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  1. What have you received today?

    Fellow member Pythagoras and I took a trip down to Model Expo and I picked up a couple of things. I really need to start a go fund me page a couple of weeks before my next trip down there. The two kits are plank on frame life boats to replace the cast metal ones that came with my AL Bluenose which I will be putting on the work bench this week.
  2. We finally made it. Pythagoras (Tom) and I met up for lunch at almost world famous Lester's Diner in Ft Lauderdale. We then hit the road for Miami and as usual drove right into a mess on I-95. Not real sure how long it took us but we finally arrived at about 1:30. We walked into what we would later find out is the manufacturing side of things. There was a nice young lady casting metal fittings and a gentleman operating one of four laser cutting machines. They directed us across the parking lot to the assembly/shipping section of the operation where we were met by Carlos, the Chief Operations Officer who informed us that due to the fact that we were running so late Mark had just left. We were invited to look around at the entire operation as we wished for a few minutes. We went around the first corner and smack into stacks of kits from floor to ceiling stacked two deep the entire length of the room all boxed and ready for shipping. Then around another corner where to young ladies were sitting at a table surrounded by shelves of parts for every kit available. Grabbing all the parts for one kit or another and getting them ready to fill orders. At that point I asked Carlos if I could pick up a couple of things while we were there and he said to help ourselves to what ever we needed. Remind me to start a go fund me page prior to my next trip down there would you. When I asked for two of the 3-5/16" life boat kits to replace the cast metal ones that came with my AL Bluenose they actually stopped what they were doing to package one up for me because as luck would have it I asked for two of the only thing they were out of. How is that for customer service. Carlos then took us over to the manufacturing side and gave us demonstrations of the metal casting and laser cutting machines. We also were treated to a look all of the display models that were in the old shop in Hollywood. They are still in their Display cases though they are set up in the office and scattered around the facility here and there. Still very impressive. I was not sure if I could take photos so I refrained. As we were about to leave we were treated to a cup of Cafe Cubano while they rang up my order. All in all a very nice afternoon well spent. I got meet and spend time with a fellow modeler very nice guy, and got to see what goes into a kit before it gets put in the box. And you did not hear it from me but we may have gotten a sneak peek at a new product that might be available in a couple of weeks. SHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  3. I found and read the build log Hobby Zone Build Slip Build Log and lots of people seem to have bought them but I could not find a review or even a mention of someone actually using it. Hobby zone has them back in stock but I would like to have some input from some of the modelers that have experience with it before I pull the trigger. Thanks
  4. What have you received today?

    I received my second build today. I won an auction on e-bay for a complete AL Bluenose II kit for $39.00 and the seller only lives 5 miles from me so I got it already and did not pay any shipping. I also downloaded and printed John Earls series of articles from SoS magazine ( I made the cover and bound it). After going through the kit and checking it against the parts list I can see that there will be lots of room for improvements and bashing in general. But I figure for what I paid for it any lessons I can learn here will pay dividends on my next build. Don't misunderstand me I am still going to take my time and make every effort to make a presentable job of it. I will post a build log at the appropriate time. for now I have a small airplane to finish in the next couple of days then I need to research and build a decent keel board/clamp.
  5. I design Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems for yachts, hotels and small islands. I have been in the water business in one form or another for the past thirty odd years. Ever since getting out of the navy after 11 years.
  6. Well Bob I am 1 for 1 so far having just marked my first build log completed.
  7. Well it looks like we are finally going to make this happen. Tom and I are heading down to Miami on Monday 10/16. If anyone else wants to join us we are meeting for lunch at Lesters in Ft Lauderdale then hitting the road right after. Hopefully we will be able to get some pics and have a full report on anything new when we return. If you have any specific questions for Marc or John PM me and I will try to get them answered for you.
  8. Hello Simon and welcome aboard. A couple of us are meeting for lunch at Lesters in Ft. Lauderdale on Monday 10/16 then taking a road trip to Miami to visit Model Expo. You are more than welcome to join us if you would like. I am planning on picking up my second build kit while down there and from what I have read here on this forum they are one of the top rated customer friendly companies with excellent quality kits and materials. PM me if you are interested and I will give you the details.
  9. It sure is Rich, I still have a lot of family scattered around Morris and Sussex counties. Tom I sent you a PM give me a call and we will set something up.
  10. That is absolutely amazing. The engineering and dedication that goes into a project like this is unbelievable. It is hard to get a perspective on the size of the main portion that is left and it is not mentioned in the article. Does anyone know the dimensions offhand?
  11. Drill Bits

    About 20 years ago a tool jobber came into our shop and handed these out as free samples. They have been in my tool box all this time and I am finally getting some use out of them.
  12. SF Gallery 2.jpg

    Beautiful work. This is definitely on my list to build!
  13. No takers to join me on my road trip. Just as well because I just checked their website and they are closed today. Which is OK as it turns out, driving around Miami is not something a sane person wants to do on a nice day much less on a nasty rainy day like today is turning out to be. I guess I will have to reschedule for sometime next week.
  14. Hey Rich, I also grew up in northern NJ on the shores of beautiful lake Hopatcong. Watching all that highly polished mahogany racing back and forth across the lake how could one help but fall in love with wooden boats and ships.
  15. Since my current build is winding down I was thinking of taking a trip to Miami to Model Shipways to poke around and pick up my next project. If anyone is in the area and would like to tag along maybe stop for lunch on the way you are more than welcome. Since they moved to Miami they no longer have the display room they had in the Hollywood location but I still think it will be worth the trip. Let me know. I will be leaving the Fort Lauderdale area around noon on Friday.