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  1. As a daily user of Solidworks, I would like to encourage you to go back and give the splines a second chance. It takes a while to figure out how they work but, once you get a handle on them, you will be much happier than using arcs. Rick
  2. Wow, what a nice model. Well done! Happy New Year. Rick
  3. Considering the ship is called "Aida" does this mean she plies the Nile? Regards, Rick
  4. AVS9

    This is such an amazing design! Is this boat for real? Has anyone actually sailed on such a beast? With about fifteen guys on the rail this must have been one fast sled!
  5. IMG 2539

    What a great model. I recently built the same one! I'll have to post pictures.
  6. IMG 3003

    Hi John, This is a most impressive model. Well done. Regards, Rick Shousha
  7. IMG 20140515 00080

    Hi Nils, Thanks for the nice comment. I thought more lives had been lost but. apparently, about thirty people died in the sinking. Concerning the loss, it seems to be a result of continuous changes to the design. Once the ship was in the water, the keel had been lengthened, but not deepened or thickened, the gun sizes had been increased, making the lower guns closer to the waterline, and decorations increased, adding yet more weight up high. It was a disaster in the making and a lesson for future generations of engineers. Rick
  8. IMG 20140516 00099 1

    Hi Mark, I found an interesting note that mentions that all the guns on the Wasa were, indeed, 24-pounders when the ship was finally launched. However, it comes as a .pdf and I can't send it along. I looked up "Why the Vasa sank; 10 lessons learned". Cheers, Rick
  9. IMG 20140516 00099 1

    Hi Mark, Yes, it's an interesting model. I like bigger scales and I like unusual models. This model fit both those criteria. The cannon balls are exactly 5mm, which gives about 4.75" for the scaled size of the shot. This makes it a 24-pounder. Since it's on an upper deck, perhaps this is one reason why the ship capsized so quickly. Cheers, Rick
  10. This is my first foray into real wood ship kits. I've got the bug!

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