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  1. Don't passed the exam... the building foam is still wet and I easily broke out a part of the keel... ...after waiting three times longer as been told in the spray cans manual!!! Waiting some more days. The positive thing is, that the foam gives a very percise repeat of the surface. And that these clamps for IKEA curtains realy catch the parts very hard and press them together very tight. Okay so this trial ended in a draw.
  2. Heinrich der Seefahrer

    HMS Victory by Wallace - Corel DM 23 - 1:98 Scale

    That looks very nice and as a goid craftsmans work! What I think is, that it is a pitty to pay so much money for a kit with so many faults and problems in it.
  3. Heinrich der Seefahrer

    HMS Victory by Wallace - Corel DM 23 - 1:98 Scale

    Hello Wallace, there is now perchance very right moment to ask in what appearnce you want to show your beauty? 1765 is a not so often shown - but very well documented date when Horathio was a schoolboy not an admiral. SRLR 0512 in the NMM pictured here: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66473.html I my point of view a brilliant source for detailling and a way to stand apart from all the other humble-bee Victory builders picturing her. Therebare as built plans and detailed information. (The 1805 Victory modell doesn't seem to be a Victory it might be a converted Dreadnought.) Even the modern „Original“ is diffrend from the paintings contemporary to Trafalgar. Starting at this and running to the question of the admirals portal... So have you got any idea about this? What is your oppinion?
  4. Hy folks, just one little point to the layers of paints in the RN: Ships were so often painted, that they added remarkably displacement over the years by the ammount of paint. (Steam, Steel and Shellfire - Gardiner/Lambert)
  5. Dear Marc, With all the faults of the baroque epoche (kitchen two miles away from the dining room at Versailles) the shipbuilders and „shipdrivers“ stayed very conservative and with an eye to the practical usage (hitting away the overwelhming decoraton). So the question I ask myself is always zhe same: What is it used for and can it fullfill its job? Can it do it as it is shown in the drawings or may we have to alter something in a historical possible way so it will work. By this there may be a quite simple answer to this absolutly confusing complex question: „The honorable admirals, captains and officiers seat of ease“ is behind the enclosed side galerys (as here on dafis Victory refinal):
  6. Thanks a lot for the CA-lession... there was my idea that wood wouldn't hold due to the structured surface. But with a filler in the grain it certainly will work. 💡 I'm very interested in your project as I like the WANDERER and read abaout her sad end, her rudder found miles away from the wreckside. She is the proud end of the rigg shiped whaling history and you do a great job on to her memory. Thanks for your work, impact into this awful kit and showing all these interesting solutions to us. 🏇 ...I think I just sayed what many of us think and don't write down, because it should be written down in any thread inhere but sometimes it is important to let A SINGLE ONE know what is right for anybody.
  7. Hello yesterday I decided to try to act as a scientist... I thought, if I get the inner form or the hull I could easily construct bulkheads to build an inner structure. But how to come to such an inner form? By using building foam! So I painted the hull with oil closed the lower transom by the kitpart with tape and filled in foam...and I stoped at the line of the gundeck... I promice I did! My idea is to cut the foamblock into slites to get my bulkheads, so I can copy them onto birchplywood and saw them out. This inner structure will hold the hole wight of the kit on its four point stand. So I bought threaded rod and drive-in-nuts (not: werft-mother, stupid Google 😉 ). So the Under-gundeck area is well connected to the hull, because this gluing-area takes all the comming wight of the hole SAINT PHILIPPE - from the masts to the gun barrels to the rigging and bolts and gratings been pulled and pushed into the kit. And until I can open it I have to wait 24h ... Under the transom on the edge of the lower transom part there the tape opend and foam got out and got aou and more... so I dont knor how the wood struchture under the foam on the outside of the kit looks like. May be the solvend ruined the kit... but there will be a fat layer of antifouling paint - there is some hope left. So I may have god good luck in the middle of bad luck. We'll see in some days!
  8. Here these three examples from SAINT PHILIPPE at Rochefort, to show the difference to you o.o.b. parts.
  9. Thanks EJ, you are welcome. You did such a big invest in detailing,are you going to change the gratings? Gratings are not what the kit supplier try to learn us: a pair of similar nut cutted planks sticked into eachother... Here the grating ecxample by www.svb.de - you can order these there. Remember the early French gratings aren't rectangular at the end they were cut at 45°. Very intersting andiffrend from the RNstyle is that the deck's beam isn't incorporated in the gartings. They are compared to the British silytyle „hills“ or “overcurved“.
  10. Heinrich der Seefahrer

    HMS VICTORY by jeff watts - Billing Boats

    Hello and a nice progress - do you know Dafi's Victory ...and beyond project? Look in there for any historical questions due to the ship (at the begin of the Trafalgar battle). Thanks for sharing.
  11. I really do enjoy to view your „hybrid build“, as it gives a plenty of ideas to me what is possible to get the most out of both. As I have got no knowledge what ACC is and never used - is it a kind of silikon to join wood and plastic? I trink about using CA to join wood and plastic - am I wrong? Can you tell me please what product do you use?
  12. Heinrich der Seefahrer

    SOLEIL ROYAL 1669 by michel saunier

    Hello Michel! Marvelous work you do! Thank you very much for sharing! Best wishes from Berlin, yours Henri
  13. Hello friends of the Heller SR! The very intersting point is this one: What did the real SOLEIL ROYAL looked like? So we (as HsH does) need a list of the „disgusting, bare and awefull“ al list of all the Errors, mistakes, lies, wrongs, shortcommings of the Heller SR-kit to the real ship. So we very much do need a historically correct SOLEIL ROYAL as HsH is going to give to us all in here. Thanks a lot Hubac!!! But I would like to point out, that we are still working with half a dozen to ten pictures. ItIallways is globally allways the same we are repeadingly staring at. So what shall we do? I stared to dream about a small data-warehouse in that we store all the information, questions, kit traps and solutions. How can this be managed? This thread is a real diamant pit of information but no data warehouse. You have always to walk the long way through all the intetsting sides - interesting but timeconsuming, fascinating but a long road to travel. As I can't offer solutions I'll shut up after asking my questions... ...and duck&cover!

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