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  1. Amati vs Caldercraft Granado

    Thank you all for your info, I have purchased the Caldercraft and was very surprised it arrived from the UK in just over 48 hours from the time of purchase. I decided for my first larger ship to go with the cheaper of the two options. I think after this one is done I really like the Amati victory model Revenge, and I think my skills will be sufficient for a ship of that depth. I have only looked at the contents, not yet taken an inventory. I am a single parent of a 9 year old boy and my parents usually buy a Christmas gift for him to give to me, they would never spend this much however. So I decided to buy it for myself and I will let them pretend to order it for him to give me. I have been dropping hints to him and my parents will guide him to that choice of gift. So for now it will remain on my shelf out of sight until Christmas, until then I have an Artesania Latina HMS Endeavour Captain's Longboat and a Model Shipways 18th Century Longboat to keep me busy and teach me the appropriate skills needed to tackle a ship like this.
  2. I can't seem to find any comparison between the two, they are nearly the same in size and the same scale. What differences are there? Is the Amati version worth the extra cost of $200? The Amati seems to be a bit more detailed in the photos but I can't quite tell, I have been looking at both on the Ages of Sail and Ship Wright websites. I have searched the forums here but haven't found any direct comparison or explanation of any differences. Thanks.
  3. I have always wanted to get into model ship building and now I finally am. I have built plastic models as a kid and as an adult I have built and painted many tabletop miniatures for hobby only, never have played the games, and recently since buying my house 2 years ago I have a small workshop and have gotten into woodworking. I have been working in a hospital where a doctor has built and donated model wooden ships for display all around the hospital, seeing them has inspired me and since I have recently just wrapped up my last woodworking project I thought why not start a ship. So before doing any research I looked on Amazon first, after finding a model that was labeled for beginners I searched around for better pricing and Tower Hobbies had it a bit cheaper and a coupon as well. So I should be receiving the Artesania Latina 1/50 Endeavour Longboat on Tuesday. I have been doing a lot of research the past few days and while that is still a good kit to start with I have learned a lot just by reading stuff on this website, and have already got a list of some basic tools like files, hemostats, small pliers, cutters, pin vice and bits, tweezers, etc to buy. I will be making a purchase next payday for these tools as well as a few books and I think I will grab the Caldercraft HM Gunboat William as well. I like the appearance of that ship, the opening to the lower deck, and the larger size. Those two should keep me quite busy for quite a while. I look forward to learning more and getting started as soon as all my things arrive. I will likely start with the Endeavour Longboat first and will start a build thread when I begin. Matt

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