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  1. just wanted to inform you guys I will need to put The Pandora on hold for a while. another project came up and for the time being this one's will have to wait... :-( but will definitely continue with it. cheers! Denis
  2. also take a look at this: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-plans-and-research.php -> Drafting Ship Plans in CAD - Wayne Kempson. helped me a lot... ;-)
  3. Dilbert, here's one 3d modeler who's got hooked on ship building. it's been 3 months since I found out about MSW and its awesome community of scale model wizards. even though I've seen a lot of wizardry in CG world I was still floored with what I've seen here. naturally now I'm building my own 3d ship - the hard way, of course! :-D oh, in my case, creating a 3d model is waaay quicker than doing it in wood, sawdusting the neighborhood, chopping off fingers....
  4. more screenshots from UE4...
  5. made some modifications as per druxey's suggestions. indeed, shot locker hatches look better this way. only, now they're bigger. now that I look at it, how did one open them and reach into it for canon balls? (if that's what shot locker stands for?). the hatches are now almost as big as regular doors. fore hold deck beams done as well. need to do those breasthooks (is it called that?) and fore mast step before planking... cheers! Denis
  6. thank you, druxey. you're right, there's not much in plans indicating how the well looks like in detail. but omitting finger holes in limber boards, that's totally on me. I saw that in one of the build logs and forgot about it... will correct it. cheers! Denis
  7. more progress. well with pump holes, some pillars, some lower deck beams for determining hold walls height, main mast and mizen mast steps.... now I saw that I need bolts on doors, duh! also, need to do lantern in magazine, and then I can go onto fore hold deck... feel free to point out any mistakes/omissions you see. cheers! Denis
  8. for now blender hasn't got substance plug-in, but I got shader setup which works just fine with Substance Painter output textures. I love that piece of software...
  9. vossiewolf, thank you for stopping by. right now the scene counts around 600.000 vertices. I didn't plan on being very careful with polycount. in fact, I'll be happy if this thing stays under 15 million polygons. I'm not making a game ready model, but instead trying to see how far I can push this thing. optimization was never on my agenda. that said, I'm not a complete lunatic after all :-D, I'm using modifiers to help save the memory (Blender reports around 450mb right now) with that in mind, I can't really use custom textures. for so many different objects there would be tens of them and memory consumption would again go up. I think I'll stick with materials, and material instances. right now now I'm using just 4 textures and I can change color, roughness value and tiling to simulate another wood or metal material.
  10. thank you guys! Gaetan, I really like the views from the "eye-point" as well. it's something we can't do with scale models. there'll be more of those, for sure. Pat, I don't know yet how I'll do the lighting, especially toward the end. it might happen that the model becomes too heavy for computer to handle the walkthrough. we'll see, I have still a long way to go....
  11. thank you Don. the second set is made using different render program, that's why it looks a bit different. I plan on making the whole ship walk-able, like a virtual tour or something. no concrete plan yet...
  12. making progress in hold area... and some more screenshots from Unreal Engine 4.... starts to feel like walking through the ship ... ;-)) cheers! Denis
  13. I've seen that book mentioned several times across build logs. sadly, this can turn into real expensive hobby real fast. for now I'll manage with what I can find available online... ;-)
  14. lower planking and treenails done. I can start modeling the hold... cheers Denis
  15. hm, I might have circled it wrong. I didn't mean the deadwood knee, that I have. the problem that bugs me is this: my transom frames (the vertical ones) sit flush with the deadwood knee fore edge, and there's nothing to receive the end butts of inner planks that connect at the middle at the deadwood (if that makes sense O.o). you can see on last images how my thick stuff connects to itself instead of some piece of wood or something in the middle, above the keelson. I made a mistake somewhere and don't know where, as I have followed plans that I have. that red circle on the deadwood drawing should show the empty space, like there should be continuation of the keelson toward the top of the deadwood knee... (again, I hope I'm making any sense here)... EDIT: um... is it called STERNSON maybe? EDIT 2: ah yes, it's there on one of the hold arrangement plans, the sternson knee. no clear drawing of it, I'll have to guess the shape. other builds will help though...