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  1. Ocooch hardwoods

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone
  2. Ocooch hardwoods

    Has anyone heard of Ocooch hardwoods? http://www.ocoochhardwoods.com/ Their prices seem to be reasonable, and the reviews I've heard are very good.
  3. Poplar for modeling

    Thanks to all for being so helpful with my questions. Allanyed: I'm Robert, but everyone calls me Rob. Jack12477: I will check Lowes to see if they have milled maple. Roger Pellett: Does Menard's actually wrap their wood in plastic? ( I've never been to Menards)
  4. Poplar for modeling

    Roger Pellett: The "poplar" in my Home Depot is real yellow poplar, but I can't seem to find milled maple. What big box store do you go to ?
  5. Poplar for modeling

    Thanks guys, Soft maple may be a better choice, but poplar is already milled to 1/4 thickness at Home Depot and is quite cheap, while I would have to mill the maple myself, and I don't have the equipment. Btw I live on the east coast
  6. Poplar for modeling

    Hi, I noticed that poplar is quite cheap, so I was wondering if it could be used for framing on a pof model. Boxwood is really expensive, and messing up could cost a lot. Thanks
  7. black ash for ship modeling

    Thanks, Jaager, I will probably use the black ash for bulkheads on a pob model
  8. I recently came across some black ash on sale, and I was wondering if it would be suitable for model ship building. It will probably be used for framing components. Thank you