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  1. Many thanks to all of you for this warm welcome. I will try to post my current work on La Reine as soon as possible; I just need some time to read how to proceed with pictures. Have a nice day.
  2. Good evening everyone, A few weeks after my inscription on ModelShipWorld, the time has come to present myself. My name is Cédric Liégeois and I’m a belgian modeler, 48 years old, working in civilian engineering area and, when I’m not busy with building sites, principally connected to the XVII century ships of the line and even earlier, I spend a lot of time building battleships ; in fact I still have a number of 1/350 kits just waiting to be built. After a long break (children and so on) I came back to the hobby a few years ago after spending a holiday near Rochefort, France, where the replica ship l’Hermione was under construction. That gave me the impulse to come back to a long - forgotten project concerning le Soleil Royal of Heller. This project, owing to certain specific developments, has now evolved in a somewhat different direction. I have decided to attempt a conversion of the Heller kit into La Reine of 1668. This ship, altough dimensionally somewhat smaller than Le Soleil Royal in lenght and breadth, was constructed in the same shipyard (Brest) by the same master carpenter (Laurent Hubac). Currently, my progress on this model can be viewed on the French modeling forum La Royale Modelisme.net That’s how I met Hubac’s Historian, who’s current WIP on Le Soleil Royal lead us to exchange informations and our correspondence gave me the courage to translate my work in English. Marc is helping me with translation, I’m really not fluent and the imperial system of measures that most of you are using is quite a nightmare for me. As soon as possible, I will start my own building log on MSW, I’m looking forward to you comments and help. Have a nice day. Cédric