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  1. They look stunning, beautiful tools. Richard.
  2. Hello Wefalck, What stunning machine work, ingenuity and very pretty to look at Regards Richard
  3. Hello Michael, What an incredible work of transformation you have achieved on this project, she would make a fine even smaller scale model (one that would fit in my modeling cave). Regards Richard.
  4. I have also limited myself to just one build at a time and no progress on said model for a while. I would possibly do some "small" modeling as an aside which may be a model car or loco or a miniature figure, but not another ship. Cheers Richard
  5. Get well soon Michael, all the best Richard
  6. A beautiful build, very well done. Cheers
  7. A great video, thank you Cheers Richard
  8. Hello Michael, You make highly valid points regarding the cost of bespoke tooling and competitive pricing, however the quality of build and longevity of these would likely out weigh any but the more expensive options on the market. A good small pillar drill will be my first purchase, if I cannot source parts to make one like yourself and KeithAug. An incredibly interesting thread, superb work. Regards Richard
  9. Hello Michael, I like the way this has evolved and you fine tune your design as you proceed. Brilliant work and so pleasing looking. Cheers Richard
  10. Hello and welcome Cheers Richard
  11. Hello, A very nice build, good job Cheers Richard
  12. Hello Dave, Welcome from across the pond. Regards Richard
  13. Hello Scott, Welcome aboard. Cheers Richard
  14. Hello and welcome, and there are many fantastic builds and knowledgeable folk here. All the best Richard
  15. Hello Sterling, Welcome to the forums and happy building. Cheers Richard