I am thoroughly enjoying the process!
  4. JerseyCity and Michael, thank you both for taking the time to respond, I am very appreciative. The plan sheet refers to the piece in question as a "gaff-boom", consequently, that is what I called it. Since I originally posted the question, I have looked up various pictures of other models as well as the full-blown replica of the Bounty. Although the pictures are not crystal clear, I have been able to tease out enough detail to determine that there is a considerable amount of variability as to how various models are rigged. At this point, I am not sure exactly how I will approach the problem, but it would seem that I have options. Again, thank you for your insights and input. Donn
  5. I am in the process of finishing the rigging on the Bounty (Caldercraft). Overall, the experience has been very good, although I have found what seems to be a number of discrepancies in the plans, I have been able to work my way through most of it. I am, however, a bit stumped with rigging the gaff-boom. The plans are confusing (seemingly contradictory and incomplete). Before I go and do my own thing, I thought I would consult with those on this site to see if anyone has faced this particular dilemma. Thank you.
  6. Thanks Mark, I'll look at their site. As for location, I live in North Carolina.
  7. At long last, I will soon be finishing the HMS Bounty (Cauldercraft)! Even though this is my first major build, I am fairly pleased with the results. That said, it is time to think about mounting the finished ship. In times past, I would have built my own display pedestal/brackets, but at this point in time I would prefer to order on a turnkey basis. Does anyone have a suggestion for potential supplier? Thank you.