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  1. 20170912_091344.jpg

    That carving looks superb, very well done indeed.
  2. 20170911_125240_001.jpg

    Hi Moxis, A very neat build, lovely model.
  3. Hello, I think Ranger had an aluminium mast and may have had a "Park Avenue boom", this sounds like the piece that you are referencing. Cutting the channel for the sail accurately could be approached several ways using a dremel ( or something similar) and routing guide along a straight edge, or using a milling machine to do the same thing. It may be possible to build the mast in sections to automatically include the rebate. I would certainly not hesitate to ask as someone will know how to approach this job, and in my experience, are happy to help fellow model makers. Richard.
  4. Hello Modlerbob Amati also do a 1-35 J-class, Endeavour. Two modellers have done build logs of these that I know of, you would have to look for KeithAug's completed build and JulieMo's partial build. Both offer great info and perspective as well as beautiful workmanship, hope that helps. Richard
  5. 203_1941.jpg

    A beautiful build, very well done. Cheers
  6. Overview deck

    Hello, A very nice build, good job Cheers Richard