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  1. Thanks....I am in the process of relocating my residency to a new Town Home๐Ÿ˜Ž. Will gladly pay your price for a set of those markings. Thank you Rick
  2. Shapeways, a modeler's friend. Your build resulted in my pulling the trigger on a Trumpter 1/350 USS Nimitz. Did spring for the Gold Medal Models PE sets. Will also order a few extras from Shapeways. The Tilly is outstanding. Rick
  3. Good to see you still turning them out.

    I cut my teeth on plastic kits then turned to wood as the medium.

    Just recently picked up a couple of plastic ship kits to go back to the roots.

    You are proving what I had forgot, nice pieces can come out of plastic kits.


  4. You have done a superb job on this little seen kit/ship. I love Heller kits, but they are not a easy build. If one takes many pains with one, a very nice rendition can come out of it. Keep'er up and looking forward to more. Rick
  5. Nice start to what is truly old school ship kit. Back in the day, this mfg along with a few more, was the available wood ship kit for the average ship builder in America. You have the right approach and skill set to turn out a master piece. Looking forward to more. I have the 1/8 Bluejacket and the small version as well as 2 old Marine Model kits. So, yes, I love the story and lines of this classy lady. Rick
  6. Maybe you can answer a question that I have been in a debate for awhile with another builder over the Bismarck. We were discussing details that get over looked on Bismarck builds, i.e....little yellow warning signs at different locations on the main superstructure as an example! Then he replies, you know everyone gets the AC recognition markings wrong, don't you? I looked at him, and before I could speak, he says the red borders were incorrect! Did some looking and appears there are others who agree. The according to them, border should be a slate gray and not red. Have you in countered any references too this? Most excellent build by the way. Rick
  7. WOW........oh yea, wow. I am acquiring a few odds and ends to start a build of Dragons 1/350 USS Independence CV22. Read your thread from start to last entry. Could not but help to look w/awe in the 1st photo of all the accessories you have purchased, plus kit! I know the pain for details and the hit it takes on a wallet. My little AC Carrier has already hit the don't tell the wife, please status. Your skill and attention to detail is most excellent. Looking forward to more. Rick
  8. Have the same PE, ordered the Shapeways pieces as well, thought they w/the PE would give a more 3D effect. Really like how yours are turning out. Look forward to more of your build. Rick
  9. Yes, from your frame photo compared to mine, considerable. They give the basic part, thankfully they included a Parts diagram to allow you to finish the correct cuts. The four parts running the length are for mounting small blocks, that in turn you drill to receive the half barrels for the guns? I am undecided about doing all for a full broadside, you would see too much to tell not a realistic cannon port. But they do cause the frames ribs to properly align and add considerable rigidity to the frame. Will add deck beams not included to help support them! Rick
  10. Not trying to hi-jack your thread, just wanted you too see the difference in the frame of your kit compared to this version from same mfg., but w/diff mfg dates. Every part required attention with knife and sanding block to get assembled. Two of the lateral parts required a little ironing w/steam to flatten. I have around 20 hours in this and not a single part is glued yet!
  11. Outstanding build. You have a good grasp of what card modeling is, a big puzzle that you not only have to make the pieces and then assemble the puzzle! Really like what you have done. I also have a DKM started, but have done very little other than lower frame. It too is a GPM kit. Rick
  12. Well, retired and time to play! As I mentioned this is a older version of your kit. I spent the day just cleaning and cutting slots to get the frame too this shape. A ton of work yet to do before glue is applied. This is old school building, and since I am old it fits! Fired off a order to Shapways for all the items they offer in 1/78 scale. Paid more for those parts than I did the kit (used). Looking forward to more of your thread. Rick
  13. rghensley

    Le Cerf

    I too am building this excellent kit. I also went the extra and ordered a set of the brass barrels. But not on sale! I also ran down a copy of the mention book, albeit in French and the price plus ship was more than I was willing to pay. So I guess I will most certainly watch for your build and make corrections based on your's. Have you started yours yet. Not to high jack your thread, but this is where I am at as of today. Rick๐Ÿ˜Ž

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