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  1. Just like in school!

    Hey mate look at modellers central. Scroll down to timber and search which you want .
  2. Just like in school!

    Gday mate snowy here or darren is my real name i would look up modelers central as they have kits called beginners kits and you also get a set of tools. With this you also get 5 dvds on planking,decking masts rigging and sails. I would also look at a book called. Ship modelling simplified by frank mastini it helped me heaps as I'm still building my first ship cheers good luck
  3. Hi guys does anyone know where i can get ship people figures in Australia about 22 mm tall
  4. Hey banyan thanks again after reading twice about the outer edge and not tying off.
  5. Banyan.I see where you're going its just as my first ship i don't want to stuff up .I really do appreciate the advice and it sounds the way to go now i can start work again. Thanks. Snowy
  6. Oh please. Just me again on my own post .just asking a question build them on or off the ship .Thankyou
  7. Hi all snowy here building the adventure from amati I'm up to the stage of nearly starting on the masts. I'm wondering if i should tie on the deadeyes ×2 that attach to the channel off the ship or on .Or put the bottom deadeyes on the channel and attach them to the ship and then tie the top deadeyes off later thanks for any advise.
  8. Hi snowy here just awesome im doing the amati adventure and was thinking of doing this ship next the amati is my first build . how long did it take You. And how we're the plans again just awesome
  9. OcCre kits

    Thanks sounds like good info
  10. OcCre kits

    Hi guys I'm building the amati adventure the plans are hard and not in English .i had to translate what there is.beleive me the plans are not great in my opinion it shows the rigging up top but doesn't tell where they go just an arrow .all in all i love the ship and the materials. For my next build I'm thinking of the occre san illdefonso but I'm wondering if anyone knows if it comes with English step by step colour plans thanks guys if you can help now back to the adventure.
  11. Thanks derek i went red handles and red paddles with a dark timber colour on the centre they look great .
  12. Hi again I've put a small boat or lifeboat on my pirate ship on the deck as this was not a real ship I'm wondering what colour the oars should be ,maybe two colours