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  1. tapering masts

    Nice work cheers snowy love the concept.
  2. tapering masts

    Thanks guys I'll try these methods I've got a drill press and a power drill it might save me buying a lathe. I also loved the video thanks guys.I'll keep you posted when i get to this stage.
  3. Hi guys and ladies I'm still on the furniture stage on the deck of my amati adventure but this will be finished in a couple of weeks. I was wondering of ways to taper the masts , I've considering buying a lathe but i am looking at other ways., as the one i want is about $ 400. Has anyone got a way of tapering masts mine are about 600mm long and 8mm wide .
  4. best kits

    Thanks paul , maybe i try another intermediate ship with more detail but still around that 800mm. Long Thanks again the big one might come after that as the adventure is my first ship and I've still got the rigging yet.
  5. best kits

    Thanks bob. I'm looking for a bigger kit than the adventure which is 780 mm by 780 mm but with step by step instructions thanks
  6. best kits

    Awesome I'll look
  7. best kits

    Who's chuck and thanks I've heard a lot of good things about Caldercraft
  8. hi guys my amati adventure is 780 mm long but it only has a rudder steer , and it's 1/ 60 scale. Do you guys think it should have a steering wheel ..thanks for any advise.
  9. best kits

    I got into the website noe waiting to get response
  10. That's. Excellent. Now i know what size everything else should be . thanks