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  1. Welcome to the group. I am new, too, and am still exploring the amazing assets available to members.
  2. Welcome aboard, Scott. I started modeling years ago and, life being what it is, have been on and off several times. Now re-starting Constellation. Thank you for your service in the desert. I did three years the Corps, one year in RVN. Miles
  3. Allow me to introduce myself: Miles Davis, Seminole, Alabama, age 71, sometimes grumpy but not often, and never online. I found LSS in the early 2000's, purchased his practica for the Armed Virginia Sloop (I took the liberty of naming her "Liberty"), Constitution and Rattlesnake, I finished the sloop, got through the first three chapters of Constitution, and then the Fair American arrived (kit #5). Off with the Conny and onto the Fair American. I finished her some time in the mid-2000's and then my life went all a-hoo. More work, family deaths and illnesses, multiple surgeries on my dear long-suffering wife, Linda, moving to Huntsville, moving back home, more blah blah. As Linda puts it, sometimes life interferes with living. I am now ten days post-lumbar laminectomy surgery but recovering well, although still somewhat weak. So while bedridden, I started reading (for the third time) Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin novels, and have re-entered the age of sailing ships, and there it was--a re-kindled desire to get on with the Constitution. I have everything I need, I think, including a ten year old unopened bottle of Wellbond glue, hopefully not hardened. I say I have everything, but am not sure where everything is, but that will be worked out. I do have the entire printed practicum in three-ring binders. I doubt I will ever build the Rattlesnake, but who knows? When I'm feeling stronger I'll post photos of my completed ships. I went the the LSS website, but everything seems old, like 2015. I don't know what happened. I never met Bob but considered him a friend at distance, a fellow Vietnam Vet. I sent him a note at his old email address but it came back undelivered. I hope he's OK. Anyway, glad to join you good people and back to the Constitution! Miles Davis Co. "K", Third Battalion, Ninth Marines, 1968-69 Semper Fi Brothers