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  1. Hi Folks, I am itching to buy a rotary tool, most probably Dremel. So the question is, which one? Money isn't that much of an object; the question is more about the power and the bulkiness. I played with a few of those in the shop, and the more powerful ones are a fair bit chunkier, although not totally unwieldy. Any experience with them, any impressions? The primary application I can think of would be sanding; I've lived without one for everything else so far. Feedback about them in general (including usefulness) is also more than welcome. Reviews on Amazon are a bit mixed - most are very positive, but there's 5-10% that say they're complete rubbish that fails after 5 nanoseconds of use. Thanks, Pavel
  2. I use one from IKEA - ten pounds or so. A bit of a narrow beam, but does the job real' nice.
  3. Thanks Frankie, that's a good idea. I'll make a few copies of the sticker, and play with them, to see if I can solve it that way. Take a look at the pics, maybe something else will cross your mind? As you can see, the quality of the graphics isn't great, though. I am tempted now to take it as an excuse to buy a Dremel and try making a replacement - there's a separate thread here where a guy did it out of 1mm aluminium.
  4. Hi All, Apologies in advance if it's the wrong forum, but it is about the hull (sort of). So, Cutty Sark's stern decoration (in BB's case, a gold-and-black sticker); I've realised I've got two problems with it. One is that it wouldn't fit between the two rubbing strakes - OK, it's probably my fault in terms of the distance between the strakes, but having checked with the plans, I am pretty on the money.... and the decoration wouldn't fit into what he plan says the distance should be, anyway - and not by just a millimeter or two, we're talking 1/4" or so, if you trim the sticker by the dotted line on it. Trimming it close to the artwork makes it a wee bit better, but still doesn't solve it. The other problem is that the sticker is, well, a sticker. Flat, and very glossy, which looks off as a whole, but especially so in places where there's supposed to be empty space. So, even if I could fit it in, I would think about alternatives. But what? I took a look around, and it seems that thy used to have a moulded one, like by the bow (see the pic - just bear in mind, this is NOT my model; just a picture of a random BB Cutty Sark off t'Internet, and has something that's clearly not a sticker). So what are my options? There's only three I can think about at this point: a) not use a decoration at all. Given how prominent the decoration is, this option, frankly, sucks; b) try to source a decoration from a smaller scale model of a different make (say, AL's is 1:85, compared BB's 1:75, although it looks only vaguely similar to the original in terms of the artwork; besides, where will I get one from? Contact the dealers?); c) try to engrave or etch a replacement; this one is not massively realistic, given that I don't have the tools or skills for it, and there's a lot of intricate detail which has to look nice, otherwise there's no point. As you can see, none of the options are particularly great. Has anyone else dealt with it? Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Pavel
  5. BRASS WIRE OFF RIOJA BOTTLES Not sure if it's available globally, but a lot of Spanish red wine comes in bottles with brass wire netting (to use the word in a broad sense). The wire can be easily untangled, straightened, and used for things like rigging blocks etc., or anywhere else where very thin wire is needed. The only problem is, there's literally yards of it on each bottle, so it's not really an excuse to buy a bottle a day 'for the rigging'...
  6. Hi All, I'm working on BB Cutty Sark, and the kit has a couple of lifebelts (rings) hung from monkey poop rails. So, the question is, how were they hung, precisely? Some sort of metal hooks? Or tied by lengths of rope? Something else? Thanks in advance, Pavel
  7. Hi, Pavel

    Im my SC buildlog I spend a lot of time considering deck planking, how, with which wood, teshnique, colour etc etc. If you are interested, fell free to look at my log and find in index correspodending part of log

    Different question is - did I succeed in my attempts

    All the best


    1. RPaul


      Thanks Nenad, I'll definitely take a look.


      Kind regards, 


  8. RPaul

    OcCre Dos Amigos - foresail

    Rigging actually ain't too bad... Instructions are reasonably clear (compared to others), and the issues I've had were more with the design, fundamentally... If you need any pics/tales of how I've done it, give me a shout. Pavel
  9. Cool, thanks. I saw it somewhere - can't remember where from the top of my head - that Fair Rosamond replaced Black Joke eventually. So, assuming that it means the same squadron, white ensign it is then. As an aside, it turns out there's much more info, including drawings, Admiralty records, historic accounts, older models, and other bits and bobs, for Fair Rosamond than there's for Dos Amigos. Makes me wonder why OcCre decided to use the latter name/flag. Pavel
  10. Thanks Essayons. As far as I understand, she was patrolling the seas around Cuba. Do you know which squadron would it put her In? Pavel
  11. Sorry if I'm being a bit daft, but I thought red ensign was a civil one, and the naval one was white? Thanks again, Pavel
  12. RPaul

    Hi from the north

    Hi Torstein, Hi from across the North Sea, and welcome to MSW I'm sure you'll like it here as much as I do - there are very few forums out there as friendly and helpful as this one. Pavel
  13. Hi All, It's a bit of a long story, but having just completed OcCre's Dos Amigos, I've realised that she's been a slaver until captured by the Brits in 1830, then put to service in the British Anti-Slavery Squadron. I mean, I knew that to begin with, but it took me a while to put two and two together and to figure out that if I fly the American flag out of the kit, it kind of means the model represents the time before the capture, i.e., when she was a slaver. Not being particularly keen on slavery, and given that it's a quick fix, I'd rather fly the British one, or appropriate multitude thereof. But what would it be? And where? Not sure a disclaimer is needed here, but just in case, to avoid causing any offence: I have no problems whatsoever flying an American flag; it's only the fact that it attributes the model to the darker period of the ship's history, which is easily avoidable. Many thanks in advance, Pavel
  14. Cool, thanks Russ, that answers it. Something to do on a Saturday night Pavel

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