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  1. Snow

    Rope around sails

    Thanks mate As i see it they're is no rush so I'll whack em on i love how these ships look when finished. May the wind be at your back arr
  2. Snow

    Rope around sails

    So i take it thats a yes to put them on Cheers
  3. Hi guys I have pre made sails on my occre diana kit , all 21 of them. My question is when i did my amati adventure kit it had a 1.3 mm rope tied around All the edges. Do you guys reckon i should put this thread arond the pre made sails . Or when you have pre made sails is this not done. Cheers snowy
  4. Hey mate snowy here nice ship Just wondering because I'm thinking of getting this ship could you just buy the extra timber and double plank her anyway. Keep up the great work
  5. Snow


    Maybe instead of hating them put on a little music and just make them look great. Cheers snowy
  6. Snow

    New MSW Member Milos

    Good luck building a ship on a ship Nice job. Good luck
  7. We'll mate whatever you're doing its working. Good luck with the rest I'll keep watching cause she looks like a great build Cheers snowy
  8. Hi mate nice build I was thinking of doing the vanguard by amati or the sanitisma Trinidad by occre but this ship could be next You said the timber wasnt great Could you tell me if the plans are good or great and are they're sails to go on her I mean are they supplied in fabric or pre made Sorry mate just answering lots of questions cause i live in Darwin and we have not got a model shop Thanks. She looks great
  9. Hi jason Depending on size i now use eyebolts from spotlight stores in the hobby area and they come in all different sizes and colour Good luck Cheers snowy
  10. Hi cpddet Modellers central in Australia got great starter kits with tools ,5 dvds and written pages I first did the amati adventure starter kit and watched the dvds on planking, deck planking masting and rigging. Enjoy and good luck with your first
  11. Good input guys i just bought it myself for 25.99 delivered to dawin Australia Cheers
  12. All good i say how do you carve out the centre to make canoe look .i just mean what tools Thankyou
  13. Love your slipway I'd just have to get the angles right.the driftwood is an interesting concept.

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