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  1. I have used 180 and 220 mark sandpapers for sanding the hull with great results. Depending what do you want to sand.
  2. After some thinking I have decided to pick the Santa Maria as my first project. I have some experience in plastic modelling but this is another level. I decided for Amati because I heard good things about this kit manufacturer. This particular kit is specified to be a level 3 difficulty, which means intermediate. Maybe I will struggle a little bit but this is a part of the journey I believe. If I have some issues I will ask for the help of more experienced kit builders so please check my build log. Here it is. The package was more heavy as I expected which is a nice thing. I really prefer the heavier kits. Maybe this is normal for wood but for me coming from plastic models, it is a little bit unusual. I started by studying the plans of the ship and the instruction manual. For now, I understand the process, but there will be some parts where I will need help, especially on the part of the mast and the rigging. I started by carefully cutting out the pieces and numbering them in order to not mess them up later on. After cutting them all out I have inserted them into the keel just to check them out. Obviously I saw some problems with one or two of them as you can see from the picture above. The center bulkhead and the one immediately on his right is not perfectly straight. Another unexpected thing was that one or two of the bulkheads were inserted to the keel with some difficulties and I had a hard time getting the out from the keel. I used a small hammer to get them out... After this I started gluing the bulkheads and attaching them to the keel. I checked their position with a ruler just to be sure that they are straight. After much straightening, I inserted a clip between the two bulkheads and I will let the glue dry for the night.
  3. That it quite right! I have noticed the mistake and will correct them. Thank you for your input!
  4. Wonderful ship nikbud! You should be proud of yourself! What are your opinions about Artesania Latina based on the kit?
  5. I have seen in some kits that the masts are colored. What is used for the coloring? A varnish, paint or something else? Thank you!
  6. Oliver24

    Coloring the mast

    Thank you guys! I have painted the masts to a brown color. The ship is the Santa Maria. I will post pictures in my build log soon.
  7. Hi guys! Do you have any opinions about the above mentioned tool? It is significantly smaller than its siblings and weights only about 250 grams. It is powered by a li-ion accu and has a fancy wireless charger. It lasts about 3,5 h of work with a single charge. Seems a very versatile tool for ship modelling...
  8. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I have bought a Proxxon Micromot 50 in the end. It came in a pack with the main adapter, 5 drill units and several drill heads. I got it for 80 euros, approximately half the price of the Dremel 8050. I have used it to sand some stuff and I was satisfied with the results. It is fairly quiet and the speed can be adjustable just as the Dremel. One drawback is that it is not cordless.
  9. Welcome Anna! It is a great joy to have an admiral on the forum . You will find friendly people and a lot help. All the best!
  10. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    Unfortunately my acquisition is put on hold. The Dremel 8050 costs about 150 Euros (!!) in my country, which is above budget. I found the Proxxon micromot 50 for about 100 euros in a package with the adapter. Should I save a little bit more and get the Dremel?
  11. Grazzie mille luponero! I haven`t thought about this option. One can learn so much from you guys on here . I have advanced a little bit with my building. I used a lin seed oil over the hull to darken it a little bit. It was really smelly, but I think it was well worth it. I only brushed it once but it seems to suffice. Also, as you can see, I attached the anchors.
  12. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I checked my local store today: unfortunately Dremel seems to provide drill heads starting only from 0.8 mm. Proxxon on the other hand is going from 0.5 mm . Can I use the drill heads from Proxxon with a Dremel machine?
  13. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I would use it only for building model ships. I suppose that in the majority of cases it will be used for drilling small holes (for cannon fences for ex). My question would be what are the most commonly used drill head sizes? I guess the 1-1,5 mm is the most useful. Am I correct?
  14. Thank you for your help! I managed to bend with my fingers the shrouds on the dead eyes by pusshing them to the table. By this I managed to curve the shrouds to the form of the dead eyes.
  15. Hi guys! I am preparing to attach the anchor rope to the ship. The instructions are very breef on this one and I do not know if the rope must be squieezed through the stem of the ship through the “eyes” or just be cut in two parts and attached to the eyes. Can anyone help?
  16. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    I guess that I will order one afterall. Seems that it has good reviews all over.
  17. Beautiful work luponero! I will follow your work. Building from scratch has something special...
  18. Oliver24

    Dremel 8050 micro

    Thank you for your opinions! Any other possible alternatives?
  19. Oliver24

    Wood quality on Occre Kits

    I am thinking of buying an Occre kit myself, the HMS Terror. Till now, I have experience only with an Amati kit. Any other thoughts on the subject? Other people seemed to like Occre wood quality.
  20. Thank you all! I would like to mention that I cannot bent the metal line to hold the dead eye even loosely. How did you managed to solve this issue in your projects?
  21. Hi Guys, Here are some pictures about my progress. I had no problems with the ladders, however the rudder was a pain in the ***. The metal sticks which must be attached to the rudder came with no pins and it seems to me that smaller pins were necessary that the ones used in other parts of the ship. I used the bigger "standard" pins and bent them after but it was difficult and not very pleasing. Did I miss something? Moreover, the "V" shaped metal sticks must hold also another little piece which enables the rudder movement which I struggled to fix and eventually tried to glue. What is the correct procedure here?? I have problems also with the fixing of the dead eyes. The instructions provide that a slim metal line should be fixed around the dead eye and the extremes must be bent. I tried to do this but I never managed to exercise such pressure to the line to actually hold still the dead eye and it remains somewhat loose whatever I do. What should I do??
  22. I am very interested in this project! No news for some time now...I hope it was not abandoned...
  23. Oliver24

    1:65 HMS Terror - OcCre

    Thank you ccoyle! I am encouraged by the fact that Occre posted on its youtube channel a session of videos regarding the step-by-step building process of the ship. There are about 90 videos, 1 to 2 minutes long each! So I guess that will be very helpful for beginners.

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