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  1. Hello from Spain

    Nice work Angel! Love the viking ship. Was it a kit or scratch build. I hope to scratch build one of those some day...
  2. New to this forum

    Are you saying the kit is 77 years old? That should be interesting. Who made the kit (if you don't mind me asking)? The USS Constitution has always been a favorite ship of mine. With any luck I'll get to visit her next year. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm also a big fan of PotC. It's actually pretty hard to find a decent looking wooden Black Pearl kit. Amati makes one, but I wasn't too happy with the way it looked. I've changed a lot of the Black Pearl Kit I'm working on now simply because I didn't like the manufacturers design. I'm really pleased with the way it's turning out so far, since this is may first wooden POB build. Most importantly so is my wife. When I told her I was thinking picking up ship building, that's what she wanted. I of course wanted the Connie. I'm actually glad my wife was so insistent on The Black Pearl. I wanted to start into this hobby a few years back but it was real hard to find a wooden Black Pearl Kit. Revell has a plastic kit, but I've already done a plastic version of the Constitution. I wanted my next build to be a wooden kit. Then, earlier this year my mother passed away. After the funeral we got to talking about my Connie that Mom wouldn't let me take out of the house. That's when I decide this would be the year to get back into it and as a tribute to my mother, I would build the Connie again, this time in wood. I finally found a Black Pearl kit i thought was decent and found the Connie on sale. I got my wife to agree to let me do both. I can only hope my Connie turns out as good as some of the ones I've seen on here.
  3. New to this forum

    Thanks Kurt!
  4. New to this forum

    Ed,, I sent you a PM. Will gladly PM anyone interested on who NOT to buy from
  5. New to this forum

    Ed, I thought Chuck had written something up about which pirated companies are not allowed on this site, but I can't seem to find the post. Maybe Chuck can help out. It's from a company out of China. What that experience has taught me was to do a little more research on kits before considering the purchase. There's some folks out there that say this particular kit is not pirated but the fact that this company does pirating is enough for me not to do business with them again. I believe one of Chucks very own plans were pirated by this company.
  6. New to this forum

    Hi all, my name is Art, coming to you from Kentucky, USA. I'm originally form Arizona where I built what seems to be a right of passage, the REVELL 1:96 USS Constitution. That was quite some time back in my high school days. My mother would not let me take that ship from her house when I moved out (which was back in 1980). Unfortunately that ship did not survive my young nephew.. After my mother's passing, I decided I would get back into the hobby. I am currently working on the Black Pearl, I won't mention manufacturer, most of you know why. Wish I had found this site before that purchase, but it is what it is. Instructions are pretty bad, a lot of errors on the rigging, etc., but it's coming alone just fine with a few modifications. It's been a fun build and I am looking forward to finishing it soon. I've have the MS2040 USS Constitution on deck and will start it once I complete the Black Pearl for my wife. Looking forward to borrowing a few ideas from some very talented Connie builders like xken, usetosail, geoff matson, modeler12, captainsteve & jsgerson just to name a few. Great forum, so much information between here and NRG. Glad I stumbled upon it, so much stuff still to learn...

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