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  1. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Welcome Peter, I am new here too, and I started on a so called "beginners kit" The 18th Century Longboat, but it was not all that easy, and did not turn out as well as I would have liked, but it did teach me a lot, along with this forum. From the looks of your other models, you should be fine. So far The Syren is going along much better than my longboat and I am enjoying the build even more, and like you I was hesitant to put my build log up and let everyone see my work too, But everyone here is friendly and supportive and will give you tips, I plan on doing a better job on my build log for the Syren than I did for the Longboat. So I hope you start on on the Syren too. Shawn.
  2. Hello from Reno

    Okay, since everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging, I figure I owe you all a pic of my boat so far
  3. Hello from Reno

    Thanks Derek, I did see your build log, good job by the way! I am contemplating starting over on this kit, Somehow my bulkheads got tweaked during glue up, I used a square on them too, and after seeing the other builds I realized I totally spaced the rabbet on the false keel towards the bow, I got the bearding line though, I did not fully understand the fairing process either, and made some mistakes there too, all of this equals a planking job that is giving me lots of trouble, I am not really that far into yet, so I might just order another kit, and if I do, I will try and start a log. I am kind of embarrassed to post up pictures of this one.
  4. Hello from Reno

    Hello everyone, my name is Shawn and I live in Reno Nevada, I am totally new to building wooden ships, but I am enjoying every minute of it. I used to build plastic models and always wanted to try the wooden ships, but I now feel I am at the age where I have the patience for it. A couple of weeks ago I ordered an 18th century longboat from Model Expo, and while I waited for it to arrive I purchased a few tools that I did not have. I have already started my longboat, and I am on the planking stage, it is kind of horrid, I wish I would have found this site earlier, after going through some of the build logs for the longboat, I see a few mistakes that I made that will effect the outcome of the planking. but I see this model as a learning experience anyways, and it sure is. anyways I am happy to be here and eager to learn lots more.