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    Paraffin or beeswax?

    You settled that question for me thanks. I agree I am not a tree hugger either but am beginning to believe we need to start leaving some of them alone. Bees wax will be just fine. Thanks for the reply Tom, John
  2. John Allen

    Rigging scissors

    It's quite a crew we have here I'm impressed. All great suggestions. I agree you cannot have too many tools. I've tried to tell my wife that but it's like trying to take the breach of a fort with a Forlorn Hope! Again thanks to all John
  3. John Allen

    Rigging scissors

    Great suggestions Thanks to all
  4. John Allen

    Rigging scissors

    Thanks to Tom and Joel Would never have thought about the fly tying supplies. Thanks for the response
  5. Memory not so good Thanks
  6. With everyone's help especially GDALE who I plagiarized a lot if that term can be used beyond the written word, I have began the masts, spars, and bowsprit. Brief background this was an e bay purchase by my daughter for a b'day. It looked all there, but looks can be deceiving. The 2 plastic containers had several cuts on the top bad sign. The decks were warped as well as the assembly for the stern castle. It was like building a house where the foundation was not square, but was able to correct all and plow on. I have had to order wood 3 times all the 1x1 or 1x2 and all limewood. Still all good got by that. My current dilemma is when constructing the bowsprit I noticed the only rings were for the anchors, when looking further this build takes a lot of rings different sizes. I looked on-line and cannot purchase all I need at 1 place and afraid I will have to make all. I do have a lot of brass wire of different gauges. It will be tedious. Any 1 site where I can buy the different sizes I need. Shouldn't these have been included in the kit. Another goody any instructions end at this point love Italian cuisine but there kits and instructions leave a lot to be desired. Feels like it is beginning to take on water and the pumps are worn out.(Now I will get off the pity potty) Thanks for any input. JA
  7. Grant, The skylight was a real thorn thanks for the offer of the photos if I remember it was 20 sm panes & 10 larger panes, still have that plan. Will begin to post more, almost finished with the masts & yards. Still making rings. jhearl provided a good linc on making eye bolts. Thanks Grant and to all for the advice.
  8. I was afraid I would recieve no mercy aka Billy Budd
  9. Re posting pics The only problem I had was the skylight, all the plastic widows were gone. I used acrylic but scale is wrong, and it over powers the stern of the ship will rebuild again (3rd time)
  10. HMS Victory by John Allen Mamoli 1-90 I quite don't know where to post this since I have not maintained a progressive build log since starting this in March of 2013. I agree I am a heretic and a flogging or keelhauling would be appropriate. I'm posting a few current pics, and I am at the point of constructing the masts. My next posting of construction will be the completion hopefully before 2020.
  11. HMS Victory by Mamoli 1-90

  12. jhearl Sound advice link re eyebolts major help Thanks John
  13. Grant, Hello my friend. I was referring to the metal rings used in conjunction with the blocks and rigging 3mm to 10 mm and the 3mm with the attached pin, should have been more specific instead of carping. Cornwall is the only place I haven't looked. I do have enough brass wire to make the rings but was looking for the lazy mans way out. It stopped me dead in my tracks when I realized they were gone. I appreciate Marks and your suggestions. Thanks Will have to post some pics before the Admiral flogs me.
  14. John Allen

    vinavil substitutes

    Hello Grant, I thought it would work, but wanted to verify. I have had to dismantle and redo several assemblies. (a wise man once advised when building a kit that has translated instructions always read ahead and no question is stupid) that was you. Trust me I read ahead a lot. Thank you for your kind offer can purchase tulle locally, can see where the diamond pattern would be easier to attach. Thanks for responding take care John
  15. Have been getting along ok with my mamoli victory (thanks in large part using Grant Dales log as reference a lot) Am close to placing first netting and calls to be soaked in water an vinavil???? Would water mixed with white elmers glue acomplish thhe same effect. Thanks to all John
  16. Been out of the loop for months, best friend and buddy of 45 yrs. (wife) finally overcame a serious med problem all is well glad to be back. Started as a caddy at a golf course Groton Conn. age 12. Marine bioligist aide Dauphin Island Al. led to a career with Alabama Marine Police 26 years on the water, marine enforcement, cross trained Customs officer & National Marine fisheries officer. Member of gulf Coast Blue Lightning Drug task Force. Wife a paramedic I was an EMT reorganized Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue after Hurricane Fredric 1979 (interesting lost our bridge for 3 years no life flight back then). Retired had to get a real job wife and I started an Investigation company (no domestics) focus on work comp & disability fraud. Have been blessed with jobs that have been so rewarding and able to assist the public I never looked at any of them as work loved it all. My ego is showing. Am finally able to get back to the Victory.
  17. Grant, Just caught up with all your last posts first class from the launch to the blocks. Having your batteries recharged works wonders glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. I have been working my tail off, last couple of months, and just getting back to the first layer of planking. Took a side step and getting ahead of myself and made some tampions for cannons do not know if it will be worth the effort. Also making pikes in between planking but not sure of scale will figure out later. Again looking forward to your future posts. When can I place an order for your blocks?? Kudos John
  18. Need advice, when coming to the placing of the grenades in lower deck all I found looked more like cannon balls. Found some plastic beads 11/0 at a Wal-Mart but need some honest opinions, I have no ego so if more experienced modelers say it does not look right I will tear it out and redo before I proceed further. They were to shiny and I brushed with a flat clear acrylic. Also researched plank bending tools on this site. I had used a soldering iron on my armed launch and found it tedious but did not want to spend thr money for commercial plank benders. I cannot remeber the builders name but he used a tin can and tea candles. I tried it this date and was amazed. Bent 6 planks in less then 2 or 3 minutes. Tried wet and dry wood, wet seems to be faster. To the point of lying in the gunports and start to plank, had stained decks which need 1 more sanding.
  19. Doris, The only thing I can say it is absolutely poetry in motion. Kudosx10 John
  20. John Allen

    Lumber suppliers

    Pete & Walter, Thanks for the info, am saving the above for future reference. John
  21. John Allen

    Lumber suppliers

    Recently needed to order some extra lime wood for my HMS Victory Mamoli 1/90. Most suppliers would not cut to a specific length, or charged extra or shipping was to expensive. Searched this site for suppliers contacted some but was disenchanted for 1 reson or the other. Found a Wayne Cantin located in South Carolina, he responded quickly, custom cutting no problem from 24" to 48" price & shipping was excellent. Can contact him at tallships3@aol.com He may have been mentioned as a supplier in one of the MSP forums but did not see him during my search. John Allen
  22. Grant, Looks great, it is going to be a showpiece, did you clean the carpet before your wife caught you or were you keelhauled? John
  23. John Allen

    Lumber suppliers

    Chuck, Again thank you for your advice, I appreciate your input, you obviously having a wealth of knowledge in the construction of ships since you are a scratch builder. I doubt I will attain the experience to rise above the model kit. That being said I have a plan and purpose for the way I ordered the wood, and what it will be used for. Thanks for your input, again any advice is appreciated. John
  24. John Allen

    Lumber suppliers

    Chuck, Most will be for the Victory, I have another project where I need strips 5" to 5 I/16 it seemed easier to me to get the 30's and do the final cut. I would have less waste and would not have to pay extra for a special order. Should have explained that in my original post, so not to confuse anyone or cause any discombobulation. Thank you for your comment any advice is appreciated. John

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