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  1. Mark, What do they say a place for everything and______ I liked cramped, I'm cramped, this sounds weird but I consider it comfortable and homey.
  2. I started with a 59 bug gas was 32 cents a gallon, way back when stations would have gas wars would get as low as $ .25 cents. With 2 dollars I could by a pack of cigarettes and fill up the bug and have a little left over. Ran that bug no maintenance never changed the oil, rear engine hatch lost when I was rear ended never left me on the side of the road. Next was a 1962 Chevy Corvair Monza Turbo Spider convertible, great car actually a wonderful and comfortable driver, mine never used a drop of oil for which they were famous for. Turbo was a misnomer at 150 h.p. was not a get up and go like name implied. Was a great car and (chick magnet) a term today considered inappropriate. Actually wanted to refit with a Porsche engine too much money and engineering, wonder if Counts Cars could do it. Ralph Nader did that one in. Then my 1966 G.T.O. convertible his and her shifter that's the one I miss could not afford one today run between 38 and 80 thousand dollars depending on condition. Also a 1965 Austin Healy 3000 loved that one wife said baby needs shoes sold. Alas relegated to a Ford Freestyle (barf) and a Dodge Ram pickmeup. Had a very good time, great memories.
  3. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    The River of Dreams Billy Joel
  4. John Allen

    Don't Tell The OH&S Manager!

    That's par for a commercial fishing boat, the death traps I have seen over the years but somehow they can make them work. That being said strewn along the way there is a lot of missing body parts.
  5. John Allen

    "Unlimited Drinks and WiFi" ???

    Or there head buried in a toilet, aka carnival recently returning in the news Cruises may be OK but I prefer not to be imprisoned on a floating hotel with a bunch of drunks. It is also a perfect place for a perfect murder (where there is no police jurisdiction Oh MY I think my husband fell overboard! In my 25 years I investigated 3 really questionable drownings the statement on 2 of them, He went to the stern of the boat to relieve himself, I heard a splash and turned but he was gone he never surfaced. It really is a perfect murder, Back to the post no I do not want to be on a norovirus vessel, or worry about being pushed overboard, a lot of folks take that last dive on cruises.
  6. Mark, You missed the mark (pardon bad pun) the chainsaw is a tool of last resort. To be used when sending a build to the boneyard that did not turn out well. A modelers outlet for frustration and revenge, and a mental feel good moment. Probably scare the hell out of the wife (de ja vue the shining) Mho that is the laid out and use of limited space I have seen Kudos
  7. John Allen

    Dremel 8050 micro

    Have had mine for awhile have used and abused, should have failed by now or bearing burnout great tool charges quickly as I have posted before. As Kurt pointed out (former firefighter in another life. thanks for your service Kurt) Lithiums do not have a good reputation and I would not want to come back home to a pile of ashes. I have had no problems with hot or overheated charged battery can find no negatives on 8050 and battery and or charger. That being said it is always wise to turn off and unplug tools when away.
  8. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    stop in the name of love the supremes
  9. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Stormy weather Billy Holiday
  10. John Allen

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I have used the 8050 for over a year love it have really abused it at times pushing it to the max when sanding. The only reservation I had was how long would the built in battery last over time so far no issues. I actually use it more than my other Dremel's or flex shaft it is a no brainer for the money one of the best versatile tools out there.
  11. John Allen

    Your favorite saying

    Back at you Dave only a person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. BAZINGA
  12. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    How much is that little doggy in the window Patti Page barf barf of mean bark
  13. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Dogs Pink Floyd
  14. John Allen

    Christmas Day

    Merry Christmas to all. I had run this awhile back and decided to post again noting Christmas this day. We all are sometimes remiss (myself included) in being so self absorbed we forget about whats important this day, family, sharing, and kindness to others, so here is my re-post on a Christmas long past. Please post your own Holiday memories. As a child there were many looking back with huge eyes at what the funny bearded old man left under the tree. I believed because he ate the cookies & milk my parents left for him. The best memories are when strangers gather to share the holiday meal, we may not remember who they were, where they live, or their personal bios but for that gathering when they could not be with family at this time of year a shared meal and companionship made for a memorable time, for me personally. December 25th 1979 3 months after Hurricane Frederic destroyed the Dauphin Island Bridge to the mainland. We had a 42’ shallow draft aluminum crew boat on loan from the Highway Dept. to transport people from the Island to Cedar Point, 1 hour round trip depending on weather and # of passenger’s capacity was 42 plus a crew of 2. We had been ferrying folks daily 5 round trips, people had to go to work, groceries, doctors, etc. This was before a slow boat to China ferry ran from the Island to Fowl River a round trip of 3 hours. We had no power and residents that were lucky to get generators ran these until temporary power was installed with 2 huge military generators, 1 being a spare. Side note: the population went from 1600 to 400 not including Fema people, construction workers, etc. The landing at Cedar Point was at the end of a fishing pier with a stepladder tied to a piling and a climb up and down of about 6 to 10 foot depending on the tides. Christmas Day I and my partner (George) started our runs at 6am we had full capacity thru the day noting off Island family and visitors. My family prepared ahead of time knowing workers, Island security etc would not have a place to go, and we put the word out thru the Island grapevine where they could come for dinner and directions to the residence. My day consisted of 5 round trips, each trip when mooring at Cedar Point we had to butt bow to the piling keeping the boat in gear fighting an east to west tide in the am. George assisting men, women, and children down the ladder in addition to gifts, bags, groceries’, and dogs which were banned but allowed this date (I have no idea why, one slipped from Georges hands and went overboard and I was luckily able to snatch it up by the hair on its head while a women was screaming at us and cursing for dumping her dog. An omen of what kind of day we were going to have I will not boor you with tales of horror thru the day the gray hairs were the biggest problem arthritis, bad backs climbing the ladder. I respect them more today since I have joined those ranks) between trips George and I delivered numerous people to different homes having very few cars on the Island after the storm we were water and land ferries. I was able to stop at the house and grab a turkey sandwich and was advised things were going well, to cook we had a generator 3 propane grills with extra bottles borrowed from neighbors. Later that day I was told we fed in excess of 60 people some friends, mostly strangers. We still get a few thank you notes every Christmas. That evening after the last run I was ready for some R&R and a complete meal with all the trimmings when I forgot about the Christmas walk; It is a long standing tradition Islanders walk from house to house wishing all a Happy and safe Holiday, your obligated to supply spirits and food. Hopefully you’re not the last house after they visited twenty and the spirits that went with it but that’s another story. Finally all was quite sat with the family told stories of the day and the people we met. I finally sat down to eat the Island walk depleted what was left of the food and I had a cold spam sandwich. It was the best meal I ever had looking back at the fellowship of that day and strangers we met that were friends when they left. Apologize for the long post but as I wrote this and the memories flooded back it was the Best Christmas I can remember. We still get a few cards each year from these folks. Share your memories a lot of you have some wonderful stories for this time of year. Merry Christmas you and your families stay safe and pray for peace.
  15. John Allen

    Music to build ship models to ...

    When placing that last detail to finish your build amp this up blow out the walls have a toddy of Crown Royal neat. and play ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST by Queen! maybe two. All have the best and safest Christmas and ever. Do not forget those that have not, by a dinner for that homeless person on the street or pick up a blanket or coat at Goodwill make their day a little brighter.
  16. John Allen

    Now I Feel Old

    We lived in Groton my father was an instructor at the USCG Academy he took me to the launching I think I was 6, I feel older than you but thanks for the posting a nice memory!
  17. Lou, Right on 100 percent, a buyer purchased some polished coral jewelry I sold a pair of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all first class imported from Italy when I had a beach shop years ago gold fittings. I was diligent in my posting description, length, fittings, documentation from vendor I purchased (a well known carver of shell cameos and jewelry) had to provide extra photos she stating she was an expert on polished coral jewelry. She filed a vendor complaint with a litany of complaints was not coral ( after all she was an expert didn't matter I imported these items for 15 years, measurements were wrong and I grossly misrepresented the Items. Ok advised if she paid return shipping I would refund her money. Well it did quite work that way I was remiss on the handling of returns. Ok I sent a shipping label and returned her money. Ok big mistake wanted E-Bay to remove 2 negative postings even though 1 sale was 2 items (scrooged) (was really bad I was the reincarnation of the traveling medicine man). So I go to E-Bay Help was advised since I returned the funds it was the same as admitting I committed the crime of the Century for 30 days calls, reviews, documentation could not post a rebuttal. Benn a seller since 2004 1st negative review. After all this she emailed me and wanted 1 of the items (believe her husband raised hell for spending that kind of money for 2 of the same, they were expensive. Do not put yourself in a position where you have to bend over. The point of this E-Bay has a very long laundry list of rules for sellers and buyers regarding refunds, complaint procedures, and time limits. as always READ THE FINE PRINT. Also had a buyer do to me like Lou damaged merchandise, she claimed the insurance Lou was lucky I didn't get mine back.
  18. another simple problem solver kudos
  19. John Allen

    Song Title Game

    Bad to the Bone George Thorogood (Destroyers)
  20. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Kurt I had a post go haywire, I checked pics and only got the Enterprise plaque. That was the mother of all group builds kudos know all are proud of that one. Was that the one the docent stated the chief took 18 bottles of scotch to get it done. How long did it take to build, I'll get a pic of the plaque when I return with brother in a couple of weeks.
  21. Wish you well, if it does not get any better you may need an MRI it sounds like it could be a separated shoulder, here's hoping all is well and if you don't do stupid and push yourself like using a maul to split wood all will be okay. You know your self or like someone posted the wife does it should improve a little each day. The posting of the trip and pics were at the top, looking forward to a build not usually seen. John
  22. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    It did and all is located in 2 large hangers.
  23. John Allen

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well yesterday a visit to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. I was like a tourist in New York whose head stayed stuck looking up at the skyscrapers. It was a really masterful display of Naval Air History. The models of carriers and support ships was outstanding wish lower light hard to get some pics. I asked a Docent who constructed the models he "stated a retired Chief and on the WWII Enterprise it took 18 bottles of scotch, that's how he measured how long it took to complete each model". If any of you passing through the area 2 things on a historical bucket list Naval Air Station, and WWII museum New Orleans. Lou, look familiar Hey Jud this one for you. Ship models just a few all were in excess of 3 feet These are just a few, would take 2 days to see all with all interactive displays and you can strap into a simulator. Museum free accepts donations. Was a good day good seafood at MacQuires primo restaurant. Son in law picked up tab (good boy, good day)
  24. To any of you moderators I am about to post additions to my log on Maori War Canoe I have placed copied pictures from reference material in the post for visual explanation of a building process all material is copy righted do we or I have a problem posting those images. Thanks
  25. John Allen

    What have you received today?

    Dave & CDW Water cases on neighbors are very difficult, in municipalities if a subdivision or mall comes in within city limits the down side neighbor has to accept the water, if construction was for the betterment of the area (you can figure who those winners are) the downside neighbor constructs a wall or drains on his property and blocks the flow of water and causes it to back up he can be sued by developer. This comes under the COMMON ENEMY RULE and is used in 37 states or there about. There are some exceptions but rare. Alabama comes under the CIVIL LAW RULE which is a modified COMMON ENEMY LAW. There are 13 states that use this, Alabama being one. Most all these cases under both rules always get appealed I have studied case histories until I am blind with some help with an attorney friend. I screwed up went to the best water attorney in the area who said one of the best cases he's seen. Wasn't enough dollars for contingency looking at 7 to 8 thousand including professional witnesses. Anyway trying to make this short, We fell under all modifications under CIVIL LAW RULE, you do have to accept the natural downhill flow of water, except in my case they built a 5 foot wall backed with 24 loads of red clay. They changed the topography of the lot causing the water to flow to one area at an exceedingly high rate causing extreme erosion. It was a perfect violation of that rule. OK CDW in these courts being civil both District and Circuit allow date timed and stamped video, backed with photos, none were challenged by either parties. I got pissed in Circuit after testimony Judge said he did not have to see video (I think looking back he went along with lower court judge read his ruling prior to court and his mind was made up before court.) He even wrote his ruling 30 minutes after court according too the time stamp on the ruling we received immediately from Par Se e-mail. All the entered and stamped evidence was returned to us before we left court he did not keep it to consider his ruling. If he viewed the video in open court he would have to rule in our favor looked like Niagara falls coming thru wall (slight exaggeration.) We made lot of mistakes my professional witness had 40 years experience with drains, walls, bulkheads, pools. He was excellent there witness was degreed had experience commercial buildings only, we discredited him he was not a Geo Engineer, with experience in soils & flooding but on paper he looked better. This is enough getting carried away. Next step appeal to Supreme court of Alabama where most of these cases end up, $ 320.00 filing fee, Have no idea about procedure, evidence & arguments my son in laws Uncle is a Geo Engineer has been published several times is also an attorney. De Ja Vu he reviewed all and said it was a slam dunk. Has offered assistance do not know if any new evidence can be presented or if its oral arguments only. Have a lot to look up. Appeal has to be in 42 days. Also the circuit Clerk is a friend of Sybiles and said we got screwed. Though we did make mistakes. Might look into both Judges conduct on not reviewing video?? Gotta go daughter and #1 son-in-law taking us to Pensacola air Museum and dinner will be a nice diversion.

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