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  1. Hi All, While looking for a "Launching Ways" Display Stand, I came across this sketch called "Arrangement of Tackle for Hauling Ashore", its from a French book "Machines et Inventions", anyway the sketch shows two gangs of 12 pulleys and 6 Capstans. My question is: How do I rig the two sets of hauling pulleys shown in the sketch? Thanks....Si You Can Never Have Too Many Clamps.......Si Simon Sapot Boynton Beach simon.sapot@gmail.com Reference of Sketch Max-Plank- Institut Fur Wissenschaftsgeshiche Max Plank Institute for the History of Science 2003 "Shipbuilding Practice and Ship Design Methods from Renaissance to the 18th Century
  2. As a novice builder, I have searched and have only found a “Planking Fan Template” but no detailed instructions on how to use it. I have watched a few videos where a Planking Fan is used, but it is not explained enough for me. Looking for Planking Fan for Dummies version. Regards....Simon
  3. Good Evening All, Thank you all for your assistance, I found and printed the Building Instructions for a “Launch Way” on Model Expo’s website, the instructions are located in the Parts Listing for the Phantom. I am very fortunate to have found this website and a great support group of Modelers, thank you. Simon
  4. Hi Bob, Totally understand: “You can’t get a job unless you belong to the Union, and you can’t join the Union unless you have a job” sort of like Catch-22. Just looking for kits will informative instructions. by the way, I once saw a display stand that a wooden model ship rested on, that was Timber Frame logs and made to look like a boat slip, I have been searching the web and Pinterest with no luck, it was an awesome display stand for a ship......Si
  5. Hi Mark, thank for the feedback , I’m looking over the excellent build photos in the gallery, so many talented builder! regards.....Si
  6. Hi Art, thank you very much for your reply. Due to houseguest, I will have to take a rain check on the Model Expo road trip, but I will make sure to take a drive down to visit them as soon as I can...Enjoy.....Si P.S. checking out their website now.....
  7. Hi All, Amateur Builder, currently building the Artesania Latina Harvey 1847 Clipper (I understand that it’s not a real period ship, but fun to build), anyway, I’m finding that the Artesania Latina instruction book is lacking in details and guidance. The AL website offers limited assistance with build advice, so if possible, I am looking for guidance picking my next wooden ship model company, a company that has informative directions, accurate plans and a supportive website. Ship I would like to build next: 1- Cutty Sark 2- HMS Victoria 3- ??? Regards to All, Simon Sapot Boynton Beach, FL