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  1. Beautiful work EJ - how long did she take to build?
  2. My favourite rigging line is the last one! I enjoy tying down the shrouds and now I have a system that works for me I'm happy doing the ratlines. Fixed rigging, no problem but when it comes to the running rigging I'm just plain clumsy and ham fisted - drives me mad at times. Plenty of coffee breaks while I try and compose myself and go back to it! On top of that I have the very bad habit of getting somewhat impatient because I'm close to finishing. Next time I'll do better.....
  3. Hi Les I feel your pain. That's probably me stood next to you at "The Wall" ! Over 2 years on my current build and just when I'm beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, bang, interest just dribbles away a bit each day until you reach the point you don't go to the bench at all. I've had it once before, it does comes back - in it's own sweet time. Extremely frustrating though.
  4. Apologies to Del2 for a minor hijack here but I wanted to respond to Mark's comment. Mark, you have unwittingly made my day! About 25 years ago I built my first wood kit - Billings Etoile. Life then got in the way and it was only a few years back that I could get back into it. I wanted to have another go at the Etoile as I felt I could do a better job than originally but sadly Billings had discontinued the kit. I confess that I was unaware of either Marisstella or Dusek so I popped over to look at their websites and what do I find on the front page of Dusek's site but a ship called La Belle Poule - sister ship to Etoile That's my next build sorted - thanks, even if it was unintentional.
  5. Hi Steve I originally got mine from a gun shop in Maddington but when I later went back for more the shop was boarded up - ceased trading. I rang a couple of other gun shops but they just said "sorry out of stock don't know when we will be getting more" I eventually got more from some place over east on ebay called midwayaustralia. I've just had a quick look at their ebay store and it's not listed there anymore either so I don't know???? Sorry I can't be of more help but I'm kind of in the same boat as you now
  6. Thanks Sarah, that helps a lot but now I'm feeling really dumb I should have remembered that I'd seen that effect before....and it was your build of Harriet Lane if I'm not mistaken. Very nice build by the way.
  7. Hi Rich Thanks for stopping by. I had a quick look to see if you had a build log but didn't see one. I wouldn't mind seeing the results when your done if that's ok? No sweat if it's a hassle - just curious.