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  1. Peter Bloemendaal

    Pet Peeves

    I have many pet peeves. If I would audition for the next installment of "Grumpy Old Men" I wouldn't make it because I would be over qualified and depress people watching it...lol One of them is the insane level of advertising. It's impossible to watch any type of TV without being interrupted with people in your face telling you how to get rid of your money. That's why I love modelling that much. No TV in the shed!!!
  2. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks for all the likes again. Just a bit of progress on the long boat (I used some black heat shrink for the Gudgeons). Still have to add the knees on the Thwarts and figure out how to make the iron step on the bowsprit. I am also not 100% happy with the windlass yet and may give that one another go. But in general I'm pretty happy how she looks... The two last photo's were made after dark in the shed so the colour is a bit all over the place.
  3. Great looking model Jessie. I'm slowly moving closer to the rigging stage on my model and I am keeping a close eye on your progress. Looks like I have some challenges ahead of me. Keep showing me the way... Peter.
  4. Peter Bloemendaal

    Long time modeler but new to ships

    Reading your introduction you didn't just paint those figures, you made them as well. They are absolutely great. In my humble opinion, if you are capable of that, don't worry about a beginners kit. Jump straight into a more complex one to your liking. Just make sure you get one with decent instructions to help you out understand the different processes. Just my 2 cents. Cheers, Peter
  5. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks Jim, Great pick up Keith, I remember being so concentrated on the ropes meeting in the middle under the drum so I can glue them there that I must have automatically assumed they start under the drum as well...DOH. Never hesitate pointing out any mistakes, I'm here to learn as well as having fun and as you said it also gives me an opportunity to fix before it gets harder. My first reaction was, nah.. nobody will notice. But the more I thought about it, it changed to " But I will notice every time I look at it". So I will give it a try fixing it. I'll finish the long boat first though, it's that multitasking thing again.....lol Cheers,
  6. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Well, I said the netting will be next. The plan was to make a start on the long boat while doing the netting. As mentioned before I suck at multitasking. So once I started the longboat, the netting had no chance and will have to wait.....lol. I think I spent a good 8 hours sanding the inside and out before I got cold feet and didn't go any thinner. I'm sure I probably could go thinner but when I felt it starting to flex and crack a bit while sanding, I was happy to stop. I applied some creative ways to bend the frames prior to gluing them in. It's a fun little project but takes just as much care as the big ship. Can't let your guard down or rush it.... I also forgot to dry fit the laser cut keel prior to sanding the hull so had to make a new one once I realised to do that and found out it didn't fit... Here are some photo's (not everything is glued on yet).
  7. Peter Bloemendaal

    Shipwreck and picnic

    The thing I find odd on the photo. There seems to be plenty of wind in those sails. Yet the ocean is as flat as a tack. I expected to see at least some sort of waves...
  8. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks Eric, Yours in coming along quite nicely too. I like your work. Only 500 hours or so to go to get to this point....lol. But who is counting when you are having fun.... Peter
  9. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks again for all the likes 🙂 A bit more progress, this time on the cap rail details. I have added the stern davits, timber heads, inboard stairs and hammock cranes. The netting will be next. I was so programmed to grabbing the model using the cap rail that it took 3 bend hammock cranes before this old brain switched on and figured out a new way of handling the model....lol I let the photo's do the talking again.
  10. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Well, ready for the next set of photo's. Chapter 13 is almost finished. The bowsprit bits isn't glued in yet, but I guess it's ok for the photo's while it's in it's position drying. My main problems have been in getting a consistent finished timber look. I have been using a sanding sealer prior to applying a wood stain with a clear matt varnish over the top. The effects on the wood strips, the dowels and the laser cut sheets have been quite different and a challenge to say the least. In the end I just capitulated and will be (hopefully) ending up with a nice looking weathered ship rather than a new one....lol Still enjoying the journey though. Here are the photo's, starting with my use of a poor mans lathe.
  11. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks Al and Christos and also thanks for the likes. A few more photos with some progress. The first photo's are a mix with the kit supplied 1.2mm cannon balls and the 2mm balls I purchased. Surprisingly the smaller ones have won out (so far). The larger balls just look way too big compared to the carronades. They are not glued in yet so I can still change my mind. To say that the top fife rails are fragile is giving them too much credit. I broke both the top and bottom by gently trying to take the char off. I salvaged them because they broke at different places so I could still glue them together. The pump is also in progress. I had a bugger of a time deciding on the paint for the ships wheel. I just couldn't find the right wood colour. In the end I listened to the Admiral (again....sigh) and painted it with a metallic gold enamel paint, black acrylic to paint the iron rings and matt oil based varnish over the lot. I can already see some paint experts shaking their heads in disbelief but hey, I think it did the trick...lol Here are the photo's
  12. Looking Great Jesse. Peter.
  13. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Just sharing some more photos of the fun I'm having with the deck fittings. I've finished the capstan and the binnacle (no handles yet..). I'm pleased with the binnacle which turned out pretty good (but I'm biased... I made it....). The ladder for the companionway is in and the companionway itself is in progress. The doors need to clear the cannon balls so I will need to make my mind up choosing the smaller or bigger ones. I'm leaning towards the bigger ones. They are in the mail today so I'll make up a strip soon. I also dry fitted the ships wheel. So far so good. Peter
  14. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Thanks Christos, the Hermione was on my shortlist before I decided on building the Syren so I have been admiring your work quietly on the background as well. Also thanks all for the likes. A little bit more progress on the Syren. I finished the rigging on the long guns, the tiller (not glued yet) and some of the hatches. I had a bugger of a time getting the colours of the hatches right as I wanted to make them just a tad darker to create some contrast. I did a sample strip with the cannon balls provided in the kit but found them a bit on the small side. I ordered a batch of 2mm cannon balls on line and will make a second strip to compare how they look. Murphy's law will probably prove that the right size will be in the middle...lol. Just a few photo's this time. Cheers,
  15. Peter Bloemendaal

    US Brig Syren by Peter Bloemendaal - Model Shipways - 1:64

    Well, I managed to get through the carronade rigging without any major drama. I had to re-do the rope coils a few times before I was happy(ish) with them (used quite bit of rope in the process). And of course a hook occasionally decided to part with a block while tensioning and had to be re-glued. Some photo's..... Just a note, The photo's came in back to front. (I didn't disassemble the rigging...)

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