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  1. Thanks, Mike - I stewed over it some and eventually plumped for the Axminster 200n. I know it isn't as cheap as some but it appears from the write-ups that the quality is there? A big reason, however, is the fact that there is a large depot just a few miles down the road from me (who knew ... and quite reassuring)! The video link will be very beneficial once it arrives and also I watched out of curiosity a follow on piece by Mathias Wandel - comparing the different guides, it put my mind to rest on the lack of roller guides on this model. I tried to find out if there's a specific blade for working with styrene (which I'm bound to attempt at some point) but it appears the tech' dept didn't want to commit themselves - anyone any idea about that?? Anyhoo ... I'll be sure to let you know how I get on, Thanks again for all your efforts and advice. ........................... Andi
  2. Mike ... the saw you have included the link for is to my eye pretty much the Axminster, except with roller bearing guides. As to my usage (perhaps should have started with this) ... it is at best going to be modest. It will be used in my hobby room (small bedroom/mancave), which is already quite full of assorted stuff so while size isn't critical it's a definite consideration. It's also pretty much going to be used exclusively for modelling purposes - ship modelling an obvious example but it would be great if it could accommodate light DIY projects. I don't think I'll ever be ripping logs with it but perhaps slicing small blocks of hardwood to gain strips and planking - this I would consider an ambitious exercise but one I'd like to work towards. Financially - yes, although relatively cheap to some, this represents quite an investment for me which is why I really don't want to purchase the wrong thing or to make a rookie mistake. I can see how those roller guides are desirable but for my modest aspirations are they a critical necessity? Again, Mike, I do appreciate the efforts you are putting in on my behalf.
  3. Thanks both, on revisiting this thread I realise my remark might have sounded snippy? Not how it was meant - I am very grateful for your opinions, just a shame that there isn't anyone with experience of the Axminster 200 as it does look pretty good too. Thanks again ....Andi.
  4. None of which helps me! ... Sorry to butt in guys but I'm trying to reach a decision here -
  5. Mike ... thanks for your timely reply. And YES, this is exactly the kind of advice/opinion I was hoping for - so thanks again. This is obviously where my thinking and knowledge falls down, as in that I can read and view as many Bandsaws as there are featured, but that doesn't give any real world knowledge of what is the best for one's circumstances. This coupled with an amazing talent for always going in the wrong direction with decisions like this. I have read a review that came out reasonably well for an Axminster saw (cannot remember where or what it was though) I think it was quoted as being about £189?? and I think the fence was an accessory on that model - might this be the way to go as space isn't critical, but it's a definite consideration. I will try and search for the thread - if you think of any thing else that would help with this decision I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts. Cheers for now. EDIT ................................... I found this as an example .................... thoughts/opinions anyone................... http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-hobby-series-hbs200n-bandsaw-102266
  6. Hi all, excuse me bringing this thread to the top! ....but pretty much a first-time caller, and callow novice in this sphere of the hobby. Now I've always wanted and often needed a bandsaw, bought a second hand Burgess three wheeler but frankly, it seems more of a liability than anything - plus it seems impossible to get blades for it now? Anyhoo, since I've been mooching around these here parts, and everyone appears pretty knowledgeable on the subject, I've read all the reviews I can find on small hobbyist bandsaws and whilst it hasn't done much to diminish my confusion - this model somehow appeals (I know not why over any other) - I think I perhaps followed and understood the resulting thread more readily. It looks like it will do all that I ever ask of it, and that it's not that highly strung and precious that I'll never have the ware-with-all to set it up and maintain it? I'm thinking strongly about pressing the "buy it" button ..................... any reason why not anyone??? current wisdom dictate anything else?? And the current price is 245euro's with a small shipping charge - Good/Bad? Thanks for reading, would appreciate any thoughts ..... cheers Andi.