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  1. thank you Albert! currently I'm working on a 3D model of HMS Pegasus for Greg and David, so Pandora's on hold until I finish that first. take a look there as well. ;-)
  2. thank you, Amalio! I'm also following your build log. work of art!!
  3. Congratulation on your Superb rendering and construction. Can't wait for the next post Cheers Pete

    1. herask


      thank you, Pete! really having fun with it... for more images you'll have to wait for Greg to post them. I'm sending everything to him... ;-) 




  4. hi all! now that cat's out of the bag I can make an appearance here . David and Greg have contacted me after seeing my work on Pandora and have given me the opportunity to create 3D build log of their swan class ship. it's been an awesome experience and I've learned a lot in these few months. also big thanks to both of them for having patience with my inexperience and oh-my-god-can't-believe-he-just-asked-that questions... Danny, a big thank you is in order for you too. I'm using your build log as one of the references when I get stuck. so it's the other way around, haha! Wayne, as with Pandora I'm using Blender, free modeling tool. unfortunately no drawing and BIM export option, as it's not a CAD program but a general purpose one. my computer is (now ageing) Core i7 4770k paired with Nvidia GTX770. would really like to nail new GTX1080 though. rendering on GPU literally flies but I could use more powerful one now that the model is becoming more complex... also big thx to all of you for nice comments. glad you like the pics ;-)
  5. actually unrelated to Pandora, but I had to share (though probably every one of you have already been there). awesome! and the funniest part, now I know what a lot of parts are and what are they called... LOL!! HMS Victory walkthrough
  6. thx, bava. I had a node setup for PBR textures before. then Andrew Price (blenderguru) came up with his setup, and now there's a native principled shader bundled with latest blender. and that's all what you need for PBR materials. other than that, no special node setup. whichever works, mate... ;-)
  7. Zack, there's a mirror modifier you can use to mirror frames from one side to the other. just make sure that the origin point is in the middle (x or y axis, depending on how you oriented the keel). I've traced the plans with curves, which I have then transformed into meshes, connected the mesh lines and got a hull shell. but, it seems to me (I might be wrong) that you still have to learn the tool before tackling ship modeling. you might wanna try something simpler for starters, follow some hard surface tutorials on YouTube (there's plenty), or even car or archviz ones. what you learn there is going to be enough for ship modeling. good luck and don't get discouraged. blender is really powerful and there's a lot to cover, but once you know the tool all you'll need is time to do everything you'd like to model... ;-D
  8. try this: insert images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4r6nGIsmAc new to sketchup: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF001616C0ADF4245 beginner tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL190C90DCE62242C9
  9. just wanted to inform you guys I will need to put The Pandora on hold for a while. another project came up and for the time being this one's will have to wait... :-( but will definitely continue with it. cheers! Denis
  10. also take a look at this: http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-plans-and-research.php -> Drafting Ship Plans in CAD - Wayne Kempson. helped me a lot... ;-)
  11. Dilbert, here's one 3d modeler who's got hooked on ship building. it's been 3 months since I found out about MSW and its awesome community of scale model wizards. even though I've seen a lot of wizardry in CG world I was still floored with what I've seen here. naturally now I'm building my own 3d ship - the hard way, of course! :-D oh, in my case, creating a 3d model is waaay quicker than doing it in wood, sawdusting the neighborhood, chopping off fingers....
  12. more screenshots from UE4...
  13. made some modifications as per druxey's suggestions. indeed, shot locker hatches look better this way. only, now they're bigger. now that I look at it, how did one open them and reach into it for canon balls? (if that's what shot locker stands for?). the hatches are now almost as big as regular doors. fore hold deck beams done as well. need to do those breasthooks (is it called that?) and fore mast step before planking... cheers! Denis
  14. thank you, druxey. you're right, there's not much in plans indicating how the well looks like in detail. but omitting finger holes in limber boards, that's totally on me. I saw that in one of the build logs and forgot about it... will correct it. cheers! Denis
  15. more progress. well with pump holes, some pillars, some lower deck beams for determining hold walls height, main mast and mizen mast steps.... now I saw that I need bolts on doors, duh! also, need to do lantern in magazine, and then I can go onto fore hold deck... feel free to point out any mistakes/omissions you see. cheers! Denis