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  1. I have a couple of Model Shipways kits that are all basswood. (Niagara and Glad Tidings.) The hulls will be painted, they are single planked. Is there any advantage to replacing the wood that is to be painted with something else such as Alaskan cedar or Swiss pear? Will proper priming/sealing/sanding make up for the "stringy" look of the basswood?
  2. I just built launching ways for a boat and wanted to simulate that "railroad tie" look. Wound up mixing one part Matte Medium thoroughly with one part Burnt Umber craft paint. Added several drops of Black and swirled the mix with end of a toothpick to partially mix. This yielded a nasty looking brown/black mixture; when applied to balsa sticks (careful not to brush out too much) the effect was reminiscent of wood treated with tar.