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  1. Nice work Antony. BTW what did you use for the tree nails? Cheers...........Fernando
  2. Welcome back to the shipyard! Glad to see some more progress on the build which is looking really nice. If you get a chance give us a photo of your WW2 diorama....sounds interesting. Cheers.............Fernando
  3. Very impressive work Antony. Looking forward to some more updates. Cheers............Fernando
  4. Hi Rod The case sets off the Endeavour beautifully. Congratulations again on a great build! Cheers.............Fernando
  5. Nice planking job Tom! Cheers.........Fernando
  6. Looking good Blacky! Cheers.............Fernando
  7. Hi James.....have already forgiven the animals so am getting on with the new build. Will hopefully be posting some pics over the coming weeks. Cheers.......Fernando
  8. Hi Tom I was also concerned about the planks and did glue them (not a lot of glue but just enough to hold them in place). Once the second planking is in place there is more than enough strength to keep it all together. Cheers.........Fernando
  9. Fernando E

    Greetings from Wollongong Australia

    Hi Paolo and welcome from faraway North Sydney πŸ˜€. It's a great site and you will find plenty of enthusiastic modellers ready to help when you need it. Cheers...... Fernando 🍻
  10. Welcome aboard Dave. It may be a while before I send updates but hang in there! Cheers..............Fernando
  11. Update on a disaster at the shipyard....after a break from modelling due to work commitments and Christmas holidays I arrived back home to find that a fight between the dog and the cat and the subsequent dropping of the model from a first floor balcony, my build was, to say the least, unable to be salvaged . In disgust I threw the lot in the bin and sulked for a while before I ordered replacement parts (I was able to salvage some of the parts and all of the deck furniture yet to be built). Long story short, I will start on the Perseverance again but unless something crops up during the initial stages will not post any new pics until I start again on the second layer of planking Here are a couple of shots of where I was at before the disaster... I still can't believe it has happened but the moral to the story is to either get rid of the dog and cat (highly unlikely as we are pet lovers) or just keep the workshop under lock and key and put away all the work in s safe spot before heading off anywhere! Cheers..............Fernando
  12. Hi Tom, slow and steady is the way to go on this model. This was my fourth build and the hardest as far as planking was concerned....don't know why but I really had to work hard to make it work. Cheers...........Fernando
  13. Hi Dave....beautiful work as usual! Cheers..............Fernando
  14. Hi James Looking good. I wish I had done it on my model as it looks more in keeping with what it was likely to look like. Cheers.........Fernando PS Have a great 2019!

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