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  1. Hi I have used a pin pusher for the first planking, mainly to hold them in place while the glue dries. Trying to move away from this with clamps but still find it useful. Usually only push them halfway in and once the glue is dry remove with pliers. Need to add my signature but not great with technology even though that is the basis of my job. Building the HMS Surprise and some of the pictures show the pin holes and some of the pins in place. Waitoa
  2. Hi Posted some photos on my build log, sorry my skills are not the best but hope it shows how I am approaching this. Waitoa
  3. Hi Currently at this point in my build. Ditched the metal brackets for gun ports and boxing them myself. Lots more work but think it looks better. Also not putting on the top deck and transom until I have finished the second planking on the outside. Keen to finish and paint this so I can install the guns first. Did post some progress pictures a few weeks ago and can put some more on if it helps. Waitoa
  4. Hi At the request of my son I am going to try to crew the HMS Surprise I am building. Had locating anything but found a company that does 20 mm war gaming naval Napoleonics. At 20 mm that should roughly be around 1/87. Not convinced that the look quite right for the size of the build but the figures themselves are pretty well made and have posted some. Web site http://newlinedesigns.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=410_415_428
  5. Hi I am building the Mamoli HMS Surprise and have started a build log. From what I understand it is their earlier model La Glorie with a few changes so it is not that close to the historical Surprise or that in the movie. That being said so far it has been fun to build. I think for the price and size it is a good buy and from some of the photos that are on the Web you can get an excellent result. The general quality of the materials look good and the plans are pretty comprehensive. They are hard to follow in some parts so if you do go ahead it pays to read them three to four times before cutting things as I have made one or two mistakes already that I could have avoided. Hope that this is helpful as long as you get enjoyment out of the build that for me is the main thing. James