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  1. Mmm, lets see. 6 feet would be 1830mm. Divide that by 60 make the little fella 30.5mm
  2. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Thanks Shawn, Yep, it's a great forum isn't it. The beginners kits were a bit of a challenge at times for me as well. I also rushed them a bit and paid the price. The familiar path of two steps forward, one step back. But I managed to repair the bits I broke and I can live with the area's I could have done better. I am rigging the San Fransisco cross section at the moment and it is throwing up some challenges. It is my first exposure to some reasonably complex rigging so I am taking my time to get it right. (I tried to get done what I wanted to get done over the weekend, rushed it, and consequently cut an extra line already glued in place....DOH!! - another lesson learned). I also promised myself not to start the Syren before I finish the SF. There is also one of those nasty things called "Holiday" on the horizon, those things really slow your modelling down. So my gut feel is that I will start the Syren log in around 2 months. Can't wait though...
  3. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Thanks Dan, I'm not sure about that. The AL kits I started with this year were beginners kits and even the San Fransisco is classed as a 2 star kit by Al. I have started other hobbies is the past where I ended up as a collector of the latest and greatest rather than doing the hobby. I (and the admiral) wanted to make sure that this one was not another flash in the pan and was going to stick before getting into the more complex models. I have little doubt about that now. I used to enjoy modeling it as a kid, I enjoy it even more now. The Syren is an advanced kit and I've been drooling over some of the master pieces being build in the forum. I wont be kidding myself, I'm still years away (if ever) from reaching those skill levels. My goals are to enjoy the journey (tick), and learn and get better as I go (tick?). The rest will fall into place. I've committed to finish the SF before I start, so I still have a few weeks to go. I'm also a bit nervous starting a log and putting my work out there. It almost feels like setting yourself up for something to go wrong. I normally prefer to tick along in the background. But hey,.. sharing is caring and if something does go wrong, a log might prevent others making the same mistake. Peter.
  4. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Thanks everyone, I believe I'm too far in to start a log on the San Francisco, the hull is almost done, the rigging is next. I've added a few photo's of the three models I have worked on this year. I'm planning to give the Brig Syren a go next. I might bite off a bit more than I can chew but with the help of this forum and by running a log I will give it my best shot.
  5. I have been modelling as a youngster for many years, all in plastic. 11 Years ago I decided to give wood a go and bought Artesania’s HMS Endeavor. Without space, proper tools and knowledge it unfortunately ended up in the bin during the planking stage. My second attempt was around 5 years ago with Artesania’s HMS Supply, which met the same fate. So this time around I decided to listen to the advice on this great forum and started with some simpler designs (and more space and better tools), and after finishing the ‘Saint Malo’ and ‘Bon Retour’ I am now well and truly hooked. I am currently halfway into the San Fransisco cross section (to avoid serious planking?) and am already looking forward to tackle the next one.