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  1. Osmosis

    New Guy in Florida

    Welcome aboard from Pompano Bch FL.
  2. Osmosis

    What have you received today?

    And to you too, Tom!
  3. So these ships actually maneuvered with the torpedo nets deployed?
  4. And here it is installed with 2 coats of poly. I have decided to go with 6 cannon instead of 8. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1. I never liked the spacing of the center 2 guns. 2. I assembled one of the carriages with the kit supplied barrel and trucks and it would almost impossible undo that. 3. I have e-mailed AL about buying a replacement sheet of carriages a couple of times and have received no response and I really want to get past this stage of the build. So there will be just 1 cannon in the geometric center on the main deck and 2 equally spaced on the gun deck. At least that is my plan for today. Best Regards
  5. Thanks but I prefer cleaning up saw dust over plastic curly wurlies. But I am still amazed to see the level of detail in these builds. And as for being a "target" when I said "warm" welcome I meant warm it was about 80 degrees in Florida today I wonder what the temp was in Gelderland.
  6. Oh, I am not ready for that yet. But thank you for the warm welcome.
  7. Just found this fascinating build. Mind if I ride along?
  8. Osmosis

    Asking permission to come aboard!

    Welcome aboard Sir.
  9. Thanks Warnerade for the kind comments. Like I said before I really don't think this kit has any basis in reality. As I have been going along I have been trying to research Spanish Galleon construction methods and drawings. I have not had much luck yet. I will keep trying as I have an idea for my first scratch build that I would like to try. From what little I have found it seems that this kit took some liberties with the layout of the deck equipment. I got started today with the lower ladder. I know I seem to be jumping all over the place but that is the way my mind works and this kind of build allows for that to a degree. I guess that is why I like them. As you can see from the pics below after getting the measurements I needed I spent my lunch hour on Friday modeling the ladders in Autodesk Inventor. Once I established the pitch angle I cut the parts for the jig. And glued them to what has become my jig platform. I then cut out the parts for the lower ladder. I did not document the actual assembly process as I was kind of involved in getting it right since this is my first one. It was pretty straight forward though put the rungs in the slots and glue on the rails. I did have a few minor hiccups but nothing worth noting here. The top rung you see in the drawing should have been deleted and is not on the final product All in all it went pretty smooth and did not turn out too bad. I did a dry fit and it looks pretty good. A couple coats of poly and then glue it in. Best regards
  10. Osmosis

    Kingfisher - card - 1:1

    I was wondering what happened to this little guy. Very nice! Glad to see that he is still around.
  11. Thanks Jim, I think so too. Now that the matter of the cannon is settled I can get back to work on the hull. Best Regards
  12. Well by mixing Chuck's Barrels with Model Expo's Trucks and Artisania Latinas Kit Carriages I think I finally have come up with a passable cannon. Add a little hardware and we are good to go. I just got home from work and threw this one together. I will most likely add some more details in the finished product. Definitely a quoin and pins for the axtrees. I also drilled out the bore on the barrel, being cast it was just a dimple on the muzzle. I ran a 1.5mm bit about 1cm deep using a pin vise.
  13. Very nice, mind if I follow along?

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