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  1. Hi Antony, great start to the build. You mentioned that you will be using many types of wood....what are you thinking of using? Cheers...... Fernando­čŹ╗
  2. Fernando E

    Hello from te sunny Spain

    Hola and a warm welcome from another shipmate from "down under". Cheers..................Fernando
  3. Hi James, I fitted it before the second planking and, as Rick suggests, the planking fits up nicely to the keel and the stem post. Nice finish on the first layer of planking. Cheers............Fernando
  4. Hi Dave Your build is coming along very nicely. I also like the two jigs you have built for the deck planking...very useful and one I will use on future builds. Cheers...............Fernando
  5. Hi James Looks a good first layer to me....once sanded it will look totally different and a good base for the second layer. Cheers.............Fernando
  6. Hello Antony I've got a front row seat and look forward to the "monster build"! Cheers...........Fernando
  7. Hi Daniel Looks like I'll be following along as am keen to build this (after the Endeavour build which comes after my Perseverance build!!) Like Antony my Environmental Scientist daughter has asked that this kit be on my to do list. She has had an interest in the works of Charles Darwin so it makes sense she gets a model of the Beagle. I'm right next to Antony on the front row watching with interest. Cheers............Fernando
  8. Hello Vinnie and welcome back. She's coming along very nicely indeed. I've never done a weaved mouse before but yours looked pretty good to me. I'm no doubt going to get some lots of practice when I start my Endeavour build some time in the new year. Cheers...............Fernando
  9. Fernando E

    New member

    Welcome aboard the Dave. Cheers....... Fernando­čŹ╗
  10. Hi Antony.....look forward to seeing some more of your work....and photos of the "new man cave" Cheers..... Fernando ­čŹ╗
  11. Hi Rod Looking really nice and am looking forward to more updates. Cheers..............Fernando
  12. Hi James....your planking is coming along nicely. As to using a hand plane and a vise....I started doing that and, like you, ended up with some very jagged edges so went the hobby knife and a steel ruler. It worked just as well as the wood for the first layer of planking is soft and easy to cut with a sharp blade. Don't worry too much about how the first layer of planking looks like as it will be sanded down, wood filler added where needed and will be covered by the second layer of planking The transom area can be a bit messy but once the first layer of planking is finished and sanded it does come up nicely! Looking forward to further updates. Cheers..............Fernando
  13. Latest instalment... The first layer of planking has been completed and although not pretty , after some wood filler and a bit of sanding the hull has come up very nicely. Surprisingly not too much filler was needed. I had originally thought that the tuck of the transom would need a bit of plank bending and a number of them did split when putting them on. It's either the wood supplied or most likely the model maker! A few photos of the current status of the build.... I've also started on one of the "jolly" boats which will be placed on the deck of the Perseverance as a break from planking. Putting it together is very straightforward , so no issues here other than cutting out the pieces as they have not been laser cut.The boat has been dry fitted at this stage as I will want to put some planking on all but the hull as this will be painted white. I will be starting on the deck planking next so will follow up with progress in the next few days. Cheers............Fernando
  14. Hello James, I'm keen to follow this build as it was my first "real build " of as POB kit a couple of years back. Reading your build log made me think of a number of similar issues you are now facing with the Mermaid. Saying that, after six months of solid trial and error I finished it and was pretty happy with the results. I'm not sure how accurate the model is to the real thing (I don't think anyone does) but it does look good finished and sits on a shelf in my grandsons bedroom where hopefully in years to come he will appreciate the handiwork of his grandad (he is only 8 months so his parents are keeping it pot of harms way!) Enjoy the build as over time you'll get to see the model come together........in the meantime keep up with your build log and, like Chook, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Cheers..............Fernando

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