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  1. Thanks for the kind words and all the likes. It is good to be back at it. I have still been active on the forum but for some reason after the holidays it just took a while to get started building again. Hopefully now that I have started I will get back into a regular rhythm. And yes just for the record "I hate paint". While I know it is part of the art form I see it as a necessary evil. To achieve historical accuracy it is without question necessary and a lot of people can do wonders with it. I have never been one of those and so choose to use it as sparingly as possible. Best Regards
  2. Well, after an extended layoff (over 2 months) I am back at it. Not much to report being the first night back but I did manage to layout and cut two gun ports. I have been agonizing over this for quite a while. Firstly, I did not want to cut into the planking I had worked so hard on. Secondly where to put them. Whether to follow the sheer line of the deck or just make them level fore and aft I went with following the sheer. Here you can see the framing and planking I am adding to the inside to give the ports some depth. The kit supplies white metal frames and lids which I will blacken and use. I will wrap the inside of the ports with darker wood rather than painting them. Hopefully the other side tomorrow night. It sure is great to be back to work. Best Regards
  3. I too am working on solving the pump issue on my current build. I stumbled on the above reference through a google search. Having a mechanical background I found it fascinating although most would find it a dull read. Also Mondfeld has a small reference to pumps in Historic Ship Models. The answer is that they were both depending on era and method of construction. Some were indeed elm logs turned and bored some left round some shaped. Some were made of tightly fitted planks giving them a hex or octagonal shape. Apparently not very many have survived. The little bit of research I have done pretty much has lead me to believe that pumps as with a lot of the "deck furniture" were as varied as the craftsman who built them and the region they were in. As long as they worked when needed that was what mattered I suppose. Best Regards
  4. When I was stationed in the NNSB&DD Co. During the late 70's and early 80's I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the Newport News Mariners Museum. Even way back then it was a fascinating place. My wife and I will be in the Chesapeake area during the week of July 4th and part of the following week. While there I am most definitely going to make a trip to the museum with my Wife and Grand Daughter. I was wondering if there were any MSW/NRG members who might want to do an informal meet up. Perhaps make it a family day at the park and museum sort of thing. Just a thought. If anyone is interested please PM or e-mail me and we can set it up. Best Regards
  5. Osmosis

    Hello from freezing Maine

    Welcome aboard, You stumbled upon the right place. You will not find a more helpful, friendly and experienced bunch of modelers than this. As for your first kit eventually it will come down to what catches your eye and fits your pocketbook. I am not one of the experienced ones but after a couple of attempts at more complex models I found it better to keep it simple the first time out. Some of the old Midwest kits are available on e-bay every now and then that is what I started with. They are simple with great instructions and give you a chance to get your feet wet, but most importantly finish your first project without getting in over your head right off the bat. (JMHO) As for Maine I have a sister in law who lives in Presque Isle, beautiful country but way to cold for my old bones. Best Regards and good luck,
  6. Bob, I hope you are feeling better. Your mastery of the art certainly out shines any disappointment you may have in the kit. It has been a pleasure watching this one coming together and knowing what perseverance it must have taken makes it that much more special. I can't wait to see what is next. Thanks and Best Regards,
  7. I have a feeling we are just beginning to glimpse the madness. Keep up the great work Greg it is a pleasure watching your descent into insanity.
  8. In the short time since my last post it seems to have fixed itself. All I did was log off reset my internet connection and log back in. Not sure if that will work for everyone or not but it seems to have worked for me.
  9. Osmosis

    What have you received today?

    Unable to upload pictures for some reason. But I received 2 Incra rulers, 1 inch and 1 metric. Also 2 sets of Artesania Latina Micro Shapers. Ordered from amazon with a gift card from the Admiral. I guess they fixed it.
  10. Not working for me either. Same error message as above.
  11. I just ordered mine and should be getting them today along with 2 Incra rulers. Best Regards
  12. I ordered a couple of U-Gears kits from Model Expo for some family members for Christmas and almost forgot I got this little gadget for me to try. Now that I have my hobby room back I thought I would knock it together tonight. First impression is that the quality is excellent. The laser cutting is sharp and super fine in detail. The tabs holding the pieces in are so small that the parts need just a firm push to release them. I did separate them with the point of my X-acto blade but it is really not necessary. There are also a couple of extra of each piece on the sheet if you should loose or break one which is a nice touch. The single sheet of instructions is all pictographs, clear, detailed, and easily followed. 12 pieces make up one of eight little "Balls". The instructions say no glue needed but I had my glue and brush at the ready. However it soon became apparent that it really was not needed. The laser cutting is so fine and the tolerances are so tight that once assembled it would be darn near impossible to get the pieces apart without damaging them. The same 12 pieces are used to make 2 sets of four balls each. The only difference being the orientation of the holes. They are mirror images. The instructions are clear on this but as I said before, pay attention because you will not get them apart easily. These 32 pieces make up the hinges. The two plates for each hinge face opposite from one another but again the instructions are clear on this. 144 pieces and about an hour or so and this is what you wind up with. A goofy little gadget that serves absolutely no purpose other than the satisfaction we all get from building something.........Anything! It folds and unfolds in a unique way I suppose it is the wooden version of the "spinner". Like I said I bought a few different kits for other family members but I am sure they will all wind up back on my workbench for building. It was actually quite interesting and enjoyable. They make about 100 different kits. Try one you will like it! Best Regards
  13. The speed at which you are able to create all this superb detail is mind boggling.
  14. Welcome aboard Adam, You've got an excellent start there. Very neat and tidy work so far. Now that the holidays are over and I finally have my work room back perhaps I can get back to it. Best regards

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