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  1. I moved this log to Blogger. The reason is, as I found from my previous builds, is that going from pictures on my phone to computer is an annoyance (why I stopped doing a log last time). Using the phone for updates, another annoyance. I have an old Android that I can use for blogging and pictures. The log is at: https://hermionelafayette.blogspot.com/
  2. Started to glue on the bulkheads. Some have no wiggle, some have a few mm wiggle, none are too tall, a few sit about 0.5 to almost 1 mm low. Did some shimming on those to get at deck level. At the aft end, there is just a slight misalignment of the false keel near the last bulkhead, but does not seem like will impact the overall build. framing up Slight misalignment.
  3. Thanks, I read both your logs before setteling on this ship.
  4. The idea of Lego's is from MSW! I will probabaly supplement using what I read in Mastini--making the center of the slots on 2 lengths of scrap, and then pin the scrap on to the bulkheads. I am a bit worried about all the play in the bulkheads, so being a bit metilicous.
  5. Glued the keel together, no issues except I have a piece of scrap I have been saving for such a purpose and didn't get to use:) Fitting up the bulkheads, and decks to start checking alignments. Some of the bulkheads have quite a bit of play, so getting them centered and square before filling and gluing. Made the keel holder out of scrap I have from some shelves I made a few years back--it is nice and flat.
  6. Note, I moved my build log to blogger: https://hermionelafayette.blogspot.com/ I chose this kit for a few reasons. First, I like the French ships. Second (and perhaps most important) my wife like how it looks. Third, I was on the Lafayette class of boats, so that was part of the decision, sea stories of use-ta-fish are always fun. Even though the original Hermione meet her fate grounding, she did participate in some naval battles and did bring Lafayette to the colonies during the revolution. I am a bit particular with inventory and sorting, so I spent the better part of the weekend going though the kit. Right off the bat--I am no fan of anything on a DVD, Blue-Ray, Thumb Drive, and so on that requires me to make it--I want paper to spill coffee on, write on, lose and have to find, and so on. The kit did come with the full size plans only (on the wall, pic below), but all other documents are on the DVD. Back to my inventory habit, the inventory was not a list, but pictures on a blue background. While it was only 17 pages, I would have preferred a printed inventory with a list and pictures. I am ok with no paper build manual, I don't keep my computer at my work bench, and I would not say that I follow the build directions 100%. The paint colors are on the website, and I do plan on painting. Sail quality are like my my last kit, but I am going though my mind if I want to furl, or just no sails. A few quirks in the inventory. The capstan or support ribs are wrong size, no big deal to make new ribs. Real picky is that 2 rolls of the black thread is listed at 0.75 but supplied at 0.80--perhaps I should mention that I worked in QA to help pay for my drinking habit while going through college. There was no quantity for the decking (part 17, 110 was my count) and part 167 (3 pieces). This seems to be the new version of the kit based on reading others logs. I hope to start construction tonight. Index To Points of Interest Note that index will be updated as the build proceeds. Hull Keel Bulkheads Topside Rigging
  7. Hello all, I am getting back into the hobby after a 20+ year break. Just finished up a build of the Virginia, and waiting on delivery of the Hermione Lafayette. Picture of clean workbench, well at least for a few days. Mike

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