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  1. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Son Of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield
  2. John Allen

    Making small nails with round head

    I believe its an ECHO that didn't follow instructions, maybe Alexia.
  3. Mark, What do they say a place for everything and______ I liked cramped, I'm cramped, this sounds weird but I consider it comfortable and homey.
  4. I started with a 59 bug gas was 32 cents a gallon, way back when stations would have gas wars would get as low as $ .25 cents. With 2 dollars I could by a pack of cigarettes and fill up the bug and have a little left over. Ran that bug no maintenance never changed the oil, rear engine hatch lost when I was rear ended never left me on the side of the road. Next was a 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza Turbo Spider convertible, great car actually a wonderful and comfortable driver, mine never used a drop of oil for which they were famous for. Turbo was a misnomer at 150 h.p. was not a get up and go like name implied. Was a great car and (chick magnet) a term today considered inappropriate. Actually wanted to refit with a Porsche engine too much money and engineering, wonder if Counts Cars could do it. Ralph Nader did that one in. Then my 1966 G.T.O. convertible his and her shifter that's the one I miss could not afford one today run between 38 and 80 thousand dollars depending on condition. Also a 1965 Austin Healy 3000 loved that one wife said baby needs shoes sold. Alas relegated to a Ford Freestyle (barf) and a Dodge Ram pickmeup. Had a very good time, great memories.
  5. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    The River of Dreams Billy Joel
  6. John Allen

    Don't Tell The OH&S Manager!

    That's par for a commercial fishing boat, the death traps I have seen over the years but somehow they can make them work. That being said strewn along the way there is a lot of missing body parts.
  7. John Allen

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    Or there head buried in a toilet, aka carnival recently returning in the news Cruises may be OK but I prefer not to be imprisoned on a floating hotel with a bunch of drunks. It is also a perfect place for a perfect murder (where there is no police jurisdiction Oh MY I think my husband fell overboard! In my 25 years I investigated 3 really questionable drownings the statement on 2 of them, He went to the stern of the boat to relieve himself, I heard a splash and turned but he was gone he never surfaced. It really is a perfect murder, Back to the post no I do not want to be on a norovirus vessel, or worry about being pushed overboard, a lot of folks take that last dive on cruises.
  8. Mark, You missed the mark (pardon bad pun) the chainsaw is a tool of last resort. To be used when sending a build to the boneyard that did not turn out well. A modelers outlet for frustration and revenge, and a mental feel good moment. Probably scare the hell out of the wife (de ja vue the shining) Mho that is the laid out and use of limited space I have seen Kudos
  9. John Allen

    Dremel 8050 micro

    Have had mine for awhile have used and abused, should have failed by now or bearing burnout great tool charges quickly as I have posted before. As Kurt pointed out (former firefighter in another life. thanks for your service Kurt) Lithiums do not have a good reputation and I would not want to come back home to a pile of ashes. I have had no problems with hot or overheated charged battery can find no negatives on 8050 and battery and or charger. That being said it is always wise to turn off and unplug tools when away.
  10. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    stop in the name of love the supremes
  11. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Stormy weather Billy Holiday
  12. John Allen

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I have used the 8050 for over a year love it have really abused it at times pushing it to the max when sanding. The only reservation I had was how long would the built in battery last over time so far no issues. I actually use it more than my other Dremel's or flex shaft it is a no brainer for the money one of the best versatile tools out there.
  13. John Allen

    Your favorite saying

    Back at you Dave only a person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. BAZINGA
  14. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    How much is that little doggy in the window Patti Page barf barf of mean bark
  15. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Dogs Pink Floyd

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