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  1. As a tool nut I'm always checking out various sites. In my other life I built guitars and the best online site for luthier tools is Stewart-MacDonald (stewmac.com). I've been using sewing needles glued in a dowel rod to apply ca glue. On the Stewmac site I found "Glue Loppers". I've used only one of the smaller size for about a month cleaning it with a lit match when needed. In my opinion they're great. They may be better than needles because they are very thin. They cost about $14 for 12. A bit pricey but I'm hooked...Moab
  2. Moab

    A/L Bluenose ll

    Thomas; the perseverance payed off in spades. Great model!! Thanx for all the great photos...Moab
  3. Tony; WOW! Really beautiful. If you're looking for some reference on masting and rigging you might want to check out the Panart Armed Launch. I think there's a build on this forum or go to Google Images and input "Panart Armed Launch...Moab
  4. Beautiful craftsmanship! Your "step by step" of the planking is very helpful to this rookie...Moab
  5. Moab


    Looks great. It was one of my first projects and yours Is about 100 times nicer. Don't worry about the timeline. Life has a way of changing priorities. Any idea what your next project will be?...Moab
  6. Thanks SpyGlass. Yup! Across the grain or perpendicular to the grain. I'm going to try the microwave first. Thanx again...Moab
  7. Can someone point in the direction of how to bend planks across the grain. ...Moab
  8. Really looking excellent. The transformation from the early stages is amazing..Moab
  9. Moab


  10. Moab


  11. Moab

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I too have the same concern mentioned in Kurt's post about Li-po batteries. Has anyone had problems with these batteries?...MOAB

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