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    2mm block threading

    CA comes in 3 sets I tend towards the gel on certain items takes a little longer to set but you do avoid the mistakes and messes of the 5 second CA. After knocking over a container of the 5 sec. and it spreading so fast like a rushing river it was a mess. Fumes were so bad they ran me out of the room. Not long after there were some postings about setting bottles in stable containers where they could no be accidentally knocked over. Stupid is as stupid does. Gel is best and any mistakes in gluing can be avoided and corrected before it sets.
  2. Lou, That is one P.O. puppy. I had one that was really ill-tempered, when I fussed at him (he did a lot of bad things) he would give me that same evil look. If I really fussed at him shaking a rolled up paper I called my beat stick he showed his displeasure by laying a pile of feces on my pants or shoes or anything of mine that happened to be on the floor. When he really showed his displeasure in addition to feces he would add a large puddle of urine on top. He was a Dachshund the most stubborn of dogs ever created. If you are smart you may want to leave our personal effects off the floor that puppy has payback in those eyes.😈 (he's still cute) Keep your snow and ice I think I will quit complaining about our fog, rain, dampness, and 40 degree temperature swings over the last month.
  3. Sad but true, had other needs at the time can't eat wood.
  4. Patrick, You have an unusual talent, keep all your minis, don't do what I did I sold the canoe and regret it. Yes could build another but not the same.
  5. Patrick, Amazing you start with what looked like a scrap piece of wood that should have been a fire starter, and are ending up with a superfine mini yacht that had more curves than Marilyn Monroe. I forget the commercial it goes something like this " your looking good in the neighborhood" Well done Kudos
  6. Keith, Just perused your log. You are a true glutton for punishment. I think your skill set I witnessed with your last build could not be surpassed, but I believe you will prove me wrong with this one. A beautiful choice, am hoping to pick up on skills you develop with this one. Where I am a butcher with wood you are a master craftsman, continue and this lowly hack will follow with rapt attention. Gonna be some kind of nice!
  7. John Allen

    Making block

    If I am not mistaken it's Sapele wood commonly found in some kits for planking.
  8. Most of you folks deal with morons driving on icy roads, can we have a trade off? I'll take 3 days of icy roads, and give you 3 days of heavy morning and evening fog with visibility of 50 yards. Drivers speeding, no lights, tailgating. You have no warning and can't see. Had fog now for several days more to come. The cold dampness plays havoc with these old joints Side note a lot of our smaller boats had radar, I liked to zip through fog at high speeds with the brass on board. (who forgot what patrolling in a vessel was like) They always tried to remain stoic but you could tell when the got out their sphincter had created a huge wedgie in their pants. Of course I remained hopeful we wouldn't hit a deadhead. They rarely came back for a ride unless it was a clear sunny day, scratch another supervisor.
  9. John Allen

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    As far as English it tends to be slaughtered, and or remanufactured depending in what state you live in to quote Brad Pitt in the movie Fury " this is an American tank we speak American not Mexican, American because this is an American tank, if it was a Mexican tank we would speak Mexican "took a little liberty with that one.
  10. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Somewhere over the Rainbow Judy Garland
  11. G.L. Precision at its best, the term pay attention to details is way beyond what your creating, great job.
  12. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    A Little Bit of Soul Music Explosian
  13. John Allen

    Your favorite saying

    Dave, Well said, under your circumstances you have embraced that and gone beyond. KUDOS John
  14. John Allen

    Your favorite saying

    Well actually yes but that's a story for another day. I look at it as those of us with infirmities med problems financial death of a loved one and you begin to feel sorry for yourself, look around and there is someone in worse shape. I probably could have stated that a little better
  15. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Muskrat Love Captain and Tenille
  16. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Love will keep us to together Captain and Tennille
  17. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Love is a hurtin thing Lou Rawls
  18. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    stop in the name of love Supremes (have that meatloaf tape was (disappointed)
  19. John Allen

    Your favorite saying

    "There but for the grace of god go I"
  20. John Allen


    Absolutely perfect
  21. Anna, I think the foam sanding pads is what the doctor ordered. They have fine to coarse pads that are easily removed, they also stay in place with vigorous sanding. They are flexible and can be slightly bent to sand some curves. They also have a pad about twice this size, the small ones are about 1&1/2 inch wide and about 3 inches long. They sell here at any home building supply store I am sure they have an equivalent where you are. The coarse removes a lot of wood with very little effort, for what your building these are perfect and of course need no power supply except some elbow grease. They sell for about $ 6.00 usd. Good Luck happy building looks great so far. John
  22. Lou, Sadly as the population increase it gets worse every year, I have become the most defensive driver because of the nut cases which I have to say has caused me to avoid numerous collisions from those inattentive morons.

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