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  1. Dave; I checked the copyright and the initial pages and there's no reference to the 1991 book. The publisher is Seaforth...Moab
  2. Pavel; I have the model 800 and I've been very happy with it although I don't know if they still manufacture it. One thing I like is that it's cordless!
  3. Bob; I agree with your mechanic but I'm not sure my wife does. Thanx for the info....Moab
  4. Carl; I've recently gotten back into model ship building. Your "build" simply blows my mind. Incredible and beautiful...Moab
  5. Moab


    Beautiful model.
  6. I recently purchased this book on Amazon. The contents may be of little interest and very basic to the "old salt scratch builders" on this forum. The book clearly describes the steps required to build a ship of the line in the late 18th to the early 19th century. It does this in both words and visuals. The copyright date for the book is 2017.
  7. The August 2018 issue of WoddenBoat has an interesting article about Malcolm Darch. It's a ten page overview of his early life through his modeling career. The depth of his detailing (e.g. using dovetail joinery in construction of deck houses) is amazing...Moab
  8. Kurt; thanx for the great info. Looks like I may purchase the saw. Thanks again...Moab
  9. In a prior life (when I had a large shop) I had a Hegner scroll saw. In my current condo life not so much. I'm doing my fine cutting with a small fret saw I used it in my jewelry making days. I came across a saw I've never seen while surfing the web. It's pricey ($58 - 140) depending on which model is purchased. Does anyone have any info on this saw? ....Moab/Allan
  10. Jean-Paul; excellent progress.....looks wonderful....Moab/Allan
  11. Moab


    Wow! Very nice model of a classic. Thanx for sharing.
  12. Wonderful , wonderful , wonderful!! Congratulations and thank you for sharing....Moab
  13. Thanx to all for the feedback....Moab
  14. Luxo lamps are great. I used them for years in my design firm. Everyone had one...Moab
  15. Moab

    Thanks for the reply. I can't say I'm a total beginner. I've built the Armed Sloop Virginia, the Ranger, Thames Launch and am currently about 2/3 into the Panart Armed Launch. I've also built about 10,000 stick and tissue airplanes (at least it feels like 10,000). 

    When I view the work of members on this site I'm not nearly as skilled but at 75 I keep trying!

    What's the next step?.....Moab/Allan

    1. Chuck


      You just need to wait until I list them on my site for sale.  I am almost there!!!

    2. Moab



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