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  1. Hi Dan,


    Greg Herbert gave me your name and suggested that I contact you about an order I am looking to place with the Russian site, Ship Models.com.ua. 


    I have never dealt with this supplier and I am looking for a pair of pre-made 78mm long cannon barrels for a group build that I am doing over on SOS with Mike41. The Russian site has the best options that I have found, but I am cautious about sending a bank transfer or wiring money to Russia. Call me paranoid, but I haven't heard if anyone has purchased from him and if it is safe and reliable.


    I was told that you have purchased from this guy and was wondering if you can recommend him.


    Thanks in advance for your help on this, but I am having a difficult time finding a cannon barrel this large for my project anywhere.


    Thanks in advance for your help on this,


    Andrew Purdy

    1. Dan Vadas

      Dan Vadas

      Hi Andrew,


      I had no problems with Ship Models, other than having to wait a while for my gun barrels. Apparently he has someone else cast them for him and he was out of stock of the size I wanted at the time. There were no worries about the money transfer.


      Cheers, Danny

    2. Andrew Purdy

      Andrew Purdy

      Thanks Dan.


      I sent him an email yesterday, but have not heard back yet.