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  1. Any possible issues if i double planked the deck? Had a rough time with the afterdeck. I'm trying split the 5mm planks in half but it is a devil of task getting an even cut. The grain often works against the blade despite the straightedge. I may have to rig up a device to solve this. Are the deck planks made from the darker wood or is that stain what makes the pale planks dark?
  2. Going to start planking the deck. A bit confused about what to do with the waterways. Am i Laying them prior to the deck then planking along it?
  3. Had some rough bits but after sanding the hull they laid down and behaved. The hard curve at the stern where it meets the keel was the worst offender (I'm scapegoating the boat, how sad) but even my fillers looked okay afterwards. I still need to putty the gaps, but this is the sanded hull. Any other issues I can see where the keel and hull meet near are probably going to 'go away' when I add the rest of the keel. If not, I'll figure it out then. Maybe some gaps will be able to be fixed with putty or a filler piece. I've gotten a lot better at making those! A trick I never got to try out was using a kneaded eraser (or comparable material: silly putty) to take the shape of a gap and then use the raised area as a stamp. Apply a bit of paint to it and pressed it gently against the wood. Then cut it out, or sand it out with a dremel. Wish I had access to the stuff dentists use to make tooth impressions. Hopefully the next model won't present with so many newbie issues. On with the pictures:
  4. Dave, I have the practicum as well as some more direct help from John Earl himself! I know about where Ft. Sill is. Yeah, it would be prone to tornadoes. I've been through too many to count. lol. Thanks for the warm welcome, gang!
  5. Making progress. Have a couple more planks to lay on either side. At this point I am looking at needing stealers. Love that word.
  6. Okay let's hope this is how it is supposed to look. Haven't trimmed the bow-ward part of the starboard plank.
  7. Thanks, Glenn, that helps a lot. Clears up some cobwebs in my brain!
  8. Oooooh... okay. Yeah I see that now. Thanks very much, Doug. I did try to read other build logs, but never saw a pic that really illustrated that particular point. So I'll be sure mine has it documented. Gotta think of the other people building this particular kit.
  9. Okay here is wht I'm confused about. These pics are two ways to place it... which, if any, is correct? against a bulkhead... flat against the keel... this is the goal?
  10. I'm a bit unclear on how the next plank should be placed. The practicum reads "...place a full-width plank all along the edge of the keel." The arrow is where the first plank is laid, yes? Seems obvious now that I've drawn it out. Call it a map. lol. Onward and upward! Hmm. Yeah, i need some help here. Looking at it and placing a plank dry against the bulkheads by the keel isn't looking good. If inplace it right against the keel it poke over the edge.
  11. In my defense i was a bit sleep deprived. But i figured it out, read and reread. Looks like five planks will reach the batten. A bit shy of it on 7 but, i hope, close enough. I'm getting better at trimming planks. Will post a pic soon. planking is a fairly meticulous process. I find i lose myself in it. Except when I m muttering under my breath after breaking a plank. I tend to double and triple check my measurements, but am trying to not go so far as descent into second guessing every move. great advice all around, folks. Much appreciated!
  12. Am right In thinking the planks going to the second batten are all about 4mm wide at the 7-13? I did the calculations but i don't trust my brain tight now. I am seeing that some planks near the bow are basically going to be sheared as they run out of room... hitting the keel. That plank you were talkng about, John, is relatively the same size as the others. There are discrepancies but they seemed to even out.. lol.
  13. Okay, that worked. Still a bit of discrepancy at the batten on both sides. We'll see how it goes.
  14. Okay. Great idea! I shall check those and reposition the batten if the measure is wrong.