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  1. Fernando E

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Stunning workmanship! Cheers..........Fernando
  2. Another update. Started on the first layer of planking and so far so good. No real issue but then again have not yet done the curves in the tuck of the transom. You can see that the plywood on the bulkheads were really starting to fall apart....very annoying but at least they will be hidden under two layers of planking. If time permits I hope to move quickly on finishing the first layer so that I can "enjoy " putting on the second layer then move on to the more enjoyable deck furniture! More to follow soon (hopefully!) Cheers...........Fernando
  3. Next update.....a bit overdue! I've now put in the fillers which sit in the tuck of the transom. This took me a while to get right as the different shapes of the fillers needed a bit of sanding. After some time I am now happy with how it looks, although having to get the first layer of planking to fit around these curves is going to be interesting! I'm making a start on the first layer of planking later today and hope to post a couple of early pictures in the not too distant future. Cheers................Fernando
  4. Welcome to this site from another shipmate from downunder. Cheers...... Fernando 🍻
  5. Hello Jason, I won't take any credit for how I inserted the window.......it was a pure fluke on my part.! I went to my Norfolk Build page, copied the URL (the address ) at the top of the page then "pasted it on this thread and magically the window appeared 😎 . I've done it for my Santa Lucia Build (see below) and it works a treat! Cheers............Fernando
  6. Hi Rod I was planning to do the Endeavour but thought I would practice one more time on another build before I tackle the biggie! The Perseverance is only my fifth build, the first two were relatively straight forward and my third build was my first attempt at a bluff bow....the Norfolk, which was also my first build I put on this site (see below) As to current and past builds on my signature I did try to put it on some time ago but could not find out how to do it. Will give it a go again later today....I must admit that computers are not my forte! Cheers..............Fernando
  7. Many thanks for your kind comments Rod....very much appreciated. I actually started the model back in early January (or should I say pulling it apart back then as it was my twin brother who started it some 25 years ago but realised it was way to difficult for him as a beginner. He gave me the kit to "sort out" and I gave it back as a birthday present!). I am semi retired and luckily had a bit of spare time to spend on it before I headed off overseas in July, hence why it was a relatively(!) quick build. I think you would find it a quick build as well after seeing what you are doing on the Endeavour. 😊 As far as I'm aware Mantua/Panart still makes the kit. Last time I looked (some months ago) a kit was for sale on e-bay. Cheers..........Fernando
  8. Hi Rod, your Endeavour is coming along very nicely. I don't envy your next chore....950 clove hitches Cheers..............Fernando
  9. Fernando E

    By way of introduction

    Welcome aboard from another shipmate from downunder. Cheers........ Fernando 🍻
  10. First update on how the build is coming along. The false keel had a very slight bow to it but no real issue as this would be fixed once I built a simple jig to straighten it out once the bulkhead frames are in place. One good thing with this kit is that there are marks on both the bulkhead frames and the false keel keel to ensure that they are at least correctly placed (third photo below). This is where the first problem arose.... bulkhead frame 4 was way too short on the port side. The starboard side fitted in perfectly once I dry fitted the false deck (to make sure if this was an issue for any other bulkhead frames) but the port side was about 1.2 mm out!. As this will be covered by two layers of planking I was not too concerned (just a bit annoyed ) as I could put layers of spare deck planking to pack the the frame out. I'll pass on this issue to Modellers Shipyard so that they can look at this for any future kits. Once all the bulkhead frames were square with the false keel these were glued into place then the false keel was also glued on. Overall not a difficult process (other than the short bulkhead frame!) Once the glue dried it was time to start the fairing of the bulkheads as well as packing out bulkhead 4. Another issue then arose in that the ply used was starting to fall apart when fairing. Again not happy with this but will continue with it and hopefully will not look too bad once finished...glad it will be covered by two layers of planking! More to come.... Cheers.............Fernando
  11. Dave...... you've already got me hooked on your next project 😋 if it's as good as your Endeavour (and I have no doubt it will be) I'm already booked in for a front row seat! Cheers..... Fernando 🍻
  12. A couple more pics.... Cheers..........Fernando Lower deck area... Upper deck looking forward towards the wheelhouse
  13. Hi Vinnie Had another day on the Kanangra Ferry today and here are a couple of photos to show you where we are at. As you can see there is still a lot of restoration work to be done on it (and we haven't even started on the engines yet). At least it will keep me occupied well into retirement! Cheers...............Fernando

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