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  1. when I thought I saw it all, I came upon your build log. pure wizardry!! here I go wiping saliva off my desk once again. it was pure pleasure to sift through all the pictures. thank you, and keep 'em coming! Denis
  2. on the picture with the tilted table there's a huuuge plan on the wall. is that going to be the size of the beast?! you could put a kid in there!! already drooling here... the last picture, that's an older project or did you put all those pieces together already? Denis
  3. incredible work! love the details! congrats!!
  4. I'm a 3D modeler and all I can say is: WOW! ..... <15 minutes of silence>.....WOW!! I've seen all kinds of wizardry by 3d artists, the modelling, attention to details, patience required... but then I stumbled upon MSW while searching for ship plans and was struck away by the craftsmanship of the people doing scratchbuilds. pure perfection!! for the last 3 weeks I'm literally wiping saliva off my desk while looking at various build logs... and then this again!! great, more saliva... ;-)
  5. you people doing these are all insane!! this is incredible!!! that little thing on your finger... O.o kudos, and good luck with final parts!
  6. I only registered to say... I don't know. this is... this is,... oh man! I was just searching the web for some 17th or 18th century ship plans to make a 3d model (it's been on my ToDo list for a while), and I stumbled upon this forum and this... this... I'm completely and honestly speechless. INCREDIBLE WORK!!!!