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  1. What have you received today?

    Thanks Ken, Art, We got him when the previous owner couldn't look after him anymore due to some personal changes. They were pretty devastated having to let him go. It's a good sign to know he was well loved when he spends a full day staring at the door waiting to be picked up. I think the main training will be necessary for the choc lab, who is used to getting ALL the attention and doesn't get that whole sharing thing yet . Looks like I'm having 2 dogs at my feet when working on the boat in the shed....
  2. What have you received today?

    Meet Jack, our new black lab. Picked him up yesterday. We already have a chocolate lab called 'Django', who now has someone to play with.....
  3. Just like in school!

    Just my 2 cents worth. 1. Buy a ship you really like the look of. 2. Buy a beginners Mamoli kit so you get used the Mamoli way of doing things (not sure about this one...) 3. Make sure it has a lot of the tasks that are repeated in the Victory, so include basic planking (no solid hull), it has a few gun assemblies, only one mast with full rigging, etc. 4. Create a log so you can get a lot of help and it keeps you motivated (at least it does for me). 5. Keep plugging away...and plugging away....and... Mind you, reading your post again you seem to have been modelling for many years including wood, so you might not be that far off giving the Victory a go.
  4. The wisdom of buying expensive tools when you’re old...

    You are asking fellow modellers if you are right buying a nice tool AND you can afford it.... Mmmm, I wonder what the responses will be like.....
  5. Wood Quality in old kits

    Thanks John, Thunder & Jaager, I have decided to run with it and see how I go when I build it. I don't think the plywood is that critical because there is not much bending involved and the wood for planking can be replaced if needed. The question was more intended to find out if there were any visual indicators that the wood had deteriorated. Bending and breaking is a good test but not a good strategy if the kit was meant to be returned for a full refund. Everything that was originally sealed was still sealed and the plywood didn't look that bad. Maybe I overreacted a bit when opening the box after expecting a (near) new kit. Well..., lesson learned and I definitely think twice before jumping too quick onto EBay again....
  6. Wood Quality in old kits

    Thanks grsjax, I was afraid it was a bit of an open ended question. I was looking for an easy way of testing it out prior to finding out when I get around building it. Or if all dry and brittle wood can be somehow recovered by soaking it. Although the question probably falls under the "how long is a piece of string" category
  7. Wood Quality in old kits

    Just looking for some advice here. I purchased a kit on Ebay that was advertised as "New & Unopened". When I received it the rubber bands holding the wood strips had disintegrated and at some point had melted and were stuck onto the strips. Tracing the serial number with the supplier it turned out the kit was manufactured in 2005. The question is; Is there a way to tell if the wood in the kit is still good to be used. Can it be dried out in storage to the point it has become unuseable. Cheers, Peter
  8. Just a quick question for the administrators. My Gallery photo's are up there for over a week now. I expected them to be there for only a few days at most. Is it my job to remove them or do they get bumped off when someone posts a new set. I don't want to take up the space while someone else is waiting in line....
  9. SF Gallery 2.jpg

    Thanks Osmosis, I enjoyed building it and would definitely recommend it. Cheers, Peter
  10. SF Gallery 3.jpg

    Thanks Patrick.
  11. SF Gallery 1.jpg

    Thanks Nils.
  12. SF Gallery 4.jpg

    Thanks Ragove & Jesse, The admiral was skeptical when I bought it but grew to liking it more & more as I Progressed. It was a great one to built. Jesse, I have been following the build of your Syren as I started building it myself and am impressed of your skills. I've got my work cut out for me trying to reach those heights....
  13. Mmm, lets see. 6 feet would be 1830mm. Divide that by 60 make the little fella 30.5mm
  14. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Thanks Shawn, Yep, it's a great forum isn't it. The beginners kits were a bit of a challenge at times for me as well. I also rushed them a bit and paid the price. The familiar path of two steps forward, one step back. But I managed to repair the bits I broke and I can live with the area's I could have done better. I am rigging the San Fransisco cross section at the moment and it is throwing up some challenges. It is my first exposure to some reasonably complex rigging so I am taking my time to get it right. (I tried to get done what I wanted to get done over the weekend, rushed it, and consequently cut an extra line already glued in place....DOH!! - another lesson learned). I also promised myself not to start the Syren before I finish the SF. There is also one of those nasty things called "Holiday" on the horizon, those things really slow your modelling down. So my gut feel is that I will start the Syren log in around 2 months. Can't wait though...