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  1. My name is Keith Woolf, I am 70 years old, no longer do huge DIY projects so need something else to keep me busy and away from the TV. Several members have already contacted me on Facebook but I rarely visit Facebook so this is not a great medium for me. I am completely new to model ship building but have planned well ahead. This year I have built a four metre by four metre log cabin in the garden, this has lights, power, limited heating, a three metre bench and some insulation. I already have a lot of tools and have sorted out all those that I feel relevant to the task. After lots of research I would like to build HMS Mars but realise it would be a huge project requiring me to learn lots of skills and commit a lot of time but being retired time is not the problem. However now I have found this site I am confused, initially I thought it would be a huge help but after reading some of the posts I am doubting my choice. I plan to visit Mantua Models in Windsor after Christmas to buy my first kit and get a lot of advice. I am still looking forward to starting in the new year in the mean time I will be spending a lot of time on this fantastic site reading and researching as much ask can.
  2. I am a complete beginners with extensive other wood working experience and am thinking of starting with HMS Mars as it is everything I want, I have built a log cabin workshop and fitted it out and being retired have the time. What do you think of my choice,
  3. Sovereign of the Seas

    Stunning model blown away by all the detail especially on deck, well done