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  1. Hello from Ohio

    Hello, Mark.Oregon is a far piece from Dayton. when ya moving back? We could use some more experience locally.
  2. Hello from Ohio

    Hey, Bob. Welcome from Dayton. Don't be discouraged about your efforts. This is a relaxing, learning hobby where there are lots of great supporters and is a rewarding creative outlet for us all. Please share your progress and use the extensive forums for helpful advice. What part of Ohio are Ya from? Only 2 of us in Dayton to my knowledge. But a big group of members in Columbus. Welcome again.
  3. 20170526_095034.jpg

    Love the detail It moves your ship from "model" to a snapshot of the past
  4. IMG_20170531_071633.jpg

    Nicely crafted!
  5. 0.jpg

    Excellent weathering. Beautiful ship
  6. Boxboats

    Ships with some element of character that appeals to me