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    What have you received today?

    I was the proud recipient (actually late yesterday) of a flu shot and pneumonia shot. Never had either one in 69 years, the devil jumped up and hit me last year. Nice trip to the E.R. daughter drove me wheeled me in in a wheelchair. Nurses placing surgical masks on you as soon as you entered. Room overflowing about (40 to 50 folks) all wheezing, sneezing, and coughing. Did not like the scenario felt like bad Ju Ju. Told my daughter take me home now said I have a better chance of survival at home. So we will see how effective they are.
  2. Welfalck, Tongue and cheek reply to your hoping to move on to bigger from closet. Posting on January 14.
  3. Went back and reviewed your converting that room amazing a man after my own heart, you took junk refurbished it dolled up the room fantastic job. On the cheap can be good. Hopefully you will give Welfalck some heart and he can get out of the closet.
  4. Dan, This one zipped by me. How can you work that paper at that small scale and keep it so neat is beyond me. How do you avoid carpal tunnel. Excellent work as always. Believe your having a paper model orgasm. As many as you have punched out I would have braces on both forearms and hands. Kudos
  5. Very good Grandpa Phil, that wee bit of tiny work is a warm up for the ratlines. Vic is looking good.
  6. CDW, Caught up, absolutely fantastic build. I am very impressed how you and others can handle PE on such a scale. I'm afraid I would break or bend all out of shape. Whoever invented the phrase fiddley parts was right on. Kudos (since I responded properly to this post the only good fish is a dead fish!)
  7. Patrick, Caught up all I can say is well done. Really like your methodology attacking problems, wish I was that focused. I'm a flitter flit here flit there then forgot where I flitted last. Kudos
  8. Well done Kudos the two for you.
  9. Probably be a hell of a lot cheaper.
  10. Great news Lou, you still have to put up with those accusatory dirty looks from folks, good opportunity for her to milk it for all she can. If we weren't friends I would give her some advice.
  11. Was in a brain funk, Vic needs to be finished mizzen rigging, started the CSS Hunley cutaway showing crew and running gear, then stepped on brakes. Looked over in some miscellany I had purchased as a lot on Craigslist and saw a broken 1/2 model sail boat. Picked it up and started putting it back together. 2 inches of stern broken off 2 inches of keel broken off. Carved a new stern piece, glued the broken piece of keel back on. It was a little weird I kept going no log went fast here I am now. Have to add seating and polycoat and mount on board. Had extra walnut and mahogany for decking, safety rail round head sewing pins. Brain funk diminishing. .
  12. John Allen

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    Had a boo boo meant to say water warmer in the Gulf DUH.
  13. John Allen


    Very Nice Kudos
  14. John Allen

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    January 4,1972 1:30 AM received a call a woman jumped off the Dauphin Island Bridge (Old lift span). She was floating in ICW and was presumed dead, 2 foot chop winds out of the northwest at 25 to 30 thought a body recovery. By the time I beat it out there and started looking (numerous P.D. on bridge with spot lights trying to direct me tide falling to the west at 6 knots. I finally see her and reach to grab an arm she scared the beejeesus out of me when she grabbed me so tight almost pulling me overboard. It was an hour and twenty five minutes from the call until I pulled her in the boat. She was wearing a crop top and what they called hot pants back then (short shorts) she was 5 10 or 11 and weighed approx. 110 lbs. It can happen under certain conditions. She had been drinking at the local bar Neptune Club and popping Quaaludes (her statement) under the right circumstances it can happen. The water temperature was warmer than the North Atlantic but she should have been a drowning statistic. obviously she was hypothermic. I asked her one question why? She stated she wanted to commit suicide but it was to late to change her mind when she jumped.
  15. Glad you made it home no further problems, buy the new car at least in Canada your not going to be punished with TARIFFS. But back then every one was a shade tree mechanic, and most repairs could be done by the owner. 1965 tune up plugs, rotor, contact, condenser oil change on a 8 cylinder $ 36.00 today based on average vehicle $ 285.00 to $ 350.00 Get this recently posted an oil change at a dealership on a Beyon was $ 25,000.00 that's right twenty five thousand. As Dylan said times they are a changing.
  16. I might add how deep are your pockets, money no object tools not a problem. I might add if your pockets have run aground and your temporally stranded in the shallows there are a lot of comparable tools that run the gambit of pricing. Since I stay stranded in the shallows I spend a lot of time at Harbor Freight for saws, sanders, scroll saws etc. E-bay and garage sales, amazon, craigslist, and have a nice collection of cheap but adequate tools. One day someone will espy my upside down flag and render assistance and my pockets will get deeper. Enough of my drivel,
  17. G.L. Great Subject looking forward to this build going to be a big one. Like the idea of a cutaway. I have a great respect for fishers of all nations "those that go down to the sea in ships" hope I quoted that correctly. (psalms 107) Deja Vue Last night watched 1937 movie with Spencer Tracy Captains Courageous great flick excellent video for the time fishing on the Grand Banks.
  18. Lou, Sorry about Laurie best wishes for a quick, painless, and full recovery. Your second career as nurse, chief cook, bottle washer, pet groomer, scullery maid, keeps you young at heart and very spry. You may have enough skills to open a Daddy Day Care. Looking forward to seeing the painted hull.
  19. John Allen

    Wood Ship Kits for Kids

    Neat link to the flea fleet for the little ones
  20. John Allen

    Mailbox First-aid

    Mission accomplished, job well done better than new (actually is new.)
  21. Dan happy birthday celebrate it with gusto:cheers::36::champagne-2::champagne::champagne-popping-smiley-emotic

    1. Dan Vadas

      Dan Vadas

      Thanks John, I will :D.



  22. Florence was nothing to sneeze at, like to see weather updates from our comrades in the storms path and aftermath need to hear from Jesse, Canute, Cris and those I missed.
  23. Jesse, Still have power, what better way than to build and get the mind off the storm. Kudos.
  24. Patrick, Didn't think you could surpass the last one you did, well brother you crossed the mountain. The Mega yacht is above and beyond mighty impressive. Have absolutely enjoyed the birth and progression of this one. Kudos 10 times over.

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