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  1. Those cannons look beautiful. It’s coming along great! Nice Job, Zach
  2. That would be awesome, my computer would probably explode though Happy modeling, Zach
  3. Hi Greg and Denis. I was wondering, will the 3D model be downloadable as a blend file at a certain price or will it only be pictures? Thanks, Zach
  4. Thanks for the advice m. I'll make sure to switch it around Happy Modeling, Zach
  5. Ship paintings

    I love the way you give the more modern ships a rusty, weathered look! It adds so much to the mood of the paintings. Happy painting, Zach
  6. I have been researching and studying the HMS Pandora recently and decided to attempt at building a 3d model of her. She's a beautiful ship and definitely worth modeling. I am currently working on the keel, and will be using various different resources (mainly the anatomy of the ship book) to build her. I'll attach an image of a quick scene I set up involving my gunpowder barrels and lanterns. This will be an arduous and difficult challenge, and hopefully I'll be able to see her through. I'm using a software called Blender to model and do my renderings on. Once I finish the keel I'll start a main log and post on there regularly (hopefully). Any future comments on inaccuracies would be much appreciated. Even though I love the time period I'm not super smart about the terms and parts of ship. I haven't really downloaded any textures yet and I should be able to use basic materials and roughness values to make things look like iron, wood, etc Happy modeling, Zach
  7. USS Constitution sails

    Ok thanks! This well help. Happy modeling, Zach
  8. I'm currently working on a Revell plastic model of the USS Constitution. It's was a quick build, $20, but I have one problem. The plastic sails provides look very unrealistic so I was going to cut cloth sails out of an old t shirt. Is there any good process or way that makes the sails the same size and shape, otherwise than just trying to cut it and hope for the best? Thanks, Zach
  9. Ship paintings

    Ok. I'm currently living the U.S. I may consider buying one. Good luck and happy painting! Zach
  10. Ship paintings

    These paintings are absolutely amazing Jim! If you sold them thwy would definitely be worth buying
  11. So this is the new project you talked about in your pandora build log. It's great to see your skill in action again. I just have one question. Is the Pandora also a swan class frigate? Happy modeling, Zach
  12. Thanks everyone. This will definitely help me -Zach
  13. Thanks for all of the tips. I was eyeing the fair American or maybe the syren. I probably will have to start with a small build though or a cross section like what was suggested. Thanks again -Zach
  14. This probably isn't the right place for this question, but I didn't know where to put it. I have seen how experienced all of the members are on this forum, especially in wooden modeling. I am looking into breaking away from the plastic kits and starting my first wooden model. I wasn't sure where to start though. Is there any requirements, tools, and skills I need to build a wooden ship? I don't want to buy one of the really expensive kits just to have it go to waste in a forgotten closet. Thanks and happy modeling -Zach