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  1. Anyone had any experience with these? https://www.amazon.com/AIT-Handmade-Crafting-Exquisite-Watercolors/dp/B010KM5KPM
  2. I wouldn’t mind spending a little more for good brushes if I knew what to buy.
  3. As I am painting I am noticing that the tips of my brushes continue to curl as well as separate. I never leave my brush is soaking in water or solvent so I’m not sure whether tips are curling like they are. I purchased some Vallejo Acrylic paints and am very happy with the paint. Is there a certain paint brush that works good with these paints?
  4. I went ahead and sanded flats on the center of the boom after scribing lines with my plastic scriber. I think it will be a lot more visible once it’s painted .
  5. Antonio Vasquez

    Boom rigging question

    Thanks for explaining that to me. The info really helps.
  6. No it is one solid piece of wood. After looking at those pictures I thought about using wooden strips. It would probably be a lot easier to sand that profile.
  7. Antonio Vasquez

    Boom rigging question

    In the instruction box on the page it says “lash heels of booms”, what does that mean? I know with the rig blocks and the foot ropes are but I’m not sure what the stirrups are. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I’d like to make the center part of the long yard six sided or eight sided. What is the easiest or best way to do this?
  9. Antonio Vasquez

    Wooden yard question

    I’d like to make the long yard six or eight sided in the center. What is the easiest or best way to do this?
  10. Antonio Vasquez

    Wooden yard question

    Thanks so much for the pictures, the detail is great.
  11. Working on my first wooden yard. So far so good. I’m wondering if I should try making some of the blocks that tie to the yard. I’m not crazy about the look of the plastic ones that came in the kit.
  12. Antonio Vasquez

    Wooden yard question

    Yes they will be painted, i’m currently waiting for some primer to come in the mail , i’m not sure I understand how to make the rings out of paper.
  13. Antonio Vasquez

    Wooden yard question

    I’m taking my first shot at making wooden yards to replace the plastic ones on my USS constitution model. My question is about the molded ring at the end of the yard as well as the two flat protrusions at the center. How are these usually made on a small yard?
  14. Working on masts at the moment. I put wood inside the mast halves to make the mast less flexible.
  15. Antonio Vasquez

    Mast replacement help

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