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  1. Matle, Thank You. Your reply is very much in line with other replies I have received on other sites. I agree that it is probably a RN WA scheme with very fresh paint. I would like to find another example of this particular pattern. Jonathan
  2. I am looking to identify the camouflage measure shown here on the USS Fury, PG-69, a Temptress class patrol gunboat, formerly a Flower class corvette, at the time of her transfer from the RN to the USN in 1942. While is appears to be a variation of USN MS 33, the time frame of the photo is too early. I wonder if this is an Admiralty pattern freshly painted. Several MS 33 variations were very similar, but again, came later. I am also interested in the actual colors used in the measure. Thank You
  3. Maryland Silver Company lists a set of plans for her here: