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  1. Moab

    Home Made Mini Mill

    Fantastic! Please give us some updates as you begin working with it...Moab
  2. Guys and gals; my apologies for the last post. Not sure what I did wrong. Perhaps indenting doesn't work...Moab
  3. Beautiful knife. I'm not sure I have a top four but: -Lee valley low angle block plane. -Violin makers plane. These are very small and rather expensive but fantastic. Not sure what type of steel they use but the blade remains very sharp for an extended period. I think Lee Valley sells them. -I get a great deal of use from my digital readout caliper. I've tested it and it's very accurate. -I consider glue a tool. I use Loctite gel glue (not the gel in the black applicator) for many applications. To achieve a bond it only requires a "very small" amount. A tip I learned somewhere is after you can't squeeze out any more glue cut off the exterior plastic housing (very carefully...try not to puncture the inner tube). The remaining tube extends the amount of usable glue. This technique yields almost twice the amount of this "pricy" glue.
  4. Guys; thanx for the feedback. I'll checkout the options....Moab
  5. Tony; just caught up eith your build. I've tried to scratch build using a mould and reading your build really helps. Love the jigs you made. I look forward to following your build...Moab
  6. GL; the progress really looks great. I've tried many methods of prepping wood for planking. I haven't tried the ten minute in boiling approach. Is this your "go to method" when you do planking? Does it work for those tough bends?...Moab
  7. Thank you all for the feedback. There's a lot to consider! ...Moab
  8. A wonderful looking ship. I've learned many techniques "I should have used" on my Virginia build......Moab
  9. Guys and gals; I double checked this with Jim. Because the sander used a "capacitor start motor" you can't use a variable speed controller with the sander. Bummer...Moab
  10. Reading these posts it's clear that I should stay clear of the new Unimat. My problem is I have very little space in my condo so a combo machine is very appealing. Any suggestions? I'm not a scratch builder but I do modify all of the kits I purchase...Moab
  11. I must admit "I'm a tool addict". This became very clear when I sold my house in Santa Fe and had to break down and sell most of the tools in my shop. While going though that process I found that I had purchased identical tools but stored them in different places mostly out of sight. Maybe l can claim that I was getting older (I'm 75) and the memory isn't great. Or perhaps I liked an individual tool so much that I had to have multiples. I also admit I'm on the Lie-Nielsen, Lee Valley and others sites on a regular basis not necessarily making a purchase...just drooling. p.s. I really loved the Lee Valley site when the old man (forgot his name) who started the company was still running the venture. He was a real "tool guy" and many of his articles were eye-opening...Moab
  12. Three years too late on this subject. Jim's tools are incredible!!!!! The only change I'd like to see is to make the sander variable speed. I haven't checked recently if this has been done...Moab
  13. Moab

    Home Made Mini Mill

    Looks great!!!! Moab

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