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  1. As usual I am a little late to the party. Mind if I join in?
  2. Osmosis

    Pleased to be a new member

    Welcome aboard Dave. +1 on the build log it is the best way to get help while giving a little back at the same time.
  3. Osmosis

    Hello Everyone.

    Welcome aboard. Not to worry lots of helpful folks around here.
  4. Osmosis

    What have you received today?

    Today I received a used but new to me copy of Historic Ship Models by Wolfram zu Mondfeld. I got it used on amazon for $15.00 but I had enough points that it only cost me $3.65. The only damage is a crease in the lower right hand corner of the cover. This will be the first model/shipbuilding reference book in my library.
  5. Welcome aboard, I have been looking in on your build also. From what I have been able to find on the web this does not really detail a specific section of the ship so much as it does a compressed version of details mashed into a few frames. So I will not be going for any kind of historical accuracy. But I do plan on having fun with it and in the end hopefully turn out a nice display. Best regards
  6. Aha! I get to add a new term to my ship building database. That would explain it. Thank you once again Peter.
  7. Well Fixed one problem and found another. Last row of planks on and waiting for someone (Me) to layout the nails. I have read in other builds that the mid and upper decks sat on only the fore and aft most knees. So I wanted to check that and install any shims before it was too late. What I found is that not only is that the case, but..... The mid deck tilts about 3/16" running down hill from stern to bow. Also checking the upper deck found it runs about 1/8" from stern to bow. Both when compared to the lower deck. The center deck beams are not in place in these pictures but if you hold a straight edge on all four knees there is about a 1/16" gap between the center two knees and the deck. There are no pictures in the instructions that show this much of a side view. Could this be intentional? Has anyone else run across this? Should the decks be parallel to one another? I know that is not always the case. The obvious fix is to file down the aft two knees until the deck sits on all four frames then add shims if needed. The good news is that the mid deck runs all the way to the outside edge of the frames. Thanks and best regards,
  8. Osmosis

    What have you received today?

    Believe me later on you will have fonder memories of reading those than any others on your book shelf. Keep reading to them for as long as they will sit still for it. Because one day they won't anymore.
  9. Has anyone read this? Since I am building the San Francisco cross section I thought it might be worth a look.
  10. Wow, In my excitement to find a build log on this kit I did not notice the date on the last post. I would very much appreciate it if you dropped everything else and got back to work on it. Just kidding of course. I just got back to model building after an eight month layoff myself. Life has a habit of intruding on our passion every now and then. Best Regards
  11. Thanks for all the likes and comments. Believe me Peter I have been keeping a very watchful eye on the tips of the frames. Even with our after church breakfast club and then spending a few hours shopping with the Admiral I did manage to get a little done today. First I experimented with a couple different methods for put the deck bungs in. I made a little deck sample and tried out two different drilling and filling methods but in the end I think at this scale and with my already stiff fingers the 0.5 mechanical pencil (left most and upper right corner) is going to be the winner. I have never done it this way before so if anyone has a method for laying them out nice and straight I am all ears. Then it was on to finishing the deck. The instructions call for laying the deck planking right up to the hull planking. However as you can see in the pic the sub deck stops well short of the edge of the frames and I have already got the planks overhanging the edge. So I edge glued some 1/8" square basswood to the sub deck. Then a little sanding and now there is a place to lay that last row of planks. I am sure that once everything is together the gap would hardly be noticeable but it would drive me nuts just knowing it was there. That is it for tonight.
  12. I know I am old but I did not think I had gotten that slow. This little bit of planking turned into an all day affair. Ok so I did get 4 loads of laundry done and make myself breakfast and lunch but still. I did actually cut the planks and laid them in a simple 3 plank shift instead of drawing on the butt joints with a pencil as the instructions would have you do it. Deck dry fitted into frames Maybe next time I will even remember to lay out the joints so they fall on the frames! Duh. This is the hold deck so I have two more chances to get it right. Or at least half way between them. I would not want to try laying out a joint on the end most frames. Peter, How much fairing did you need to do? It seems that just a little bit on the extreme lower portion of the forward most frame should do it. Till Tomorrow
  13. Well the dogs let me sleep in until 8:55 this morning so I am getting kind of a late start. Thanks for the reply Peter and to all those who liked this thread. Tom good to see you are still lurking about. We still need to get together for breakfast one Sunday. Peter, I gave it a lot of thought while tossing and turning last night. Even though I am pretty sure that a ship of this size would have had some inner planking I decided to forgo it at least for the lower deck. I may still add some timber framing on the middle deck for the gun ports. Regards
  14. Well a little actual assembly tonight. I know it might seem like overkill to break out the building dock to set 4 frames but this thing is great. Its like having 5 extra hands and really simple to use. First frame drying. And the second 30 minutes later. The one sheet of frames was a little warped in the package so I clamped it to the jig just as a precaution. My sanding block makes a pretty decent strong back. With all of the alignment marks it really takes out the guess work. The lower deck dry fitted. Dropped right in, no trimming at all. Its way past my bedtime so tomorrow I will start planking the lower deck and figure out how I am going to plank the inside hull.
  15. Osmosis

    SF Gallery 4.jpg

    Beautiful work. I am currently building this, I am not up to your skill level but I hope to do it justice. I would certainly appreciate any pointers you might have or lessons you may have learned. Regards

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