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  1. New from UT

    I'm in Microbiology, specifically Host/Pathogen interactions. And yes, it is the Ebola virus. Not something I've worked with, yet.
  2. New from UT

    Provo/Orem area. I'm finishing up a Master's at BYU this summer, then hopefully off to a PhD somewhere.
  3. New from UT

    Hey, After being fascinated with the detail put into models for years, I just started ship building, and I got Revell's 1:96 USS Constitution for Christmas. I realize now that it is going to be quite an ambitious project. The last model I build was an F-16 fighter jet over ten years ago. Needless to say I just glued that one together right out of the box, added the decals, and painted a few things. But I'm old enough, smart enough, and patient enough now (maybe?? ) to do a good job on this build. Most importantly I think, is that I want to have a great finished product when I'm done! Any help is greatly appreciated, as I am not much of an artist -Galen