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  1. A very nice build, it came out very well. Cheers Richard
  2. Hello Keith, I share your frustration with subjects like wood dye and most things that now have to conform to various laws and regulations, especially Evostick(you could thin it with Acetone) and Nitromoors(useless, you used to be able to strip paint with it.) Great job and I hope you find a suitable replacement for the dye, I don't know of one myself. Cheers Richard
  3. Hello, A very nice build, good job Cheers Richard
  4. Hello Dave, Welcome from across the pond. Regards Richard
  5. Hello Scott, Welcome aboard. Cheers Richard
  6. Hello and welcome, and there are many fantastic builds and knowledgeable folk here. All the best Richard
  7. Hello Sterling, Welcome to the forums and happy building. Cheers Richard
  8. A good choice and sure to make an interesting build. Cheers Richard
  9. Hi HOF, Thank you for such a detailed reply, I think it is a distinct possibility that this will be a kit I will attempt. I will happily call on you for any advice,thanks. I agree about the hemming on the sails and the short fall of 10mm is somewhat worrying although it does not detract from from appearance of your very nicely made model IMO. She is a truly beautiful boat in that video and you have done it justice, a stunning build. Kindest regards Richard.
  10. Hello keith, can't really add higher accolades but it is a delight to see such high standards of work, especially the metal fabrications. You should leave the crutch unpainted in my opinion, prototypically correct or not it is visually very pleasing . Cheers Richard
  11. Until I had seen this thread I hadn't considered making my own but how easy to make without a milling machine etc?. That looks good Keith. Regards Richard
  12. Hello hof00, That looks very nice, especially the joggling on the deck. Do you cut the mahogany center board first or as each plank is laid?. I have been thinking of this boat myself as it is relatively cheap and you show what a nice model can be made from it, it's lovely. Regards Richard P.Sis it largely the weight of material of the sails(scale wise) that you find unsatisfactory or more than that?.
  13. Very impressive, looks much better than anything I have seen commercially. I have been looking at the proxxon ones and they simply don't compare. Regards Richard
  14. Lovely work, inspiring and educational. Cheers Richard
  15. Meticulous detail, ingenuity at its best. Repairing and restoring models is more difficult by far, In IMHO than first building. Inspiring work to see. Cheers Richard.