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  1. French frigate diana

    Yeah bava she was
  2. French frigate diana

    Thanks mate she is looking good keep putting in posts as i would love to see how she turns out i have got about 2 weeks to finish the amati adventure and can't wait to open the box on the 1/85 diana by occre
  3. French frigate diana

    Barbossa. I might have been vague i got the occre 1/ 85 scale diana French ship .just can't find build logs cheers
  4. French frigate diana

    The diana frigate 1/85 scale occre kit
  5. Hi Just wondering if anyone has built the french frigate diana. I'm just finishing off my first build the amati adventure and will post finished ship soon ( don't be too mean I'm learning) as i go and thanks for all the help any help would be nice Cheers snowy merry Christmas and happy New year to all
  6. Gday snow here I'm still building the amati adventure and I'm putting sails on her I'm just wondering what sort of ties to attach the sail to the yard. Thanks
  7. Just like in school!

    Hey mate look at modellers central. Scroll down to timber and search which you want .
  8. Just like in school!

    Gday mate snowy here or darren is my real name i would look up modelers central as they have kits called beginners kits and you also get a set of tools. With this you also get 5 dvds on planking,decking masts rigging and sails. I would also look at a book called. Ship modelling simplified by frank mastini it helped me heaps as I'm still building my first ship cheers good luck
  9. Hi guys does anyone know where i can get ship people figures in Australia about 22 mm tall
  10. Hey banyan thanks again after reading twice about the outer edge and not tying off.
  11. Banyan.I see where you're going its just as my first ship i don't want to stuff up .I really do appreciate the advice and it sounds the way to go now i can start work again. Thanks. Snowy
  12. Oh please. Just me again on my own post .just asking a question build them on or off the ship .Thankyou