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  1. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. Chuck it's a real pleasure to build this barge and I try to do it as well as I can. Yes, Chuck, I also find it easier to position the seat back with the two coxswain seats in place. In addition, I was able to use a small wooden piece to glue the seats to the correct height and in the same angle as the bench tops. The job paint is in progress...
  2. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. I have begin to work on the two benches. I just made a small change in the sequence of the steps. I preferred to glue the two coxswain seats before to add the bench seat back. I found that it was easier to fill any gaps on this two seats without the presence of the bench seat back. I will paint now all the whole back part at the back of the bench seat before to glue it. Nothing to see with this build log but a good news for me. My son is back home after ten months in the Swiss air force army. He was crew member on super puma helicopter with the rank of sergeant. A little photo that I took during the parent's day. Glad he did his obligatory military service. 😎 Sign that time is passing... I performed my military service more than thirty years ago in the military band.
  3. Thanks guys for your advice and thanks to all the 'Likes' I know now how to continue. Time for sanding...
  4. The second planking is finished. Now it's time to sand a little. I need some advice for the next step. What should use to sand the hull ? Some sandpaper, or a sanding sticks, or a scrapper, or a sanding block ? Which grain should I use ? 220 ? 300 ? Thank You in advance for your advice.
  5. Wonderful job. A great inspiration for my build. As I will soon begin to work on the deck planking, I will try to get inspired by your fantastic work. Thank You for sharing !
  6. Thanks for Your answer. I'm not a big fan of CA glue and I also prefer to use Titebond. The CA sticks my fingers more often than it should 😂
  7. Hello Mike, Superb work on these first planks ! What kind of glue did You use ? Medium CA or wood glue ? I know that Chuck recommends using medium CA. Thanks in advance for Your answer.
  8. As usual with kit from Syren Ship Model Company, everything is perfect. Looking forward to receiving mine...
  9. JpR62

    What have you received today?

    As I will be participate in the build group of the Medway Longboat, I ordered the monograph 'La Chaloupe des vaisseaux' written by Jean-Claude Lemineur and edited by Ancre. A book of 111 pages with 15 sheets of plan at 1:24 scale. This monograph concerns the french longboats but it is very informative about its use within the french navy and on the different ways of rigging. It's my first monograph from Ancre and I do not regret my purchase. Also published in English 😉
  10. The lower moldings were added after some painting job. I also started to glue the interior planks. I sanded the top edge flush with the top of the cap rail after using some lightweight filler to fill the little gaps. The building is really fun 😊
  11. I'm on board too. This is the first message of my log on the Medway Longboat build. Impatient to learn new techniques. Sure it will be very rewarding.
  12. The second planking continues slowly but surely. Belt A is now complete and I started working on belt B. Since I don't like to work with cyanoacrylate and I only use wood glue (Titebond), the process takes time... Nothing is really finished. It's just glued and there are many small gaps to fill and a lot of sanding. But this will be done once the second layer is completed.
  13. Thank You for the different albums. ☺️ It must have been a magnificent exhibition !
  14. Greg, a big Thank You for the link on the workshop instruction booklet. ☺️ Yes it's true that in time the distance is relative.
  15. An album of pictures (found on the french forum 'Marine & Modèlisme d'Arsenal' https://drive.google.com/open?id=136giRsKWu8SbodB-Lrh4Jr_3e5NgomqE Pictures from 'EricLem', Quimper, France

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