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  1. looking good, Dan! this brings back memories of my MT-01 build. could you explain a bit how you do edge gluing? just in case I'm going to tackle another one. cutting those tabs was driving me nuts back then.
  2. oh great! first Dan, now you... just looking at this log made Bismarck shoot strait to the top of my "to-do-next" list. awesome!!
  3. unbelievable!! I just realized that two hours went in a blink of an eye while looking through this topic. loved the research and history part (spent even more time reading through various articles). also, congrats on being a part of the AMC show! I can't imagine what was it like for you to take a walk on the ship you so painstakingly researched. just wow!
  4. nice clean start, mate! I'm gonna pull me chair as well...
  5. herask

    Hello from Croatia

    hey man, nice to see another fellow countryman around here! good luck with the Endeavour.
  6. this is a joy to look at...
  7. hi, Zach. yep, blender has digital sculpting feature included. I followed a tutorial on modeling a horse and just added wings in the end :-) don't worry, I don't know how to sculpt digitally either. currently having the time of my life with stern carvings... not! the only advice I can give you is try it and then some more again after you smashed your keyboard in frustration. patience and practice I'm afraid... ;-)
  8. unbelievable! the Bismarck crew hasn't even settled in yet, and your Hood already floats. seeing the first row of seats is taken I'll sit on the rum keg over there... :-)
  9. thank you Michael. really glad you like this work, considering it's not a real thing. it does take some effort to do 3d modeling but I don't think it can compare to the real magic you guys do around here. I can look at Amalio's Montanes, for example, and admire his joinery all day long. this is not false modesty when I say my 3D joints aren't as clean as his are. about my next build, I plan on finishing Pandora first, then I'll have to choose from Naiad, Bonhomme Richard, Le Fleuron, French 74-gun ship (strong contender) and (coming late to Idea Party) Bismarck, Yamato or Type XXI U-Boat from AoTS series. I guess I'm covered for years to come, haha! oh boy, there really is no hope for me...
  10. I just couldn't resist. does this mean I'm officially hooked on ship building?

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