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  1. 18th Century Longboat

    Very nice (and original) looking longboat Derek, Great Job!
  2. Good plank on bulkhead option

    Hi Eric, I am only on my second build and chose the Syren, it is well designed and has great instructions and many build logs and people to help out, I am really enjoying this kit, I just noticed you are in Reno too, Howdy neighbor
  3. Yes, makes a lot of sense that these companies need these big 6 kits as their bread and butter to stay afloat, but much respect to you for what you do and sticking to it and just offering us high quality products,Thank you
  4. Interesting, but actually I am not too surprised to see AL up at the top, I guess what I mean is before I decided to get into this Hobby and found this website, AL was one of the only companies I knew about, they are sold through companies like Tower Hobbies which is huge, and I have purchased a lot through Tower Hobbies being into rc cars, and the kits are priced priced pretty good, I almost bought an AL kit as my first build, but after researching I discovered Model Expo and others.
  5. Hi dydale, it looks as if the Golden Hind is more on the beginner side, so it might be a good model for you to build, alot depends on how good the instructions are, i am a beginner too and have not built an Occre kit, so maybe someone that has can comment on the instructions etc., One thing you said is "I like it" and I think that is important, I started with a kit labeled as beginner from the company and I just was not that interested in the model itself and did not do a great job on it, and it turns out it really was not that easy of a kit, but my current build of The Syren is labeled as advanced, but it has great instructions and I really love the ship and want it to come out great, so I am enjoying the build much more, and so far I am doing a much better job on it. Plus there are lots of other people that have or are building The Syren and everyone here is very helpful.
  6. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Welcome Peter, I am new here too, and I started on a so called "beginners kit" The 18th Century Longboat, but it was not all that easy, and did not turn out as well as I would have liked, but it did teach me a lot, along with this forum. From the looks of your other models, you should be fine. So far The Syren is going along much better than my longboat and I am enjoying the build even more, and like you I was hesitant to put my build log up and let everyone see my work too, But everyone here is friendly and supportive and will give you tips, I plan on doing a better job on my build log for the Syren than I did for the Longboat. So I hope you start on on the Syren too. Shawn.
  7. Hello from Reno

    Okay, since everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging, I figure I owe you all a pic of my boat so far
  8. Hello from Reno

    Thanks Derek, I did see your build log, good job by the way! I am contemplating starting over on this kit, Somehow my bulkheads got tweaked during glue up, I used a square on them too, and after seeing the other builds I realized I totally spaced the rabbet on the false keel towards the bow, I got the bearding line though, I did not fully understand the fairing process either, and made some mistakes there too, all of this equals a planking job that is giving me lots of trouble, I am not really that far into yet, so I might just order another kit, and if I do, I will try and start a log. I am kind of embarrassed to post up pictures of this one.
  9. Hello from Reno

    Hello everyone, my name is Shawn and I live in Reno Nevada, I am totally new to building wooden ships, but I am enjoying every minute of it. I used to build plastic models and always wanted to try the wooden ships, but I now feel I am at the age where I have the patience for it. A couple of weeks ago I ordered an 18th century longboat from Model Expo, and while I waited for it to arrive I purchased a few tools that I did not have. I have already started my longboat, and I am on the planking stage, it is kind of horrid, I wish I would have found this site earlier, after going through some of the build logs for the longboat, I see a few mistakes that I made that will effect the outcome of the planking. but I see this model as a learning experience anyways, and it sure is. anyways I am happy to be here and eager to learn lots more.

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